5 Best Android Mind Games for Kids to Keep Their Young Brains Active
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5 Best Android Mind Games for Kids to Keep Their Young Brains Active

Having choice is the best thing about the Android platform. Want some great Android mind games for kids so they can be entertained all the while learning? You can easily get those from the Google Play Store as well.

There are a ton of mindless games that may make your kids happy but won’t be able to help their mental growth. I for one love playing mind games for kids, yes, I’m still a kid at heart.

The best Android mind games for kids may not be the best of the best and might not even impress you. However, let your kids play and decide for themselves. I tested the games on some actual kids ranging from 4 to 10 years and they seemed to enjoy them a lot.

Even the one game that I didn’t like was a favorite among them and they had a blast playing it on my tablet together. Long story short, if you are here for some puzzle games for adults or mind development apps for Android, this list is not for you. These are the best Android mind games for kids and we should let the kids play them and decide.

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Note: The 5 best Android mind games for kids were tested on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone. The games worked fine and no problems were faced during the testing. Some feature may require an internet connection but is not mandatory. The games are Rated G and you don’t even need to supervise the kids when they are playing. The games are not in any particular order.

Best Android Mind Games for Kids

1. Brain It On!

brain it on icon
Brain it out – Best Android Mind Games for Kids

Kids love physics based puzzles and they are actually amazing for developing a lot of different motor skills as well. There is something about watching a tangible and immediate reaction to your actions. It is incredibly rewarding and exciting for an adult like me, so naturally, the kids will have a lot of fun playing a physics based game.

Brain It On! Brings on some highly interactive puzzles in one single package. The main aim of the stages vary from objective to objective but it is all about manipulating the on-screen items using your creativity and physics. You can draw shapes on the screen and they will immediately become physical objects in the game.

For example, one of the first levels in the game involves tipping a glass. You can solve that puzzle any way you want. This is hands down my favorite game on the list because it actually stresses the brain in a fun manner.

Free Version

2. 4 Pics 1 Word

4 pics 1 word icon
4 pics in 1 word – Best Android Mind Games for Kids

As the name explains, this game is about 4 pictures and one word associated with them. It is a simple game that can have a big impact on kids and how they perceive things. This will also allow them to start seeing connections in seemingly dissimilar things.

I admit, some of the words were kind of hard to guess and I was stumped during gameplay. But the game is rewarding and exciting to play. Basically, I consider this game a kid’s party game.

I boot it up on my old and trusty Asus tablet and let the kids have their fun. Trust me on this, the stuff the kids will come up with is hilarious. The premise of this game is quite simple, four pictures will be displayed on the screen and you have to guess the word they have common among them.

To make things easier, you’ll be given a set of alphabets to form the word as well. It’s a word guessing game that will not only increase the vocabulary of the kids but also make their reaction times faster if they are playing among themselves.

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3. Roll the Ball – Slide Puzzle

roll the ball icon
Roll the ball -Best Android Mind Games for Kids

This is a game about sliding wooden slats across the board and making way for a ball to roll into the goal. While this may seem like a simple task, the actual gameplay is quite challenging. You can easily make the blocks fall into place by sliding them and using them to your advantage. The earlier levels of the game are quite easy to follow and serve as a tutorial for kids.

But the further they go, the puzzles will get complex. This is my only gripe with the game because younger kids will have a hard time completing later levels. But the gameplay is highly rewarding and challenges the mind of kids quite well. You may need to help your little kids in the game, though, but kids above eight will solve the puzzles with ease.

Free Version

4. Mind Games

mind games icon
Mind games – Best Android Mind Games for Kids

Just as the name suggests, Mind Games is all about well, mind games and it is considered as one of the best android mind games for kids. It is a very simple game that comes with different mind games including mathematics, visual memory, and memory strategy as well as abstraction. There are attention training games as well as anticipation games that allow you to practice the ability to anticipate and respond rapidly to a situation.

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All the games are kept quite simplistic in nature so any kid will be able to play them easily. I really like how different each game can be in this package and I highly recommend this app for the kids who want to learn as they go.

There are however slight interface problems in this app but they can be ignored easily if the kid is having fun. In fact, I highly doubt that any kid will have trouble using this app on their personal smartphone or tablet.

Free Version 

5. Color Switch

color switch icon
Color switch – Best Android Mind Games for Kids

This is the simplest Android mind game for kids simply because of its gameplay nature. This one tap game may seem easy but requires fast response times as well as the ability to make quick decisions. The basic idea behind the game is simple; you have a ball that you can move vertically by tapping on the screen.

But the twist is, the ball needs to be the same color as the obstacle before passing through it otherwise the game will be over in an instant. This is one of those single tap games that are highly addictive and challenge you to do better.

Kids will love the great gameplay introduced in the game and will have a lot of fun developing fine motor skills as well as fast reaction times.

Frequently Asked Questions – Best Android Mind Games for Kids

Do phone games help brain?

Playing mental games keeps your brain busy, which is just as vital as getting physical activity. Studies have shown that playing mind games helps healthy people perform better cognitive tasks like learning, memory, and problem-solving.

Do brain games increase IQ?

Yes, playing brain training games improved performance on particular tasks, they had no overall positive impact on intelligence.

Is memory game good for kids?

Other mental processes, like focus, concentration, and attention, can be enhanced by playing memory games. Memory games allow for critical thought, which helps kids develop their attention to detail. Playing memory games can enhance visual perception.

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Final Thoughts-Best Android Mind Games for Kids

These were the five best Android mind games for kids and I hope your kids will love them. I certainly had a great time testing these games and playing them myself. I have to admit, I spent a lot of time playing Color Switch on the clock but this is one of the perks of my job.

Just like always, talk to us if you have any suggestions or comments about this list of the apps. We do love to have a healthy conversation with our readers.

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