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6 Best Android Email App Options to Launch Your Productivity

Are you wondering how to get your work or personal emails on your smartphone or tablet?

Do you need a way to easily view emails while on-the-go?

To achieve this task, we performed some intense digging in the Google Play Store and found a multitude of apps. After some careful inspection, we have selected the best Android email app options with great design, email standard support, and features.

1. MailDroid – Free and Paid ($17.99)

maildroid android

Centralized email hub

1.a Free Version

MailDroid is an email management app for Android devices that can work with any Microsoft Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010, Office 365, Gmail, Yahoo or IMAP/POP account and brings all this information into a central hub. During our tests with MailDroid, we’ve managed to sync a Gmail address, a Yahoo address and a Microsoft Exchange address, all without any complicated steps.

Receiving all of your mail into a single hub might be a bit of an information overload, but fortunately, MailDroid allows you to intelligently tweak the notification system. This way, you can turn off notification altogether for one account, restrict access for some accounts to the notification LED, or even choose a personalized notification sound for your accounts. This way, you’ll know which account has a new email before you actually read the email in question.

These are the most important feature included with MailDroid:

  • Microsoft Exchange support
  • Gmail & Yahoo support
  • IMAP (with push), POP support
  • Multiple account support
  • Personalized signature

Notable Feature: Custom notifications and email rules


1.b Paid Version ($17.99)

Besides removing the ads, the paid version of MailDroid comes with the following set of features:

  • Arrow-key email navigation
  • Two included widgets


2. K-9 Mail – Free

K9 Mail Android App

Best free email app for Android

Much like MailDroid, K9 Mail is an Android email app with support for any Exchange, IMAP (with push) or POP-enabled address. We have been able to sync our Gmail address, as well as a Yahoo address, although we did have some problems authenticating the test Exchange address we have set up specifically for the context of this article.

The notification system is equally flexible as MailDroid, but with K-9 Mail you can also fine-tune the way the emails are displayed.

The ability to store emails on the SD cards will certainly be appreciated by those of you with limited internal storage, while additional features such as gesture control, volume key navigation only add up to the beauty of this email client. Unfortunately, K-9 Mail comes with a minor flaw, namely the dated visual interface.

These are the main features of K-9 Mail client for Android:

  • Gmail, Yahoo, Exchange, POP, IMAP (with push) support
  • Email signature
  • Custom notification system
  • Custom display settings
  • Gesture control / Volume Key navigation

Notable Feature: Completely Free


3. [email protected] Mail Pro – email evolved – Free and Paid [$4.95]

k@ mail evolved android

K-9 Mail on steroids

3.a Free Version

[email protected] Mail Pro – email evolved is an Android email app based on the K-9 Mail engine. This means that you get almost every single feature that’s included in K-9 Mail, as well as extra features and a new design.

The [email protected] Mail Pro Android email app comes with an advanced email widget that can help users manage their emails directly on from the home-screen, while other features such as gesture support (swype to archive or mark as spam), the integration with two popular Android launchers (Nova and Apex Launcher) or the Text-to-speech notifications come in to fill the package.

In the free version of this app, you cannot change the promotional signature, and the rich text editor has only limited functionality.

This is how [email protected] Mail Pro improves on K-9 Mail:

  • Advanced email widget
  • Nova and Apex Launcher integration
  • Multiple split screen modes

Notable feature: Text to speech notifications


3.b Paid Version ($4.95)

The paid version of [email protected] Mail Pro allows users to change the default signature, and provides access to the full-featured text editor.


 4. Aqua Mail – Free and Paid ($4.95)

Aquamail Android

Not another fish in the pond

4.a Free Version

Aqua Mail is one of the best Android email app options. It is similar to MailDroid and K-9 Mail, but with small differences such as better widgets, a smart inbox feature (that did a decent job in our tests), as well as integration with a few other apps and launchers.

The free version is limited to a couple of accounts, which is not nearly enough if you plan on managing all your emails with just one app.

These are the main features of Aqua Mail:

  • Unified inbox
  • Rich text editor

Notable feature: Smart Inbox


4.b Paid Version ($4.95)

The paid version of Aqua Mail for Android can work with more than just a couple of accounts.


5. Gmail – Free

Gmail Android App

An Android tradition

Seeing as most Android users also have Gmail accounts (weather they actually use it or not), it makes sense to include Google’s own Gmail app into this list, and not just because it’s a popular app either.

The first thing to notice about Google’s Gmail is a minimalistic and straightforward user interface, while gesture control fans will enjoy the app’s “swype to archive” feature as well. The Gmail app for Android allows its user to set “out of office” automatic responders, as well as set up a custom signature.

Unfortunately, while Gmail can work with multiple accounts (you have to add new Google accounts from the Settings screen of your Android device), it does not offer an advanced custom notification system, nor does it have a unified inbox.

Probably the best thing about the Gmail app for Android is the smart labeling feature. In a fashion that is similar to the web-based Gmail client, the app will automatically label your incoming messages as “Primary”, “Social”, “Promotions” or “Updates”. Overall, a great way of organizing email. Also, when it comes to displaying the conversations, Gmail is probably the best email app out there.

These are the main features of the Gmail app for Android:

  • Multiple accounts (but no unified inbox)

Notable Feature: Clean user interface with gesture support


6. Yahoo Mail – Free

Yahoo Mail Android

Standard Yahoo Mail Experience

Although not as popular as it once was, Yahoo is still a frequently used email provider. If you have a Yahoo email address, but don’t need to centralize other email accounts into a single screen, chances are you might want to give Yahoo Mail a try.

Besides allowing for multiple account management (Yahoo only), the official Yahoo Mail app for Android also comes with a number of display themes, and a good design overall.



Now that we have reached the end of our list of best email clients for your Android device, it is time to make some recommendations and direct you to some other helpful articles. Make sure you install the best security apps for Android to protect your personal and work emails with sensitive information. You can also try a screenshot app to snap a photo of an email and share it with another person.

Let’s take a look at our primary suggestions using different scenarios:

  1. If your main email address is on Gmail and you have no need to manage your work or other email addresses, then the official Gmail app is the app we’d strongly recommend. Yahoo Mail is a decent app as well, but you’re probably a bit better off by skipping to point C.
  2. If you want to manage your Microsoft Exchange address on your Android device, and have a hefty budget, go for TouchDown HD.
  3. If you’re on Yahoo, AOL, or any other POP/IMAP email service, and are looking for a way to manage your emails from a single screen without paying for an app, you should give both SolMail and K-9 Mail a try.
  4. If you want an email app that can handle almost any protocol, and throw in some extra features on the side, then AquaMail is the (paid) app you’re looking for.

What do you guys think? Did we help you with your search for the best email app for Android? Are there any apps that we forgot? Drop us a comment in the section below and share your opinion.

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