10 Best Android Gallery Apps to Show It All Off

One of the major aspects of smartphones are their cameras. Many people choose a smartphone for its camera. The success of the Xperia Z series of smartphones is a prime example. The 10 best Android gallery apps are aimed at those who like to take and view pictures on their smartphones and tablets.

Sure, all of Android devices come with a standard gallery, which to be honest is quite sufficient for daily usage. But sometimes you demand more from “just” a gallery app, and for those times the 10 best Android gallery apps are perfect.

Note: The 10 Best Android Gallery Apps were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone and Asus MemoPad HD tablet. The apps performed satisfactorily.

1. QuickPic – Free

QuickPic - Android Gallery apps

Looks Great Everywhere

QuickPic is one of the best looking Android gallery apps around. The app gets the number one spot on the list because it looks equally great on tablets as well as smartphones.

Another reason which gains it positive points is that the app never asks for unnecessary permissions making it one of the safest gallery apps around. The app also comes with a neat slideshow which actually has great timing.


  • Lists hundreds of photos in a few seconds.
  • Can play GIF images as well as videos.
  • Comes bundled with a basic image editor.

Notable Feature:

The app also has support for online album services like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and even Flickr.


2. Piktures – Free with In-app Purchases


Lightning Fast Loading

Piktures is a fast and reliable gallery app which populates the photos in a few moments. One thing I noticed while using the app is that it is extremely fast in booting.

Even the stock gallery app on my Samsung Galaxy Note III takes a moment to fully load. It’s probably because this app allots a large cache size but whatever it is it works like a charm.

In-app Purchases: $1.66 – $8.30 per item


  • Locations can be viewed easily.
  • You can easily resize the pictures.
  • Gesture based controls work like a charm.

Notable Feature:

You can hide full albums with a few taps. This is a great feature for those who like to keep their family life private from others. I usually hide my family photos because my big screened phone is the ideal one to test games in university group projects.


3. Gallery Lock – Free and $4.25

Gallery Lock

Hide Yo Pichas

3.A Free Version

If you require a great gallery security app, look no further than Gallery Lock. As the name suggest it locks down the gallery under a secret passcode. This is a highly recommended app for those who are sick of their friends/family snooping around their phone.

I don’t keep any odd or inappropriate pictures on my phone but I do value my privacy and I’m fairly certain that you do too. The app has a great interface which makes it easier to store photos in a secure digital vault.


  • You can hide photos as well as videos.
  • Cloud backup support is there.
  • Easy to use PIN or pattern locks.

Notable Feature:

After the third failed attempt at opening the PIN/pattern the app will automatically take a front camera picture of the perpetrator. This is a great way to identify snooping friends.


3.B Paid Version

The paid version of the app comes without ads. A friendly warning though, you need to unhide the hidden photos from the free app before uninstalling otherwise the pictures will be lost. I learned that the hard way, thankfully some great backup apps were there to lend a hand.


4. Photo Gallery – Free

Photo Gallery

Clear as Day

This creatively named Photo Gallery app is one of the cleanest Android gallery apps around. The app presents you with a smooth and clear interface and is an overall pleasant experience.

This is probably because it uses white background, a stark departure from the black ones we are used to. The app is also optimized for HD tablets and provides clear thumbnail previews.


  • A much clearer interface.
  • Sharing is very easy.
  • Rotating, cropping, shrinking pictures is easy.

Notable Feature:

This app supports every major image format imaginable except RAW. Even obscure formats like TIFF, PCX and WMF are supported.


5. MyRoll – Free

MyRoll - Android Gallery Apps

The Optimal Organizer

If you are lazy as me, you will never neatly place pictures in albums. Thankfully for us lazy people, MyRoll is a stellar organizer of photos. Arrange photos according to date, time, events and even location.

So if you attended a wedding on weekend, the app will bunch the photos together ready to be shared without minimal input from you.


  • A solid and beautiful interface.
  • Multiple views allow ample personalization.
  • Android Wear support is surprising.

Notable Feature:

The photo notification is an amazing feature. The app will send you a notification if it’s your kid’s birthday along with a picture you took last year. This way you can quickly send a picture wish making you a thoughtful parent.


6. Customizable Gallery 3D – Free

Customizable Gallery 3D

The 3D Factor

Just like the name suggests this is a highly customizable 3D gallery which displays your photos in style. The app is a tiny bit slow on low-end devices but that is understandable. The best feature of the app is its 3D-ness.

Tilt your phone and the photos will tilt along the device, it’s a neat aesthetic which goes a long way to make your photo albums come to life.


  • There is a great yet basic video player.
  • A photo frame widget is present.
  • GIF animation support is available.

Notable Feature:

The Customizable part in the name is pretty much true as there are tons of customization options in the app. From image rows to animation speed, everything can be personalized.


7. Image Gallery – Free

Image Gallery

Fast Details

Image Gallery is a light and easy to use Android gallery app. The interface is good and the pictures load with speed. I notice that some gallery apps take a fraction of second before loading details in 4K pictures.

My hawk eyes failed to see that delay in this app. The app also supports almost every main image format but unfortunately there is no RAW support. The app can also play GIF animations which is great for “comment-trolls”.


  • Crisp thumbnail previews.
  • Smooth transitions and switching.
  • Scans the whole device for pictures.

Notable Feature:

The app comes with a basic photo editor to retouch a photo. It’s nothing extensive as dedicated photo editing apps but it does small jobs with ease.


8. Cameran – Free


Large Libraries, Small Problem

The only album making app in the 10 best Android Gallery Apps list, Cameran provides a unique service. This app is for those people who like to keep they whole image library on their phones.

When there are thousands of images on your phone, you do need a good organizer and album manager. This is where Cameran comes into play.


  • Create stylish albums with ease.
  • Photo uploading is seamless.
  • Some great themes are available for the app itself.

Notable Feature:

The Shake-to-Share feature allows you to share pictures with a nearby friend just by shaking your device.


9. A+ Gallery – Free

A+ Gallery

The iOS Taste

I know some people simply prefer the iOS interface. There is nothing wrong with that. I myself always recommend the iPad to new tablet users. Apple certainly has a way of making user-friendly interfaces.

A+ Gallery is a simple gallery but it blatantly copies the gallery app featured on the iPhone. The app just provides what I call an Apple-experience.


  • A stolen yet solid interface.
  • A surprisingly great video player.
  • Sorting is easy and very helpful.

Notable Feature:

This app comes with a search by color feature. That’s right; simply select the color you want and the app will bring up the results in a fraction of seconds.

The app basically selects the dominating color and brings it up and sometimes it gets a few pictures wrong but overall the feature is amazing. This has to be one of the most unique features in the Android Gallery Apps list.


10. Scene – Free


Arrange the Scenes

Scene is just as competent as the apps featured on the 10 best Android Gallery Apps list. The only reason it is not ranked higher is because it looks kind of crummy in portrait orientation of smartphones. On tablets however the app really shines and stands out.

The interface in my opinion is better suited to the landscape view of tablets. Apart from that the app has a good interface which facilitates active photo snappers. If you like taking a lot of pictures first off try one of our top camera apps and secondly get this nifty gallery app to keep them arranged.


  • Drag and drop album creator.
  • Add captions to the photos.
  • Sync albums with other devices.

Notable Feature:

The app comes with a calendar view which shows photos you took on a particular date. This is especially great when finding a certain photograph.

You know when your anniversary is, so all you need is a good photo from last year for the card you are going to print.



Whether you like to take a ton of selfies or just are a shutter bug, the 10 best Android gallery apps will help you in keeping those photos arranged and well in order. There is nothing messier than a single DCIM or Camera folder containing all your photos.

Just don’t get all obsessive about creating the perfect albums…I almost lost a friend who started arranging photos according to their artistic values. Just like always, if you have any concerns feel free to ask in the comments below.

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