5 Best Android Contacts Apps to Beef Up Your Rolodex

It is sometimes hard to remember that our smartphones are also phones. With all the internet enabled calls, messages and video chats the standard method of remote communication takes the inevitable backseat. The best Android contacts apps have adapted too, instead of just giving you names, addresses and phone numbers they are starting to offer more functionality.

These days there are a ton of ways to contact a person. For example you can send a text message on the person’s cell phone number, send one by Whatsapp, call with Viber, chat on Facebook Messenger or Hangouts, video call on Skype or just use the good old email.

The best Android contacts apps accumulate all those addresses and numbers into one place and make life a lot easier.

Note: The apps were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. No problems were faced during testing.

1. Contacts+ – Free with In-app Purchases


The Ultimate Book

Contacts+ is my personal favorite contact app for Android. The app comes with one of the best looking interfaces I have encountered on a contact app. A contact app should always be intuitive and easy to use. Most of the time when we store contacts we are in a hurry and need to get it done fast.

The app has a very gracious user experience and lets you do everything in a matter of seconds. What I love about that app is that it ships with a dedicated SMS app as well as a unique dialer. Contacts+ can also alert you about upcoming birthdays and it is one of the few apps that are compatible with Android Wear watches.

In-app Purchases: $1.00 – $49.99 per item


  • Comes with a call log, messenger and dialer.
  • There are two distinct themes available.
  • Favorite contacts are displayed on the main screen.

Notable Feature:

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and Whatsapp are integrated. You can get all the contact options at one place under one name. The app does it all automatically so no need to manually fiddle with contacts.


2. ExDialer – Free and $3.99

ExDialer - Android contacts apps

Dial and Contact

2.A Free Version

If you are looking for a simple contact book replacement which does what it needs to do in a reasonable manner, this is the app for you. While the name might suggest the app is purely a dialer app, it comes with a great contact book too.

The app is really small in size and does not stress the system resources. It also never runs in the background so no strange battery drains are to be found. As for the contact book itself, it is fairly simple and minimalistic.

The best part of the app is the free plugins; there are creative plugins for doing almost anything with the app. I especially recommend the Connectivity Vibration plugin which buzzes the phone when your outgoing call is connected.


  • A wonderful and intuitive dialer.
  • Storing contacts is very simple.
  • Multiple themes are available on the Play Store.

Notable Feature:

You can press the “#” key to perform a phone number search right from the dialer.


2.B Paid Version

The free version is actually a never-ending 7 day trial. This means the app will ask you to purchase the paid version but will let you use the functionality indefinitely, much like WinRAR on Windows PC.

If you like this app, I urge you to purchase the pro version.


3. True Contacts – Free

True Contacts

The Real Android Flavor

True Contacts is a simple stock Android contact book. This app is made for those who don’t really like what OEMs (Original Electronic Manufacturers) like Samsung are putting on their phones. I don’t fancy the contact apps that Sony or HTC ship with their phones but thankfully for apps like True Contacts I can get the stock Ice Cream Sandwich look and usability on any of my Android devices.

The app is simple to use and has an almost surgically clean interface. The only gripe I have is that the app doesn’t come with the stock ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) dialer.


  • Contact boxes are big and clear.
  • Favorite and group tabs are shown on the main screen.
  • Can execute SMS app from contact.

Notable Feature:

The app has the search and add-contact buttons placed on the bottom of the screen. This is a huge plus in my book because most apps want me to reach the top for these basic functions.

While this is not a big deal for small screened phones, but for a phablet user this is amazing.


4. Simpler Contacts – Free

 Simpler Contacts

Not That Simple

The only truly free app in the best Android contacts apps list, Simple Contacts is anything but simple. While I don’t agree with the name of the app to some extent, the app does make some things simple. For example if you have multiple contacts of the same person saved on your phone, the app will try to get them sorted.

This process may seem simple but will require some manual work from you. The cleanup feature is where the app really shines. If you have lone numbers without any name saved in your contact book, the app will notify you and then conveniently slip them under the rug.


  • A beautiful looking interface.
  • The app comes with an integrated dialer.
  • Frequently contacted contacts are displayed first.

Notable Feature:

The app comes with a one tap backup system which makes saving contacts a really easy job. The saved contacts can then be exported to  email, Google Drive or Dropbox. You can use other cloud storage services to backup your backups too.


5. Contacts Optimizer – Free with In-app Purchases

Contacts Optimizer

Simplify Contacts

Do you have an abundance of contacts on your smartphone? Maybe you shifted from old dumbphones to the glittering world of Android and have duplicate contacts?

Well, Contacts Optimizer is here to save you from the pain of manual entries. The app automatically detects which contacts are duplicates and merges them into one convenient contact. This is a great one tap app that does all the heavy lifting while you relax easy.

In-app Purchase: $1.98 per item


  • Can remove the duplicate contacts.
  • Can move selected contacts easily.
  • You can mass delete contacts which are no longer in use.

Notable Feature:

The app can help you in finding incomplete contacts that have missing information. This way you won’t be stranded in the dark when you finally need to track down your local paperboy for stealing your garden gnomes (this didn’t happen to me).



Now that you are acquainted with some of the best Android contacts apps available on the Google Play Store you will never have any problem finding the right contact. Just like always, I recommend using one or two apps to find the perfect combination for your needs.

I personally am using the number one app on the list and it has been a remarkable experience. If you have any questions, queries or even suggestions feel free to drop a comment below.

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  1. I have found Contacts+ very disappointing since the “upgrade” that eliminated the longpress integration with Skype, etc. Any suggestions?

  2. Yes i like a fast simple intuitive app.
    My problem is on my note 3 version 4.3 i am limited to the amount of text i can write in the contact. This is a deal breaker for me. I must keep track of ongoing information regarding each contact. I did not notice you making mention of this. Please advise. Thank you

    1. Hi There,
      Do you mean to add more information besides the obvious that would be address, phone number, Etc? What is it that you want to add exactly? =-)

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