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We use our smartphones for everything. Our smartphones not only contain tools that let us keep in touch with people all around the globe, but it also stores our data. I mean, think of all the crucial data our smartphones have. Our smartphones contain passwords, photos, contacts, and other essential documents. And while we all believe that the data we’ve fed our phones is generally safe, there is a possibility that we might end up losing all of them in a matter of seconds. 

Even if you’ve never lost data, it’s a safe bet that you’ve experienced various issues when using smartphones. Here are a few rampant issues our smartphone might come across:

  • Forgetting your screen passcode, 
  • Not being able to remove your Google account because you don’t have the passcode,
  • Losing data like photos and messages,
  • Getting a black screen, etc. 

If you are an Android user worrying about your phone facing these issues, then fret not because DroidKit is here. 

You need not go to some store every now and then to fix one issue. You can take care of all your Android phone issues with this one-step solution: iMobie DroidKit – the Complete/One-stop Android Toolkit.

Features of DroidKit

The personal data inside your Android phone can be restored using DroidKit, a file recovery and repair solution that supports both rooted and unrooted Android devices. But recovery isn’t the only thing DroidKit is capable of doing. DroidKit has eight incredible features, and you should definitely check them out.

Recover Deleted or Lost Data

Recover Lost Data © Website / iMobie

With the latest update, DroidKit’s data recovery features work with all Android devices, regardless of make, model, or root status. DroidKit provides two types of recovery modes, and you can use the method you prefer depending on your need.

The two recovery modes are Quick Recovery Mode and Deep Recovery Mode

Two Main Types of Recovery © Website / iMobie

Quick Recovery Mode

Quick Recovery mode scans your phone’s storage. The scanning includes formatted SD cards and 13 different types of essential files, including photos, messages, contacts, APK files, and more. Once found, you can preview, restore, and selectively discard these items. If you’re looking for a quick and straightforward way to recover lost files from your Android device, the Quick Recovery mode in DroidKit is a perfect choice. 

Please Note: Your phone does not need to be rooted to use the Quick Recovery Mode.

Steps To Use Quick Recovery Mode

Step 1: After downloading and installing DroidKit on your PC, launch the software and select “Quick Recovery from Device” from the “Data Recovery” option.

© Website / IMobie

Step 2: You will see 13 types of recoverable data options in front of you. Select the required data to scan from your Android device

© Website / iMobie

Step 3: Now connect your Android device to your PC using a USB cable. Once the software detects your device, click “Start” to begin scanning the device.

© Website / iMobie

Step 4: After clicking the start option, the application will scan the existing and deleted data on your Android device.

© Website / iMobie

Step 5: The application will list all the data scanned and recovered from the device and you will be shown a preview of the scanned data.

© Website / iMobie

Step 6: After choosing the destination of the deleted data that you want recovered, you can save your decision. After you do the same you will be able to recover the deleted data

© Website / iMobie

Step 7: Once all the selections have been made, the recovery process will begin, after which you will see that the recovered data will be in the destination of your choosing.

© Website / iMobie

And that is how you recover deleted files using the Quick Recovery Mode.

Deep Recovery Mode

As the name suggests, Deep Recovery scans your Android device’s farthest, darkest corners for more comprehensive data restoration jobs. The Deep recovery mode can locate any deleted file, as long as the file hasn’t been overwritten. 

Please Note: DroidKit will automatically root your device. If you are unfamiliar with rooting your phone, don’t worry because DroidKit provides a step-by-step guide to make the rooting process easy.

Steps To Use Deep Recovery Mode:

Step 1: Just like the Quick Recovery Mode, after downloading and installing the application, launch the software and select the “Deep Recovery from Device” option.

© Website / iMobie

Step 2: You will be shown thirteen types of recovery options. Check the ones for the data you want to scan and click “Start.”

© Website / iMobie

Step 3: Now connect your Android device to your PC using a USB cable. Make sure that the USB debugging mode is enabled on your device

© Website / iMobie

Step 4: The application will run to see whether your device is rooted or not.

© Website / iMobie
  • Please note that if your device is not rooted, you will get a notification to root it. This is because it is necessary for the Deep Recovery mode to work. Click “Root Now” to root your device.
© Website / iMobie
  • You have to make sure that your device remains plugged to the PC while the rooting is in process.
© Website / iMobie

Step 5: Once the rooting is complete, the application will run a deep scan of the deleted files on your device.

© Website / iMobie

Step 6: After the deep scan is complete, the application will preview the retrieved data. 

© Website / iMobie

Step 7: Just like in Quick Recovery Mode, you can choose the destination of the data you retrieved.

© Website / iMobie

Step 8: Once the recovery process is completed, you will have all your deleted files restored to your device.

© Website / iMobie

Other Recovery Modes on DroidKit 

What we discussed were the two main data recovery modes on DroidKit, the Quick Recovery Mode and the Deep Recovery Mode. However, did you know that DroidKit has two additional modes? They are the WhatsApp Recovery Mode and the SD Card Data Recovery Mode.

SD Card Recovery Mode

This mode helps you to recover the data you had stored on your SD Card. You can recover and extract deleted or lost files from any SD Card.

Website / iMobie

WhatsApp Recovery Mode

As the name suggests, DroidKit can recover your lost WhatsApp data using this recovery mode, and 99% of the time the feature has been used, most of the lost data has been recovered. 

WhatsApp Recovery © Website / iMobie

According to iMobie, DroidKit’s Deep Recovery (Provide a link to this source) “Guarantees the highest success rate in retrieving lost data among the industry.” 

Bypass FRP

Bypass FRP © Website / iMobie

Despite how great Samsung devices are, it is frustrating when our Samsung device is stuck on Google Account verification, especially when we don’t remember the account details to move on! 

Bypass FRP © Website / iMobie

Well, we don’t have to worry about that anymore. Why? Because DroidKit can remove FRP lock with the highest success rate in the market, no matter which model your Samsung phone or tablet is. With a few taps and clicks, the application will securely download the perfectly compatible firmware for the corresponding device and remove the lock. 

Did you know that DroidKit supports removing Google accounts for all Samsung devices running Android 6-12?

If you are anxious about the safety of your data, then don’t worry because your data and information are safe and sound throughout the process, with the protection of SSL-256 encryption. After removal, your phone is factory reset, but you can log in to a new Google Account to enjoy all Google services. DroidKit is the only solution that works with Windows and Mac to help you regain access to your device.

FRP Bypass

Unlock Screens

Unlock Screens © Website / iMobie

Getting your phone screen cracked and making it unresponsive is a terrifying experience. Even worse, this can lock you out of your device. But DroidKit is here to help.

Unlock Screens © Website / iMobie

DroidKit can bypass your phone’s lock screen. Whether you use a four or six-digit PIN, password, pattern, fingerprint verification, face recognition, or any other security method, DroidKit can get around it in just a few clicks. DroidKit can remove the screen lock for all Android brands – up to 20,000+ models, like Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, etc.

What’s better? You don’t need root access to use DroidKit’s Lock Screen bypass feature.

Unlock the screen with these easy steps:

Connect the device > Put Your Device in Recovery Mode > 1 Click to Remove the lock.

After unlocking, your phone will be factory reset. And you can access your Android device without a password and view all your data on the device securely with no limits.

Please Note: For security purposes, using this DroidKit tool will automatically erase all data on the device. 

Extract Data

Extract Data © Website / iMobie

Google Drive can automatically back up your WhatsApp messages and other device data regularly, and so can DroidKit 

Extract Data © Website / iMobie

It backs up your contacts, photos, and calendar events. It backs up everything on the phone that is synced to your Google account in real time. Google Drive is a silver lining Google provides if you fail to recover lost data from the device directly. What DroidKit does is it lets you preview and precisely extract what you need. Pretty cool, right? 

Fix Your System

Fix Your System © Website / iMobie

Aside from data loss and locked device issues, sometimes you just need some help resolving system errors. As the only solution that works on both Windows and Mac computers, DroidKit fixes all system problems. It is compatible only with Samsung devices, so DroidKit’s system repair feature can correct various system-level bugs you may encounter while using your phone, such as black screens, unresponsive touch displays, app crashes, failed cameras, and frozen screens.

Fix Your System © Website / iMobie

Please Note: All models of Samsung phones and tablets are supported. You can revive your dead device with a few simple steps.

Manage Your Data

Extract Data © Website / iMobie

DroidKit integrates all the cluttered data from your Android phone and displays them clearly by categorizing them into particular types. These categories include photos, videos, contacts, and files.

Extract Data © Website / iMobie

You can preview all data intuitively and manage them uniquely and efficiently. Whether you export data to your computer or import data to your phone, you can manage the data in no more than three steps.

Reinstall Your System

System Reinstall © Website / iMobie

This is compatible only with Samsung devices. It can feel mortifying if you fear your data will be lost if you find your phone or tablet broken due to a system crash. But did you know that your data and files inside are still intact? DroidKit can help you extract critical data and put them onto your new Samsung device or any other Android phone. 

System Reinstall © Website / iMobie

Please Note: You can also save the recovered data to your computer.

Clean Your System

DroidKit’s “System Cleaner” mode can help you clean all standard system junk and free up your phone storage. All you must do is run the feature, select what it is you want to delete, and then start the process. Once done, your system will be as clean as you want it to be!

Clean Your System © Website / iMobie

Download DroidKit Now

DroidKit is free to download and can work on Windows and macOS. With the free version, you can test out some of the application’s features to see if they work for you. If you find it challenging to use the application, you can always look at the guide provided by IMobie. If you find the application useful, you can unlock the premium pack of the application.

What are your thoughts on this application? Like it? Will you try it out? let us know in the comments below!

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