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8 Best Android Podcast App Options to Keep Your Mind Fresh

Are you obsessed with getting the most recent political talk, movie buzz or sports drama from your favorite podcasts?

Are you wondering if there is a way to move that podcast you listen to at work onto your Android phone? Check out the best Android podcast app options for you.

The Google Play store is filled with podcasting apps for Android, making it difficult to find the best one for you. According to The Mindset there are over 115,000 podcasts to choose from, so we wanted to make the process a little easier by sharing the top podcasting apps. After all, sifting through 115,000 choices is enough work.

Note: We used Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (running on Android 4.4.2) to test these 8 best Android Podcast App. The podcasting apps work well on any Android smartphone. Just make sure that your smartphone fulfills the minimum software requirements.

1. Pocket Casts: [Paid-$3.99]

pocket-casts-Best Android Podcast App
Pocket casts-Best Android Podcast App

The best looking podcasting app

Pocket Casts is one of the best Android podcast app options. Its easy-to-use and smooth user interface compliment all the features.

After opening the app, you see a list of featured podcasts. By sliding your finger from right to left you can browse through different podcasts categorized in sections such as Popular, Top Videos, and Networks. You can also search for podcasts by genres such as Arts, Business, Comedy, Education, Games & Hobbies, Government & Organizations, Health, Kids & Family, Music, and more. You can search for a particular podcast by its name or feed URL.

The Pocket Casts app for Android has both video and audio podcast support. While watching a video podcast, you can change to audio mode (and revert back to video mode if you want) seamlessly. The audio mode supports variable playback speed too.

Using the Synching and Backup feature, you can easily synchronize subscriptions, podcasts, and playlists between your Android devices. Pocket Casts supports both tablets and phones. So, you can subscribe to a network on the go and watch it later by using the backup feature.


  • Good-looking and intuitive UI
  • Backup and restore
  • Smart Playlist
  • Seamless toggles between audio and video mode
  • Nice user interface for tablets
  • Dark and light themes
  • Widgets and lock screen control

Notable Feature: Audio playback in variable speed

Download on Google Play

2. Stitcher Radio for Podcasts: [Free-ad supported]

Sticher podcast app -Best Android Podcast App

Feature-rich podcast player

Stitcher Radio for Podcasts is one of the best Android podcast app options. It only supports audio podcasts and lacks the video podcast feature. To use this application you need to sign up using Facebook, Google+ or Email. After signing up, you will see the Get Started page. Here you can add up to three topics to get podcast suggestions or type the name of the show in your search bar to subscribe to it.

You can either create podcast playlists manually or you can choose various playlists from the Favorites Playlist section. The podcast player has a clean user interface. You can jump 30 seconds backwards or forwards while listening to a podcast. You can also browse through different episodes while listening.


  • Only audio podcasts
  • Favorite Playlists
  • Downloading podcasts for offline playing
  • Breaking news on the Front page
  • Widget support

Notable feature: Create customized stations

Download on Google Play

3. Podcast Addict: [Free and Paid]

Podcasts addict-Best Android Podcast App

Get addicted to podcasts

3.a Podcast Addict: [Free]

Podcast Addict is a very easy to use and feature rich podcasting app for Android. The user interface is clean and intuitive as well.

After opening the app, you’ll see a blank page where you can add podcasts by clicking on the “+” sign in the upper right of the screen. The “+” sign brings you to a new page where you can find various podcasts.

Using the Search Engine, you can search for audio and/or video podcasts of different languages. You can also include the iTunes search engine into your search to get podcasts that are from the iTunes store. You can also add RSS feeds and YouTube channels. Browsing podcasts by Networks, Category and Suggestions is also possible.

Import OPML (Outline Processor Mark-up Language) files from iTunes.

The podcast player supports variable speed playback. Fast forward and rewind features are also there to give you a good listening experience. This application supports the offline download of podcasts too.

Also, backup your subscriptions as an OPML file on your smartphone’s SD card.

The free version of the application is ad-supported.

Download on Google Play

3.b Podcast Addict: [Paid-$2.99]

The paid version of the app podcast Addict costs $3.99 but it doesn’t offer any extra features. You can buy this just to remove the in app advertisements and to support the developer.


  • Powerful search engine-including iTunes search engine
  • Audio and video podcasts
  • Import OPML files
  • Add RSS feeds and YouTube channels
  • Offline download of podcasts
  • variable speed playback
  • Fast forward and rewind features
  • Car mode
  • Widgets and shortcuts

Notable feature: Backup your subscriptions on the SD card

Download on Google Play

4. OneCast – podcast simply: [Free]

Onecast Podcast app – Best Android Podcast App

Simple and easy to use

OneCast – podcast simply is a free, simple and easy to use audio podcasting app for Android. After opening the app, you have to click on the “+” sign to search and add podcasts. The searching feature is not as powerful as Podcast Addict, but it gets the job done. After finding the right network or podcast, you can either listen or download it for offline listening.

The podcast player also offers fast forward and rewind features. You can also share podcasts with your friends and family via social networking sites.


  • Free audio podcasts
  • Fast forwarding and rewind
  • Share podcasts with your friends and family
  • Download podcasts for offline listening
  • Doesn’t support widgets

Notable Feature: Free, and no in app advertisements

Download on Google Play

5. DoggCatcher Podcast Player: [Paid]

Doggcatcher-Best Android Podcast App

Pay To Play

DoggCatcher Podcast Player supports audio and video podcasts and it is considered as one of the best android podcast app. You browse networks (or podcasts) by Top feeds, Recommendations and Categories. The search feed is there to help you search podcasts by keyword. You can also add podcasts from RSS URL.

The unique Sleep timer feature lets you set a timer in case you fall asleep while listening to podcasts. The “i” button on the top right corner of the player gives you all the information of any particular podcast.

DoggCatcher offers a fully functional widget.


  • Audio and video podcasts
  • Add podcasts by RSS URL
  • Forwarding and rewind feature in player
  • Get information of any podcast (host name etc)
  • Widget support

Notable Feature: Sleep timer for the sleepy heads!

Download on Google Play

6. iPP Podcast Player: [Free and Paid]

ipp podcast player-Best Android Podcast App

Intuitive car mode

6. a iPP Podcast Player: [Free-ad supported]

This app not only brings the top podcast charts from iTunes to your Android device but also gives podcasts that are not available on the iTunes store.

The iPP Podcast Player is a free but ad-supported podcasting app for Android. You can search by various categories and sort the stations by title, last updated time, most recent count and unplayed count.  Manual sorting is also possible.

This podcasting app for Android includes a feature-rich podcast player. It has features like-Car mode , fast forward & rewind, Equalizer and Sleep timer. The app offers an auto-download feature that helps you download new episodes automatically.

iPP Podcast Player also offers a widget, notification bar and lock screen controls.

6.b iPP Podcast Player: [Paid-$1.99]

You can buy the ad-free version of iPP Podcast Player by paying $1.99 (in app purchase).


  • Top podcast charts from iTunes-all the categories are available
  • Audio and video podcasts support
  • Browse podcasts by category
  • Download podcasts for offline listening
  • Automated download of new episodes
  • Automated deletion of played podcasts
  • Car mode, fast forward & rewind, Equalizer and Sleep timer available inbuilt player
  • Widgets and lock screen controls

Notable feature: Automated download of new episodes

Download on Google Play

7. BeyondPod Podcast Manager: [Free and Paid – $6.99]

beyondpod-Best Android Podcast App

Sophisticated podcast manager

7.a BeyondPod Podcast Manager: [Free]

The free version of the BeyondPod Podcast Manager Podcasting app for Android offers all the features of the Paid version for 7 days. After the 7-day period, it becomes a Lite version, and you’ll have to deal with some limitations.

This podcasting app is the best Android podcast app that has a nice user interface. After opening the app, you will find the Category section on the upper left corner of the screen. The categories are News, Sports, Entertainment, Science & Technology, Business & Finance, Popular and Uncategorized.

BeyondPod has two different versions for smartphones and tablets. Download each below.

Download on Google Play

7.b BeyondPod Podcast Manager: [Paid-$6.99]

You can buy the Pro version from the Google Play Store for $6.99. It’s a hefty price tag for a podcasting application but if you are an avid podcast listener, you won’t regret it.


  • Choose networks from different categories
  • Audio and video podcasts
  • Create playlists
  • import music, audio books and voice notes
  • stream or Download podcast episodes
  • Integrated Feedly support
  • Variable speed playback
  • Share episodes via social sites

Notable Feature: It supports Chromecast

Download on Google Play

8. Podkicker Podcast Player: [Free and Paid]

podkicker-Best Android Podcast App

Intuitive podcast player

8.a Podkicker Podcast Player: [Free ad-supported]

Podkicker Podcast Player is one of the simplest yet feature-rich best android podcast app. It supports both audio and video podcasts.

To add a podcasting network, you need to click on the “+” sign on the top right corner of the screen. The next screen gives you various tools to search and add networks and podcasts. Subscribe to a podcasting network with its URL, or import podcasts as an OPML file.

The Find Podcasts section has three options: Recommendations, Search and Podmap. The Recommendations feature gives you suggestions based on your current subscriptions. Search for networks by keywords in the Search tab. The Podmap tab searches for geotagged podcasts based on your location.

After subscribing, you can either stream or download podcast episodes.

Download on Google Play

8. b Podkicker Podcast Player: [Paid-$2.96]

The Paid version costs $2.96 and doesn’t have any in-app advertisements. The developer frequently updates the paid app. It offers Flattr integration, sleep timer and automatic downloads too.


  • Audio and video podcasts
  • Import/Export OPML files
  • Stream and download support
  • Recommendations from
  • Flattr integration, sleep timer and automatic downloads (Pro)

Notable Feature: Geo-location based podcast searching

Download on Google Play

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a podcast app integrated into Android?

By integrating podcast subscriptions across all user devices, the Google Podcasts (Android) app intends to enable users to start listening on a smart speaker, pick up where they left off on a tablet, and conclude on a smartphone.

What is Podkicker?

One of the most well-liked podcast managers for Android is Podkicker. This straightforward podcast software is free for both online and offline listening. Discover the ideal podcast for you by perusing our enormous selection of content!

Final Words on Best Android Podcast App

The best Android podcast app options are not only useful but have unique features. Preferences vary from person to person and one single app can’t fulfill all of your needs. Feel free to pair your podcasts with your favorite music, and transfer everything over from iTunes to listen to your content anywhere.

Did you like our top 10 list of podcasting apps for Android? Which ones are you going to use? Do you think we missed any good podcasting applications that should have been on the list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Know any android mp3 apps (or even stand alone players) that allow to hear when Fast Forwarding? Most of them I have found silence the audio when in FF. I record some podcasts from streaming radio, which means it includes news, weather, traffic report, etc. that I don’t want. I want to FF through that stuff and then play when the program resumes. Thanks.

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