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10 Best Android Escape Games: Challenge Your Mind

Playing escape games is a difficult and challenging task. Most group of gamers cannot manage to escape. It does not mean that these gamers do not have the capacity to solve the maze and break out. It only means that their strategy is not as effective as its members.

An escape game is also called “escape room.” It is an adventure game that makes the players solve puzzles and riddles to escape. There is a storyline in every escape game. Moreover, the most common theme includes zombies, science laboratories, prisons, haunted houses, and treasure hunts.

There are escape games for multiplayer, which you can enjoy playing with your friends. Moreover, escape games do not only build a sense of camaraderie but also enhances one’s cognitive ability. These games are brainteasers that can sharpen your logical abilities. You have to get through challenging activities to escape.

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What are the Best Escape Games for Android?

Available Escape Games for Android

When you search for Escape Games on Android, there are a couple of listed games you can pick on.

1. Rusty Lake Series

Rusty Lake will take you back to olden times in this interesting escape game for Android

Rusty Lake is the developer of the game series. This game franchise consists of 9 Cube Escape games that make it a long-running game series. All of these games are free to play. Furthermore, there are 3 premium games you can avail at $2.99 each to extend the fun and excitement:

  • Rusty Lake Hotel
  • Rusty Lake: Roots
  • Rusty Lake Paradise

These games have similar mechanics; the player has to look for objects, solve puzzles and tries to escape the situation.

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2. The Room

The Room is a puzzling escape game for Android

This trilogy of escape game catches the attention of the gamers. Aside from its mindboggling storyline, it has an excellent and realistic graphics that keep you playing for hours.

For those who love mystery, suspense, and thrill this game is absolutely for you. Recommending this game is not a mistake, it has 4.9 stars from its players.

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3. Adventure Escape: Asylum

Door Escape Games Android
Asylum is a highly challenging escape game for Android

The Adventure Escape: Asylum has an interesting storyline. Your in-game character named Anna woke up in an Asylum without any knowledge and memory of how she got there. She has to escape from the asylum, but in order to do that, she has to recall her memories and meet some mysterious girls to guide the way.

This has to be one of the best escape games for Android because you will experience the excitement and thrill with your friends. You have to assemble a group of adventurers to easily look for a way to escape from the asylum.

The players have to make use of their past memory, available objects, and other features to get the way on how to escape from the asylum. It is available in the Google Play for free. You can enjoy the 10 chapters of this game with your friends.

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4. Survival: Prison Escape

Android Escape Games Free Download
Prison Escape is a popular Android escape game about an inmate trying to break out of prison

The Survival: Prison Escape is the most popular yet the oldest Android games like Cube Escape. It intensifies the feeling of excitement and thrill because of its high-quality graphics and heart-pounding gameplay.

Your character in this game has been in prison for 10 years because of the crime he is innocent of, that is why he wants to escape the prison. You have to smoothly and smartly escape the prison without the warden and K9 spotting you.

With over 10 million downloads, there is no doubt it is one of the best Android escape game. You can enjoy this game for free.

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5. Prison Break: The Great Escape

This Android escape game is based on the popular TV series “Prison Break”

The game is inspired by the storyline of Prison Break. The character in the game was arrested and sent to prison without committing a crime. Its situation led to the main objective of the game, which is to break out and escape the highly-guarded security prison.

This is a challenging escape game yet full of fun and excitement. Prove your innocence. You deserve that freedom. There are situations that will ask you to solve and clear a puzzle to get to the next level. Download it for free on Google Play.

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6. The Escapists

The Escapists is a cute Android escape game with pixelated graphics.

The Escapists is one of the best android escape adventure games because it launches you into a perilous criminal world. The game is ideal for those players who are looking for recreational activity and at the same time adrenaline rush.

Its retro graphics is such an attraction. The game has a sandbox experience to offer; it will strain your brain in thinking about what should be done to perfectly execute your escape plan. Enjoy an exciting moment by downloading the app. It is available in the Play Store for free.

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7. Royal Escape

room escape games for android
This Android escape game has a royally awesome theme

This is not an ordinary room escape games for Android, there is a life in this gameplay! The storyline will give you the chills. Your in-game character is part of a royal family which he spies and gets information. However, he discovered shocking secrets and conspiracies. Now, you are on the run because of the information you have known.

You have to be active and critical with what you do while you are on the run. You can experience a royal escape for FREE. It is available for download in Google Play.

Google Play

8. Can You Escape The Room VI

Use your brains to escape the rooms of this epic Android escape game

Well, this could be the most exquisite Android room escape games. Who would not be amazed by its clear 3D graphics and storyline? In this game, there are 50 challenges that wait for you in 50 different rooms.
This game will surely entice those who love and who are challenged with puzzle games. Try this game! You can enjoy the mind-boggling puzzles for free.

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9. All that Remains: Part 1

best escape games for android
You are a Duncan prince trying to escape in this creepy Android escape game

This game will give you a true to life feels. In the game, you are in the character of a Duncan Price. He woke up in a bunker without any knowledge how he got there. He heard his sister’s voice over the radio which made him want to escape.

What makes this game unique is its in-game camera and an auto-save feature that will help you with your smooth escape. All That Remains is free to download from Google Play.

Google Play

10. World’s Hardest Escape Game

Best Android Escape Game
Can you handle the world’s hardest escape game?

From the title to the gameplay, you will surely agree that this game is one of the best android escape games. The game has 20 different locations to unlock by figuring out the puzzles available in each location. Without a doubt, the gameplay will truly challenge your ability in solving the missions.

What makes this game pretty amazing is it is totally free. It is solely created for you to enjoy. There are no in-app purchases for this game. You can enjoy escaping the various challenges in this game. Go to Google Play to install it.

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There are a number of Best Escape Games for Android because these games give a sense of adventure, action, and excitement. These games are the best because of its graphics and gameplay. Moreover, if you really enjoy mind-boggling games, Joy of Android recommends the best brain training apps for Android.

This list of Android escape games is free to download. Have you played these games? If you haven’t, I am sure you have enjoyed the thrill. For those who did not yet have the game experience, share us how the games excite you. Which game did you choose? How was your experience? Were you able to escape the situation? Share in the comments below!

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