Best Android Emulators for Windows 10

8 Best Android Emulators for Windows 10

Not a lot of people know this:

You can actually run Android on your PC with android emulators for Windows 10

I bet, you are one of them! Most probably, you are reading this article right now because you want to know which emulator to install on your Windows 10 PC.

android win10 image1
There are a number of Android emulators that run great on Windows 10.

For savvy, the ability to run Android on your PC is extremely helpful. Moreover, you can do tasks on Android from the comfort of your laptop or desktop – with a mouse and a keyboard.

Great news, right?

But here’s a catch:

As we speak of installing an Android emulators for Windows 10, Microsoft’s latest and greatest operating system, compatibility is always and will always be an issue.

Sadly, some emulators may not be compatible with Windows 10, for a number of reasons. More specifically, some Android emulators are very picky about what type of processor a PC uses.


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But hey, cheer up!

To make things a lot a whole lot easier for you who are looking for Android emulators for Windows 10, I’ve listed down 10 of the best Android emulators that you’d want to consider for your PC.

Amazing, I know! Join me as I go through the list now!

The Best Android Emulators for Windows 10

Here are the best Android emulators that I know will be compatible with your Windows 10 PC – whether laptop or desktop. Take a look at the list and read the descriptions so you can make a decision on which to use.

  1. Bluestacks 4
  2. NOX Player 6
  3. MEmu
  4. Remix OS Player
  5. Ko Player
  6. AMIDuOS
  7. ARChon
  8. Genymotion

1. Bluestacks 4

bluestacks4 emu
A PC screen running on BlueStacks emulator for Android

Bluestacks is probably one of the most popular Android emulators, if not the most popular. Bluestacks has been around for a while now, and Bluestacks 4 is the latest version to come out.

Android Emulators for Windows 10

Bluestacks 4 is compatible with your Windows 10 PC, and it runs on Android 7.1.2 Nougat, which is a relatively newer version of Android.

Bluestack 4 Android Emulator on Windows 10
Bluestack 4 Android Emulator on Windows 10

This emulator claims to run almost all apps from the Google Play Store, with just a few exceptions. This means that you will have fewer problems with compatibility if you use Bluestacks 4.

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2. NOX Player 6

nox app player
The NOX app player runs on an older Android version – Android Emulators for Windows 10

NOX Player is another popular Android emulator – popular because it is designed for doing one thing, which is play Android games on your PC. It supports Windows 10 and even has support for macOS.

Android Emulators for Windows 10

Being a gaming-centric Android emulator, NOX gives you lots of controls and features to make sure you’re able to play the Android games you want to play on your PC.

That said, NOX Player 6 is still based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. Android Lollipop isn’t the oldest version of Android around, but it certainly isn’t the newest either. Be prepared to re-learn working around Lollipop when you use this, and expect some compatibility issues with newer apps.

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3. MEmu

memu emu
MEmu is an easy to use emulator for PC

MEmu is one of the lighter Android emulators you can find – which means it doesn’t install a lot of data on your PC. MEmu has support for both Intel and AMD processors, so running on Windows 10 PCs with any of these processor types won’t be a problem.

MEmu focuses on being a user-friendly Android emulator, so it is really a joy to use for users who don’t like the hassle of complicated features.

Android Emulators for Windows 10

Aside from easily running your Android apps on both Intel or AMD-powered PCs, you also need to know that MEmu currently runs on Android Lollipop, which is not so great.

That said, updates to Android Marshmallow and Android Nougat on reportedly on the way, so there are good things in store for MEmu users.

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4. Remix OS Player

remix os player
Using Remix OS Player is no different from running Windows -0 Android Emulators for Windows 10

Remix OS Player is a unique Android emulator that has a desktop feel to it. This is because of Jide Technology’s design of putting out an Android emulator that looks and feels like you’re on a PC when you’re using it.

Android Emulators for Windows 10

Jide was formed by former Google employees, so they will know a thing or two about Android. This emulator uniquely allows you to run multiple instances of apps, being geared towards a windowed, multitasking environment.

Jide has since stopped producing Android devices, but the Remix OS Player is still available for those who want an honest-to-goodness Android emulator. If you’re willing to overlook some hiccups, this emulator might just work for you.

Remix OS Android Emulator
Remix OS Android Emulator

Remix OS is based on Android Marshmallow, not the newest version, but it should be workable. Remix OS Player also runs ONLY on Intel processors – there is no support for AMD-powered systems. So if your Windows 10 PC runs on an Intel processor, this should be a good choice.

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5. Ko Player

koplayer emu
Ko Player can handle Netflix and YouTube

Ko Player doesn’t get much love as an Android emulator, and that’s because not a lot of people know about it. But this emulator will run on your Windows 10 PC, so this makes our list.

Android Emulators for Windows 10

Ko Player runs on Android Lollipop, so using it on your PC means you can run most of the Android apps you will want to try on it. The emulator’s adaptable resolution feature makes it great for Android video apps such as Netflix and YouTube.

Ko Player is compatible with Intel and AMD processors, so it will run no matter what processor your Windows 10 PC runs on. It also has a screen recording feature which is great for gamers.

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amiduos emu
Amiduos doesn’t eat up much PC resources

AMIDuOS prides itself as being the “fastest Android emulator” on Windows, but that is for you to find out. Certainly, it is one that uses less resources on your PC than others.

AMIDuOS will run on your Windows 10 PC, with very little hassle. No gamer-centric features, no complicated bells and whistles, just pure emulation so you can run the apps you want on your PC.

AMIDuOS also runs on both Intel or AMD-powered PCs. And the great thing is that it also uses very little resources from your PC, and using apps – even resource-heavy ones – will be a breeze.

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7. ARChon

archon emu
Archon takes a bit of technical skill to set up and use

ARChon is a bit unique from all the other emulators in this list, and that is because it runs on the Chrome browser program. Yep, you heard it right – ARChon is a browser-based emulator.

This is one for the techies, as it is one of the more complicated emulators to get up and running. But once you do get it running, you’ll be able to run Android apps from your Chrome browser. Imagine how nifty that would be!

The ARChon emulator is not suited for hardcore gaming – as it runs as a tied-in app with the Chrome browser. However, you can imagine that it will be excellent for productivity apps, because of the convenient way of accessing it.

ARChon is incredibly lightweight – it doesn’t require much aside from your Chrome browser. That said, it will take a bit of work to get it up and running. There are full instructions at the download link below, so have a go at installing this.

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8. Genymotion

genymotion emu
Genymotion also works with Mac & Linux-Android Emulators for Windows 10

Genymotion is a developer-centric Android emulator, and as such, it is probably one of the best in allowing you to test apps that you might be developing or building.

Android Emulators for Windows 10

Genymotion has a huge set of features for full-fledged Android emulation, and you can certainly use it on your Windows 10 PC. It even works on Mac and Linux. This is why you have to pay a yearly fee for it if you are planning to build apps for profit.

Genymotion on Windows
Genymotion on Windows

However, if you just want a casual Android emulator for apps and games, there is a free-to-download, free-to-use edition that does not have all the features but will still allow you to run Android apps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Android Emulators compatible with every Windows 10?

In this case, compatibility is always an issue. Sadly, some emulators may not be compatible with Windows 10, for a number of reasons. More specifically, some Android emulators are very picky about what type of processor a PC uses.

Can Android run on PC?

Yes! That is possible. However, you need to install an Android Emulator for PC. Dig into this list to find out which Android emulator is best for you!

Does Windows 10 have an Android emulator?

You can install games and other programs from the Google Play Store and run them. You can install widgets and move the apps around on the home screen exactly like you can on a genuine Android smartphone because this is a full Android emulator.

Is BlueStacks a virus?

According to Bluestacks, the software “does not feature any type of malware or dangerous apps when downloaded from official sources, such as our website. However, if you get our emulator from any other source, we cannot guarantee its security.

Conclusion: You Can Enjoy Android on your Windows 10 PC with these Emulators

Only a few Android emulators play nice with Microsoft’s latest operating system, and you have to pick your way through the huge number of Android emulators out there to know which one works.

So this list should be a boon for you if you’re looking for one to use on your laptop or desktop.

If you loved this list of Android emulators, give us a shoutout in the comments section. If you have other recommendations, give us a comment and tell us why it should be part of this group.

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  1. just so you know, if you open the Nox Multi-instance-manager you will find that Nox actually has 3 versions of android and that android 5.1.1 is only its default. it can also run android 7.1.2 and android 4.4.2. thought you might like to let your readers know this.

  2. If anybody is still interested. I have been using MEMU for some time and it is excellent. However, and I am no expert so don’t know if this can be fixed, when I recently enabled the Windows Sandbox MEMU wouldn’t run without disabling HyperV, (which also removed the Windows Sandbox). Naturally I give preference to MEMU but it is a pity.

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