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50 Incredible Android Hacks You’ve Never Heard of Before

Ever thought that there’s more to your Android device than what the manufacturer told you it should be? Well, you’re not mistaken! In this article, we will show you some Android hacks that will definitely blow your mind!

It’s not a secret that we are living in a world of technological advancement!

High-tech devices are being released and updated all the time -it’s crazy!

Technology has enabled the union and utilization of mechanical and hardware components. How? By introducing software systems. Which, in return, gave us the gift of Operating Systems so that we can all use technology by means of interacting devices.

As you can see…

Microsoft Windows was the leading operating system decades ago! Even now, it is a widely popular OS, especially in laptops.


As smartphones became popular over the years, Microsoft Windows has been dethroned as the most used operating system.

By whom? None other than… drum roll please..

Android OS.

Android is the most used mobile operating system in the world.

Android Google Global Market Share Operating System 2019
Global Operating System Market Share (Credits to

With such growth in market presence, it’s no wonder why the Google Play store offers millions of apps for Android users.

You can use some apps, together with some tricks, to unleash the full potential of your android phone.

But it doesn’t stop there…

If you’re asking how…

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Android Root

Some Android enthusiasts find that rooting Android is one of the best ways to fully unlock the potential of Android.

If you are one of them, the OneClickRoot is highly recommended. It is an easy, safe and guaranteed method for rooting of Android Devices.

The best part?

It comes with 24/7 customer support that can help you root your Android device. Easy as pie!

But if you want to know more than just about rooting, we’re going to show you 50 Android hacks that you’ve probably never heard before. Most especially if you’re new to Android!

We’ll guide you on how you can do each hack and their applications to make your Android Smartphone smarter than ever before. Let’s go!

50 Android Hacks To Unlock The Full Potential of Android

In this article, we listed 50 of the most commonly used and amazing hacks that you can use on your your Android phone right now.

So without further ado, let’s jump right in:

1. Discover Apple’s Find My iPhone Android Counterpart

You may have several friends who are using Apple products, and they boast about how secure their handsets are thanks to the Find My iPhone feature.

Well, you’ll be able to join them as your Android phone also features “Find My Device” (formerly called Android Device Manager) – a feature that works exactly like Find My iPhone. It lets you locate your lost or stolen smartphone easily.

Apart from that, Android’s Find My Device allows you to lock your phone remotely, especially if the phone was stolen. By blocking this access to your confidential data, the thief will be prevented from gathering useful information. And if you want to go further, you can erase everything on your phone via Find My Device.

To activate, follow these simple steps:

Step 1

Go to Settings and look for Security & Location. The name of this section varies depending on your phone.

Step 2

Tap on Find My Device.

Step 3

Turn the feature on and set up your location for an accurate tracking:

Step 4

You can also head to Device Admin Apps.

Step 5

Click Find My Device.

Step 6

Read the permissions first. If you opt to, you can activate this device admin app to automatically delete everything without warning once the phone is lost or stolen.

For your information, you can also download the Find My Device app from Google Play Store for easier access to the feature. You can also configure the settings.

Now,  if you had already had the Find My Device feature switched on when your phone was lost or stolen, here’s what you need to do:

Step 7

Open your Google account on your PC or another phone. Look for Find Your Phone.

Step 8

If you have several gadgets connected to your Google account, select the one that’s lost. Let’s just suppose that I lost my device (hopefully never):

Step 9

After Google asks for verification, you’ll be given options to locate and hopefully, retrieve your phone. You can also choose to sign out of your account on the device.

2. Keep Your Apps Private Hack

You don’t want others scrolling through your messages or photo albums, do you? We understand why you might want to be very strict when someone borrows your device. After all, it’s your personal space!

You won’t want your friends to turn you into a laughingstock just because of your goofy images they spotted on your recent album! That’s a big no-no. So how do you keep your nosy friends out of your other apps? Here’s how:

Step 1

Go to Settings. Find Security & Location.

Step 2

Tap on Screen Pinning.

Step 3

You’ll be instructed how to do screen pinning. Enable the feature.

Step 4

As instructed, you have to press the Overview button. You’ll then see the Pin icon on the bottom right. Once you found the app you want to pin, click it.

Step 5

To unpin, you have to press the Back button and Overview key simultaneously for a second or two or enter your PIN/passcode. You can now transfer to your other apps.

3. Use Guest Mode On Android

The Guest Mode feature allows access to multiple apps, whether they would like to take a selfie and post it on their social media accounts.

The good thing about Guest Mode is that it only shows the default apps.

Guest Mode lets other people download new apps, take new photos, and enter their social media accounts as if the device is theirs. However, once you get out of Guest Mode, all your data will be retained. The next time they borrow your phone, switch back to Guest Mode and they’ll see that you haven’t deleted their pics.

Here’s how Guest Mode works:

Step 1

Swipe down the Status Bar. Press the User icon.

Step 2

Switch to Guest Mode.

Step 3

You’ll be asked if you want to start over or continue your previous activity.

Step 4

Here’s what my Guest Mode looks like:

4. Bypass Your Security While Staying Safe

When we say bypass, it’s not what most of us think – hackers trying to bypass your personal space to steal information. How can you bypass your security while staying safe?

First off, you need to set up a trusted location that your device won’t require you to key in your passcode. This simple Android hack is perfect to do in your own house. Beware! Don’t set any public place as a trusted location.

To do this, follow the instructions below:

Step 1

Go to Settings and click on Security & Location.

Step 2

Tap on Smart Lock. You’ll then be asked to enter your device PIN to continue.

Step 3

Click on Trusted Places.

Step 4

Now, add a trusted place. We advise you to choose this one well because it might put your phone at risk.

Step 5

Using Google Maps, you have to locate your chosen address and press Select this Location. While you’re in that area, you won’t have to repeatedly unlock the phone.

5. Access Developer Options

Although this Android hack usually gets overlooked, it is very useful by unlocking developer options. With the developer option enabled, you can configure your phone’s profile, tweak its performance, and do more things that the phone would normally not allow you to do.

Through accessing developer options, you can view the device statistics or opt to disable bloatware that came with the smartphone. Now that you know how useful the developer options are, follow these instructions:

Step 1

Head to Settings and click System. Other phones don’t have this section. If your phone is among them, just proceed to the second step.

Step 2

Look for About Phone and click it.

Step 3

Find the Build Number and tap on it exactly 7 times.

Step 4

After my seventh click, I was asked to key in my passcode. Notification showed up saying that I’m already a developer.

Step 5

Go back to the System tab and you’ll now see the Developer Options section.

Step 6

Tweak your device according to your liking.

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6. Never Lose Important Files Again

Have you ever been in a situation in which you never forgot losing important files? Like that time your phone dived in the pool with you or fell from great heights, only for you to realize that you haven’t had a copy of all the files you have in there?

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In case you didn’t know, your Android phone comes with a built-in backup system. Of course, the feature is limited but it’s enough to retain your very important files in case they get lost due to unforeseen circumstances.

Here’s how to activate the backup system:

Step 1

Go to Settings and tap on System.

Step 2

Look for Backup.

Step 3

Make sure your Google account is connected to the backup feature. Mine has been activated already since I started using my phone a couple of months ago.

Step 4

Click Back up now. You should see the cloud load and back up your data.

Interesting Fact: Once you buy a new phone and connect your Google account, you get to choose whether to transfer the file from your old device or not.

7. Different Apps, Varying Volumes

How many of you here need an alarm to wake you up in the morning? Have you tried to turn up the volume for your alarm but end up disturbed by the sound of notifications and messages all night long?

Android has this feature which lets you tweak the volume of Media, Ring, and Alarm, depending on your preference. It will help you to choose which one to turn up and which one to turn down.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1

Press the Volume button.

Step 2

Tap on the drop-down panel. You should see these 3 options: Media, Ring, and Alarm.

Step 3

Set your preferred level of volume for each media.

8. Make Your Fingerprint Scanner More Accurate

This does not enhance the fingerprint scanner of your phone. More specifically, you’re just adding more of your fingerprint records which make the scanner more accurate. To do this, follow the steps below:

Step 1

Go to Settings. Choose Security & Location.

Step 2

Tap on Fingerprint.

Step 3

After requiring you to enter your passcode, you can access the tab. Now, add a new fingerprint to your phone.

Step 4

The trick here is you have to register the same fingerprint multiple times in a slightly different position or angle.

9. View Detailed Usage Of Battery and Mobile Data

Some Android phones suffer from power-hungry apps that result in poor battery life and big mobile data consumption. You can find out what apps are actually consuming battery and mobile data on your phone’s Settings tab.

If you’re not sure where to look, here’s how to know what’s really eating your battery and data:

Battery Usage:

Step 1

Go to Settings.

Step 2

Tap on Battery. There, you will find a detailed view of what consumes your battery.

Mobile Data Usage:

Step 1

Go to Settings.

Step 2

Click on Network & Internet.

Step 3

Tap on Data Usage. You will find a detailed graph of what apps consume your data.

10. View PC Version Of A Website In Your Browser

Thankfully, developers have made formats for their websites that are suitable for mobile view. It would help conserve mobile data usage and makes content reading better.

But, there will be times that viewing a site in Desktop Mode will be necessary, especially since some sites are not configured well enough to display information and data in mobile.

To view a website on a desktop view from your Android smartphone:

Step 1

Open Chrome or any browser of your preference.

Step 2

Launch the website you want to visit. As you can see, it’s on Mobile View.

Step 3

Tap on the Settings marked by the 3 dots on the upper right corner. Click Desktop Site. The browser will then display the desktop view version of the site.

To go back to the Mobile View, go back to the Settings menu and uncheck Desktop Site.

11. Type by Only Using Gestures (Glide Typing)

Gesture typing is a very helpful tool especially if you’re writing long documents on your phone. Using gesture typing, you’ll only have to slide your fingers across the keyboard to construct a word.

Here’s how to enable gesture typing on your Android phone:

Step 1

Go to Settings and look for System.

Step 2

Choose Languages & Input.

Step 3

Tap on Virtual Keyboard.

Step 4

Click on Gboard.

Step 5

You’re now in the keyboard settings where you get to choose Glide Typing.

Step 6

Choose which options to enable and which ones to leave out. I would just leave them as they are.

12. Keep Your Phone Unlocked While It’s on You

We have tried accessing the Smart Lock earlier by adding Trusted Places. As we’ve discussed, this means you wouldn’t have to key in your passcode repeatedly while you’re in that area. This time, we’ll be keeping the phone unlocked only while it’s on you.

When you’re on the run, it’s quite difficult and risky to lock and unlock your phone. The On-Body Detection Mode will only require the PIN code once and then you’re set! The phone is smart enough to detect whether it has been put down on the table.

Step 1

Go to Settings and click on Security & Location.

Step 2

Tap on Smart Lock where you’ll be asked to enter your passcode to continue.

Step 3

Choose On-body Detection.

Step 4

Enable the feature.

Reminder: The On-body Detection feature can’t distinguish between two different persons. If the phone is in an unlocked state and a random person gets it, he/she can access the device without the need for a passcode.

13. Zoom in One-Handedly on Google Maps

A drink in your left hand and the phone in your right, and you need to access Google Maps. How do you use the app single-handedly? For instance, you want to zoom in and out. Of course, it requires two fingers to pinch on the screen.

Aha! You double tap the screen and it zooms in gradually, slowly. Apparently, there’s an easier way to do this simple task. Check this out:

Step 1

Open Google Maps.

Step 2

Double-tap the screen and hold it in.

Step 3

Move your finger up to zoom out and down to zoom in.

14. Type One-Handedly with Ease

Smartphones with large screens are the norm nowadays but it’s not to everyone’s liking. It can sometimes be a problem especially if you have small hands.

Fortunately, there’s a way for you to still operate a large screen phone like the Samsung Galaxy S10+ with one hand by tweaking the keyboard.

Here’s how to tweak your keyboard:

Step 1

Open Gboard/Google Keyboard.

Step 2

Press and hold the Return key until a small hand icon appears. Click the icon.

Step 3

You should now see the keyboard squeezed to the right side.

Step 4

To bring the keyboard back to its original size, hit the full-screen/expand button.

15. Move Your Keyboard Anywhere on the Screen

Customizing your keyboard doesn’t end with resizing it. In case you’ve missed this, Android phones allow users to transfer the keyboard anywhere on the screen, depending on your preference.

Really, this Android hack is just a continuation of the previous one. Suppose you did the above method, here’s what to do next:

Step 1

Click the lowermost icon at the left side of the squeezed keyboard.

Step 2

Start moving the keyboard to where you want it to be. You can transfer it anywhere until halfway of the screen.

Step 3

Click the check mark to lock the keyboard in place.

Step 4

It looks like this after moving the keyboard upwards a little.

16. Limit Your Notifications When You Need to Focus

Have you seen any Do Not Disturb bills on the front of doors? You can impose the same on your device notifications via the Do Not Disturb feature or simply, DND.

It doesn’t shut off your notifications completely; it only limits them. It knows which ones are very important and which ones are not and silences those until you turn DND off. To enable DND, you need to do the following:

Step 1

Head to Settings and click Sound.

Step 2

Here, you can also see my volume preferences. Tap on Do Not Disturb preferences.

Step 3

Tweak the DND Settings according to your preference and click Priority Only Allows.

Step 4

You can opt to enable or disable the notifications from these apps. It’s all up to you.

17. Customize the Quick Settings Bar

If your phone runs on Android Marshmallow and above, you don’t have to stick with default settings but can already customize the Quick Settings Bar on the swipe-down status bar as per your needs.

Here’s how to do your own customization:

Step 1

Swipe down the Status Bar and click the pencil icon.

Step 2

You’ll be sent to the Edit Mode of the Quick Settings Bar.

Step 3

Drag to add and remove tiles.

18. Automatically Open the Apps You Want

There are app shortcuts that you can use to immediately access the apps you want. By default, the home screen has the call, messages, and browser icons. If you want to change the app behind those icons, you can! Here’s how:

Step 1

Go to Settings and tap on Apps & Notifications.

Step 2

Click on Default Apps.

Step 3

Here are the apps behind the icons on the home screen. Let’s say, you want to change the default messaging app to Facebook Messenger. Simply click the SMS app. Select Messenger over Messages app and after that,  the Facebook Messenger will be the default messaging app.

19. Show Battery Percentage on Status Bar

Newer smartphone models tend to not show the exact battery percentage on the Status Bar out of the box. If you want to know how to display the battery percentage of your Android smartphone, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1

Head to Settings and hit on System.

Step 2

Tap on System UI Tuner.

Step 3

Click Status Bar.

Step 4

As you can see, it has a lot of features that you can either enable or disable. Click Battery.

Step 5

Choose Always Show Percentage on the drop-down menu that appears.

20. Turn Your Android Phone Into a Remote

Do you ever dream of not having to stand up to change the music on your computer? Or do you want to change that slide on your Powerpoint presentation without clicking repeatedly on your PC and get distracted?

Now you can do both and more, just by turning your smartphone into a remote. Here’s how you can do so:

Step 1

Search and install Gmote from the Google Play Store.

Step 2

Download the Gmote server on the PC that you wants to control. Get the downloadable file here.

Step 3

Install the Gmote program files through the installation setup that opens after the file has been downloaded.

Step 4

Configure the Gmote server by filling up the password requirement that shows up on the screen.

Step 5

Identify the location of the files that you want to control using your phone as the remote. These include music files and documents. It’s recommended that you put the files in a separate folder that’s easy to locate.

Step 6

Once the server has been set up on your PC, go to the Gmote app on your phone. Click the “I have installed the Server. Start Gmote!” prompt.

Step 7

Pick a server. The Gmote app searches for all the available servers around the area. Click the one that’s connected to your PC.

Step 8

You’ll be asked to enter your password.

Step 9

Click Browse. You can now see the folders you selected earlier. In our case, we opt to connect our “musixxx” folder which of course, has all my music files.

Alternatively, you can also turn your Android device into a TV remote. You can learn more about that here.

21. Switch Between Wi-Fi and Data Connection Without Hassle

Having to switch from Wi-Fi to Data Connection and vice versa can be a hassle sometimes. Especially if you’re going outside or going home after work. Sometimes, we have no choice but to switch especially if we’re having trouble or difficulties with our Wi-Fi connection.

For newer smartphone models, setting the device to automatically switch is easy as swiping down the quick menu and setting it up at the settings UI. However, for older phones, it’s a different story.

If you have an Android phone running 5.0 and older, we recommend checking out the app called Jumpnet.

The app functions like a VPN and promises to make switching between Wi-Fi and data connection easier. In that way, you won’t have to miss your games or your live stream.

Step 1

Go to Google Play Store and look for Jumpnet. Click on Install.

Step 2

The app requires you to create an account or sign in if you already have one.

Note: For this app to work, you will need to acquire an invitation from the developers.

22. Unblock YouTube And Other Websites Using VPN

Here’s another VPN we have to discuss: TunnelBear VPN. The TunnelBear VPN is one of the most popular VPN services for computers. Now that it already came to our Android, there’s nothing more we could ask for.

With TunnlerBear VPN, people who reside in countries that restrict specific access to certain websites like YouTube, Facebook, Google Services, and more can surf them anonymously on the web.

Step 1

Download and install the TunnelBear VPN app from the Google Play Store.

Step 2

You will be required to create an account with TunnelBear. After you register, you’ll be taught the basics. As you can see, just toggle the switch bar to turn TunnelBear VPN on or off. You can also change countries in the drop-down panel on the bottom side.

Another VPN you can try is Surfshark VPN for Android. Besides getting access to country restricted websites, it also has other great features like:

  • Kill Switch — protects your sensitive data by disconnecting you from the Internet when your VPN drops
  • One Account for All Your Devices — no need to sign up for different accounts if you have several Android devices; all you need is one account.
  • CleanWeb — prevents your malware, trackers, and phishing attacks from getting into your phone.

23. Play Old Games with an Emulator

Are you feeling nostalgic with GameBoy Advance games? You can play them again by downloading a GBA emulator on your smartphone – a popular GBA emulator available on the Google Play Store, My Boy is compatible with tons of GBA ROMs and is downloaded by hundreds of thousands of players around the world.

If you want to join in the fun to play your childhood games once again, you have to follow the instructions below:

Step 1

Go to the Google Play Store and download My Boy GBA emulator.

Step 2

After the emulator has been installed, look for GBA ROMs. You won’t have a hard time locating these ROMs as they are readily available on the web like Romsmania. Just type in “GBA ROMs” in the Google search box and you’re good to go!

Step 3

I am a fan of Pokemon. Among the games on the ROMs list, I choose to play the Pokemon Emerald version.

Here’s a short video clip showing how the Pokemon Emerald plays on the My Boy GBA emulator:

24. Create Custom Widgets

Customizing your device sure requires a lot of work. But having a phone that suits your tastes and personality is indeed worth all the effort. To alleviate the need to look for customization ideas, Beautiful Widgets has already rounded off your options.

The Beautiful Widgets app comes with various clock, weather, battery, and toggle themes you can choose from to personalize your smartphone. Here are the steps on how to customize your device using Beautiful Widgets:

Step 1

Download and install Beautiful Widgets from the Google Play Store.

Step 2

Add the Beautiful Widgets to your home screen. You can do this by long-pressing the screen until the Widgets option appears.

Step 3

Select a widget from the Beautiful Widgets menu.

Step 4

I’ve chosen a battery widget as I’m planning to customize it later.

Step 5

Open the Beautiful Widgets app. You should see the theme store. Click it.

Step 6

Tap on the drop-down panel on the upper side to choose which widgets you want to personalize first. I’ve opted to customize my battery widget earlier so I select Battery themes.

Step 7

I like the Spring Battery theme which uses flower petals to denote the battery percentage so I press Get to start the download. After the battery theme has been downloaded on my phone, I clicked on Apply.

Step 8

Now, look at my battery widget after I applied the changes. You can repeat the same steps regardless of what widget you want to personalize.

25. Record The Screen On Your Android Phone

We didn’t use to be able to record the screen of our phones. Not until the arrival of the Android 5.0 platform which comes with support for screen recording capabilities. Because of that breakthrough, developers were able to create apps that can do the job.

One of these apps is AZ Screen Recorder. The app features a countdown timer to let you know when it starts recording your screen. Also, you can trim and edit your video clip right after you finished screen recording.

Step 1

Head to Google Play Store and download AZ Screen Recorder.\

AZ Screen Recorder
AZ Screen Recorder

Step 2

Once you click Open, an overlay with four buttons appears on the side of your screen.

Step 3

Go to the app or navigate to the screen you want to record.

Step 4

Click the red video camera icon in the pop-up panel. Your screen should start counting down from 3 to 1.

Step 5

Use your phone as you normally do until you decide to stop recording.

Step 6

When you’re finished, pull down the notifications bar and click Pause or Stop.

26. Record Phone Calls On Your Android Device

Do you dream of being an agent tasked with recording phone conversations without the other person knowing? Sadly, we can’t make you one. However, if you want to record conversations for any reason, you will want to know how to do so properly.

There are some phones which come with a built-in call recorder; mostly, though, do not. If your phone doesn’t have one, the call recording app called Call Recorder – ACR will help you achieve your fantasy. Here’s how to use it:

Step 1

Download and install Call Recorder – ACR from Google Play Store.

Call Recorder - ACR
Call Recorder – ACR

Step 2

Once the app has been installed, it runs in the background. You don’t have to configure anything as it will automatically record all of your future calls.

Step 3

If you want to listen to the call recording, you can click on the caller’s name and press Play. You can also choose to Share or Delete the recording.

27. Use Launchers On Your Android Phone

A phone’s user interface can be considered a huge factor in determining if it will sell well or not. For instance, the interface Samsung is using is beautiful, moving consumers to buy their product, thus, adding to their sales.

On the flip side, if you are stuck on your phone with a not-so-beautiful skin, you can still make it nicer by customizing it through the use of launchers. Launchers, like the Nova launcher, can add a pop of creativity to your device screen.

Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher Interface

Here’s how to get Nova Launcher:

Step 1

Go the Google Play Store and search for Nova Launcher. Download and install it on your mobile phone.

Nova Launcher

Step 2

Once installed, go to your phone settings. Tap on Apps & Notifications.

Step 3

Select Default Apps.

Step 4

Click Home App.

Step 5

You should see the default home app and the Nova Launcher on the choices. Choose Nova Launcher.

By the time you go back to the home screen, you can see that the Nova Launcher is enabled. You have to rearrange all of your apps according to your liking.

28. Use “Edge Display” on your Android

The Edge Display feature of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has taken the world by storm. People can’t help but praise its beauty, while its rivals have tried their best to imitate it. Well, there are some who have succeeded in making an app that will make your non-Samsung Edge device look like one.

What I’m talking about is the Edge Color Notifications app. It brings a Galaxy S6 Edge-like animation to any device. Also, you can customize the feature if you want to. Check this step-by-step guide:

Step 1

Download Edge Color Notifications app from Google Play Store.

Edge Color Notifications
Edge Color Notifications

Step 2

Upon opening the app, you’ll be faced with the Settings. Do some personalization. You can change the edge color and edge width.

Step 3

Press Preview Edge Animation. It will give you an overview of how it will work on your phone when someone calls you.

I asked someone to call me so I could test this out. This is what the real thing looks like:

29. Know How Many Devices Are Connected to a Wi-Fi Network

Do you have Wi-Fi at home? Been wondering why your Internet bill is too high and seems unreasonable? Why don’t you check how many devices are connected to your Wi-Fi network?

It’s a no-brainer to think that some people want to “steal” your data allowance and connect to your Wi-Fi network without your knowledge. But they can hide no more if you use Fing Network Tools. Here’s how it can help you:

Step 1

Search for Fing Network Tools on Google Play Store and install it on your device.

Fing - Network Tools
Fing – Network Tools

Step 2

Open the app. Click on the Devices tab to see which smartphones and computers are connected to your home network.

If you spot an unfamiliar device that’s connected, you can easily kick that device out and ban it from reconnecting to your Wi-Fi connection again.

30. Get Android updates before your mobile handset manufacturer releases it

For most people using Android phones, they usually have to wait for Google to release updates for Android via Google Play and this may sometimes take months.

However, the problem is that when the new Android system updates are released, mobile handset manufacturers have to readjust them in order to run on their handsets, and also add new Android-based software, before releasing these Android updates to their customers.

Fortunately, the good news is that you do not have to wait so long to get the latest Android updates after its release. Since there are a great number of people working on releasing their own stable Android updates, you can root your Android phone so that you are able to use such Android updates as soon as the developer has released them.

31. Scale up your Android media center with Gmote Android apps

One of the major reasons why people usually buy smartphones is so they are able to play their favorite music and videos. However, this usually comes with some limitations, mainly with regard to storage space.

For many people, most of their music and video files are usually stored in their PCs, while just a selected number of files are stored in their smartphones.

This means that they cannot access all their music files, and they have to keep deleting some of the files in order to make room for new files.

This is a great inconvenience for smartphone users but the good news is that someone saw this and decided to come up with a simple hack that enables the streaming of music from their PC to their smartphones by using Wi-Fi. There is an Android app called Gmote that makes accessing this feature a breeze.


32. Change the appearance of Android user interface with Beautiful Widgets Android App

One of the most common tasks that people usually perform on their mobile phones is changing the themes and wallpapers to suit their fancy.

If you have tried this before, then you will have realized that there are numerous limitations, thanks to the small number of wallpapers and themes that ship with your Android phones.

The wallpapers and themes are also not that inspiring since most of them are static. But you can change all this and bring your Android’s user interface to life. This is easily done through the use of some Android apps, such as Beautiful Widgets, which will then give you access to many customized and animated wallpapers that you can use on your Android smartphone.

33. Play retro games by Rooting Your Android Phones

If you are an avid smartphone gamer, then you most definitely usually pull out your old game console and play a few classic games so as to remind yourself of how it used to feel playing such games.

Android, being open source, has stirred some interest among some top tinkerers who also happen to love playing games.

They have come up with simple hacks that can play classic games on your Android device. Gameboid and Ataroid are two such Android apps that allow you to play some classic games on your Android smartphone.

There is another hacker, who even went ahead and rooted his Android phone so that it is now able to use an NES controller by attaching it to the phone.

34. Install Android apps that are root-only on Your Android Smartphone

If you like tinkering with different aspects of your Android-based phone and would like to get as much flexibility as possible, then you should go ahead and root your Android phone by installing root-only apps.

These apps will open up a whole new world of possibilities for you, as you will be able to undertake some tasks that are not usually supported by the standard Android software that is usually shipped with phones from the smartphone manufacturer end.

For example, you can install a root app that allows you to gain access to extra memory on your Android phone, making it run faster, especially when running Android apps that demand plenty of computing power.

35. Open your garage door with an Innovative Android App

Now, this is very interesting! With imaginative Android hackers, there have been some simple yet highly effective hacks.

For example, there is an Android app called GarageMate that makes it very easy to enable your Android phone to open your garage door; this is pretty cool.

This Android app has some simple features that make it safe and easy to use. It uses a pin to verify the authenticity of the owner before opening the door; it also only opens the garage door from within a radius of one block. In short, it acts as a garage door opener.

36. Overclock your Android phone to Optimize your Smartphone Resources

Are you tired of having your Android phone hang up every time you use an Android app that is resource-intensive? If this is the case, then you should consider overclocking your smartphone.

Overclocking is nothing but rooting your Android mobile to such an extent that a user adds permission to OS settings and removing a number of hardware limitations such as internal memory, battery life, etc., However, you have to take note of the fact that overclocking your smartphone has a number of side effects.

You may wear out your phone’s processor since overclocking it creates intense heat, which may overwhelm the in-built cooling system of your smartphone. It may also shorten your smartphone’s life. However, by using well-designed overclocking Android apps, you will be able to also underclock your phone’s processors so that their lifespan is prolonged.

You also need a new generation Android phone in order to run such apps on your Android phone. One great Android app that you can use for this function is called SetCPU, and it comes highly recommended.

37. Run Android OS on an old iPhone

If you love playing practical jokes as well as tinkering, then you may find installing Android OS on an iPhone to be a hilarious idea.

Actually, this is a cool way of finding out how the Android system would perform on an iPhone. If you have an old iPhone lying around, say iPhone 2G, then you can install Android OS on it. Doing this will also open up quite a number of Android apps that you can then use on your old iPhone.

In order to have some fun doing this, you can even install some Android apps that have been restricted by Apple. But in order to get this hack to work, you have to jailbreak your iPhone first; you can use software such as Redsn0w or PwnageTool to do this.

38. Take screenshots with your Android Smartphone

One of the common complaints about Android phones is that it does not allow users to take screen shots. However, some clever Android developers have made this possible by creating some interesting Android apps that enable you to take amazing screenshots with your Android phone, albeit with some fancy effects.

However, you need to first root your smartphone before trying these Android apps. You can use the ShootMe app that enables you to take screenshots of your Android phone, with a little shake. This is a simple yet very effective feature.

39. Block Ads from getting displayed on your Android based Smartphone

Advertisements are the price people usually pay for using free software, and this is no different on Android OS. Many free Android apps run ads, and one of the ways of getting rid of these Android apps is to use paid versions.

However, after you have rooted your Android based phone, you can install the Adfree app that essentially blocks ads from everywhere on your Android smartphone. This is quite handy if you usually use plenty of free Android apps on your smartphone.

40. Turn your Android phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot with Wireless Tether App

Many people would be more than happy to use their Android phones as a Wi-Fi hotspot, but only a few of them are able to do so. Once you root your Android phone, then you can easily turn it into a Wi-Fi hotspot, regardless of the mobile carrier subscription active on your Android phone.

You can use the Wireless Tether app, as it makes it such a breeze to turn your Android phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot that other Wi-Fi enabled devices can plug into quite easily.

So, by rooting your Android phone, you can turn it into a very powerful mobile device with limitless possibilities. However, always bear in mind that rooting your smartphone usually makes your warranty void, and your phone may end up with some serious problems!

41. Install Custom ROMs On Your Android Phone

What makes Android our favorite mobile OS is that it is extremely customizable.

While third-party apps and themes are great if you’re looking for minor changes, custom ROMs can change the entire user interface on your phone. Aside from customization, custom ROMs can also improve the performance and battery life of your phone significantly as they bring various performance optimization tweaks. You’ll also get various cool new apps and features on your phone after installing a ROM.

42. Improve The Sound Quality On Your Android Device

While many Android devices come with incredible audio quality, some phones don’t measure up.

If you’re looking to improve the audio quality and loudness through your phone’s speaker and headphones, then you can try out the Equalizer app from the Google Play Store. It’s free but has in-app purchases.


If you have a rooted Android device, then you can also flash custom sound mods. Developers are usually trying to improve the experience on Android devices and you can find flashable audio mods for various Android smartphones.

43. Install APK Files On Your Android Phone

You can also install APK files on your Android smartphone or tablet. Not many people know about APK files, so their apps have been limited to the ones available on the Google Play Store.

There are many third-party apps that have been removed from the Google Play Store, but you can find their APK files on various websites.

In order to install these apps, you simply need to download the APK file, tap on it and press the Install button. You’ll need to enable the Unknown sources option from your Settings app first.

44. Check Date With One Tap

A cool feature that not many people know of is to check the date on Android with a single tap. Just press the status bar on your phone and you’ll see the date on the top. You don’t need to pull the bar down.

45. View PC Version Of A Website In Your Browser

There are many websites that have a separate light version for mobile phones. These light websites can save mobile data and are better for viewing on mobile phones; however, if you want to view the original PC version of the website, you can change the browser’s settings.

If you’re using Chrome on your phone, launch the website, tap on Menu and enable Request desktop site. The original PC version of the website should now appear on your phone.

46. Take Advantage of Gestures

Each smartphone nowadays comes with unique gestures that are usually exclusive to certain brands. For example, Huawei phones feature a gesture that’s unique to them and it’s called the Knuckle gesture.

As an example, simply knock twice on the screen and it will take a screenshot. Pretty cool right?

Huawei Knuckle Gesture Screenshot

Now, there are a few more ways but we will not go further into that since gesture function varies from device to device. So go to your device settings, look for gestures and make sure to enable it to take advantage of this functionality.

47. Remove App Notifications

Some third-party apps can be really annoying if they keep on displaying notifications on your phone. If you use the app often, then you might not have a problem, but for apps that you don’t use regularly, these notifications can be really annoying.

In order to disable these app notifications, go to Applications or Apps in the Settings. Then, tap on the app’s name that you want to disable and disable its Show notifications option.

48. Create A Nandroid Backup

Creating a Nandroid backup is one of the best Android hacks for rooted phones. If your Android device is rooted and you have a custom recovery installed, then you can create a full Nandroid backup of your device. We’re not talking about backing up your files and data here.

Using Nandroid backup, your phone’s entire image will be backed up, including settings, messages and call logs.

Nandroid backups are perfect if you like installing custom ROMs on your phone. So, if you don’t like a ROM that you installed, you can simply restore the backup and your phone will revert back exactly as it was before flashing the ROM.

49. Customize LED Lights On Your Phone

To customize the LED lights of your Android phone, you can use 3rd party apps such as Light Flow.

Light Flow

Light Flow LED Control

Light Flow is a great app that lets you customize the notification LED light on your phone. Additionally, the app will let you customize things like LED color, duration and flash rate. The app is available in a free version and a paid version at a cost of around $2 USD.

50. Connect Your Android Phone To Your TV

This is a really simple hack and not many users take advantage of this. Most Android devices come with micro HDMI ports and you can connect your phone to your LED TV using a micro HDMI to HDMI cable. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy your games and HD videos on a much bigger screen.

Some phones don’t have a micro HDMI port, but many of them do support MHL adapters. Simply purchase an MHL adapter then use it to connect your HDMI cable to your phone using the adapter.

MHL Adapter Type-C

Choetech MHL Adapter Type-C

To know more about this type of connection, check our guide here. We used a Samsung Galaxy S4 as an example in our guide.

Looking for more Android Tips & Tricks? Then we highly recommend checking out 101 Essential Android Tips & Tricks especially if you’re new to Android.

101 Essential Android Tips & Tricks

101 Essential Android Tips & Tricks

As Android further progresses in development, it can be challenging to keep up with its new features. But fret not, the 101 Essential Android Tips & Tricks book is here to make your life a little easier with Android. With selected hints to extend the functionality of your smartphone, as well as featuring apps from the Play Store, this comprehensive guide will allow you to easily and quickly transform your device into something special.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are hacks?

Contrary to popular belief, hacks aren’t all about hacking into someone’s account or stealing information. But hacks can also refer to going beyond what is intended for a device or thing. For example, kitchen or cooking hacks, make up hacks, microwave hacks, hair-curling hacks, and many more.

What are Android hacks?

In the Android world, the term “hack” mostly refers to “breaking the system down.” For instance, breaking the core functionality of Android and doing something beyond the allowable functionality of the Operating System.
To back this up…
# 37 on this list teaches you how to run the Android OS on an old iPhone. We all know that Apple never produced and will never produce an iPhone with an Android OS. Now, in order to do that, you need to bypass the functionalities and limitations of that old iPhone, its OS, and its manufacturer’s intended use. Therefore, making it a “hack”.

What are some android secrets?

Enable developer mode, change the animation speed, cast your screen, clear app defaults, locating annoying notifications are some of the android secrets available on any android devicw

What is an app trick?

App tricks can be done on android and iOS. All you have to do to enable the app trick is Chats > Specific chat > Tap the play icon next to the voice message you want to speed up > Tap on the 1x icon that appears to make it 1.5x > Tap 1.5x to make it 2x faster > Tap the 2x icon to change back to 1x.

How do I find hidden features on android?

Click on the hidden menu entry available on your phone. You will be able to see a list of hidden menus on your phone. You can pick and access whichever you want.

Wrapping Up

If you want to make the most out of your Android smartphone or tablet, you should use the Android hacks you probably had never heard of until you read this article.

Be aware that hackers now use Android phones to mine cryptocurrency. If you are interested in finding out if your device is hacked or not, then this article should help.

If you have any questions, feel free to mention them in the comments section below.

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  1. These aren’t hacks at all, these are simple apps and the creator needs to have his head evaluated.
    Not one of these was for actual system testing/penetrating WHICH IS WHAT A HACKING APP IS.
    Several exist and I’ve gotten most of them, non of these are in my collection, and the description basically explains how bad they are! THESE ARE JUST APPS!

    1. Yoshi, thanks for stopping by. We accept your point. In general, the term “Hack” is mostly referred to penetrating something into something. For instance, hacking someone’s phone and stealing something etc., However in Android world, the term “Hack” is most commonly referred to “breaking the system down”. i.e., Breaking the core functionality of Android and doing something beyond allowable or intended goal of OS / handset manufacturers. All Android hacks referred to in this post are similar functionality offered by rooting a device. Hope we were able to address your concern.

      1. Dude, it’s official. You are not a hacker. The gentleman who started this thread was correct in his statement. No “hacks” were mentioned in this article. Shame on you. With that said, not only are you not a hacker, you’re not much of a writer either.

        1. The Hater’s Cant just stop Hating!! lol Yoshi is a Hater! Also Yoshi, Emm JailBreaking and Rooting your phone may not be hacks but not just any Newb can even Root/JBreak a Cellphone and it says on the manafactures rules. If you Root your device then your warranty is null -n- VOID!!! I know I payed an assload of money for my Asus Transformer Prime Tf 700 3 years ago and also got the extended warranty for 4 years that with the docking station, but that being said. I still have not “Rooted” my Tablet . Now a Phone, Ppfffttt!! I’ll do that any day!! Any ways get your head out your Ass Yoshi! -Gh3i5t

      2. Unfortunately I don’t see any way of calling these “Hacks” as I can only see as “Hints and Tips” because None of these exploitsexploits anything. Some real hacking apps are Droidsheep, Bugtoid…etc. Oh by the way the comment by yoshi. “Breaking down the system…” Is just a ⅛ of hacking.

    2. I agree with you…All these are just for App advertisement.
      None of the content is useful at all.We already know all these shit before this page was created.

      1. Hi Vicky,
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    3. Hey yoshi if u got some real hacking apps. Share it with us also…….we tol love discovering different features of kur android devicez.

    4. Urban dictionary alert…hack is a word that also means great ideas to help maximize whatever you are hacking.

  2. Also agreed with Admin.. Hacking is modifying software for new purposes. CRACKING is breaking encryption, keys, passwords, etc. “Penetration testing” is seeing if your network is crackable. “Hacking” just became an overused term by the not so tech savvy.

  3. I usually don’t comment on articles unless I see a troll degrading an author without merit. Yoshi is just a turd eating a turd sandwich. A hack is changing a manufacturers product to do something that the manufacturer does not want done or removing the safe guards on a product to exploit it.

    Some of these are apps but they are apps that allow you to do something the manufacturer did not intend to be done with the phone.

  4. Actually, I would say these aren’t really hacks, but I will say that I enjoyed this information. Thank you for posting it, it’s better than nothing. Not trying to be a hater, but then again, these aren’t really hacks…

  5. How do you root an android phone?
    I want to root my Hauwei honor 6 plus and I want to change the emotion UI.3.0 to android lolipop 5.1, can anyone tell me how?

    1. Try using kingo it works for most devices
      It is the easiest root tool I have ever used

    2. I used king root from play store without a PC connectivity. Takes time around 15 minutes but does a good job. Just let it complete

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  8. Cool App , Hey brow , can u tell me a program for android that can hack fb ID , or Wifi Pasword ? Not Fake plz a True one plz contact me on Skype my Name – leonardruci ! :/ thnx

    1. Hi Leo,
      If you forgot your password to your FB account or to your Wifi I am sure that FB or your Internet provider can give you methods on how to recover your password or account, but if you are asking on how you can hack someone else´s account, in other words, get unauthorized access, that is something we do not promote here. Thanks for commenting. =-)

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  10. I would love to be able to open our garage door with my smartphone. We live with my parents, and between all the cars there’s a shortage of openers. If I could use my Android phone with this app, it would really simplify things! Does an Android phone have to have any special hardware to use an app like this?

  11. Well, I’m dyslexic and just a newbe but there does seem to be a lot of hostility out there. Personally, I am informed and that’s why I came.
    I wish to learn…
    Thanks. 🙂

  12. Updates are not available even with rooted phone. I have a LG Optimus Fuel with Android 4.4 and every time its says no updates. It is rooted too with developer options enabled. So for that to be actually true, then I should be able to update it but I can’t.

    1. Hi Michael,
      When your phone is rooted you don´get OTA updates since once the upgrade file is received, usually Over The Air (OTA) and the upgrade procedure starts, it detects that your phone has been modified, either by having a new RECOVERY (Clockworkmod or TWM, usually) or, that some binaries from the actual Operating System have been altered (root installation, for instance), thus, the upgrade won’t proceed and aborts. If these updates are very important you can always go back to stock. Thanks for commenting. =-)

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  14. The thing is, i see many articles claiming that you can’t screenshot on Android. The last phone I had that didn’t take screenshots was the Samsung Galaxy Centura running ICS (cheap crap phone it was). Every android I’ve had since has had the capability, including the super cheap $10 Alcatel One Touch Pixi Glitz. Not to mention everyone I know can screenshot with their androids.

  15. I need help getting passed AT&Ts “allow unknown sources” block, it’s on a Samsung Galaxy sgh-i897

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  17. I got a samsung galaxy go prime SM_G530A an I’m looking to root it what all do I need if I only have my phone. No laptop or computer. Can I do it with just my phone.

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