Best Android Video Makers Apps

5 Best Android Video Makers Apps to Be Spielberg

Android cameras are getting better and better with each passing day. They are capable of shooting 4K videos now and have incredible low light detail. While shooting videos is a thing anyone can do, only a master can utilize the best apps for video makers. Raw footage is seldom presentable or glamorous. Even if you are shooting your new born walking, it never hurts to throw in some post processing.

The 5 best apps for video makers will cater to your on the go video making needs. While you can use your stock camera app or even a dedicated camera app to shoot the footage, you will need a great video making app for Android to make it perfect. This is where these apps will aid you in making your movies much more eye catching.

Note: The best apps for video makers were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. The apps worked fine during testing. Some of the apps needed an internet connection to work.

1. VivaVideo

All that footage you took at the party is useless unless you make a single movie out of it. I know how many videos I made which were lost in the limbo of my storage space, never to be watched again. Now I know the reason why. I feel somewhat embarrassed by the quality of videos I made but now I can fully edit the bad parts and make a great looking video with ease.

This app can help you achieve the same. Want to remove the awkward part where you are looking dumb during your happy birthday song? Yep you can do that.

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2. Stop Motion Studio

If you are an aspiring video maker, this is a must have app for you. Basically this app allows you to combine multiple pictures to make a stop motion animation. For those who are not familiar with the term, it’s like moving objects frame by frame and capturing pictures.

Then running all those pictures at 24 frames per second to give the illusion of movement. This is a great way to start making your own creative movies.

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3. FXGuru

FXGuru is one of the most creative apps I have used in the entire list. This app can help you make movies with incredible effects and that too with extreme ease. Want to show a satellite falling on your friend’s car? You can do that with this great app for video makers.

The app uses some motion capture technology which makes everything look almost realistic. Just be sure to follow the on screen instructions and the videos will turn out gold.

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4. Magisto Video Editor

Sometimes you don’t have the energy to edit a great looking video. Sometimes you want someone else to do it for you. For those “sometimes”, this video making app for Android will come in handy. The app allows you to upload a video to its servers which then will be edited into something beautiful.

This process will take a little while to complete so you can do other things in the meantime. After the video is ready, the app will send you a notification and you can download or watch it. I don’t recommend that you upload private videos on this app due to privacy concerns.

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5. Reverse Movie FX

This nifty little app will help you add in magic to your home videos. Want to attract things like that mutant from The X-Men? Want to catch knifes by your mouth? All this can be done with this app and that too without cutting yourself. The app basically reverses captured footage.

There is nothing more to the app than this. But by god this little trick can be effective in the right hands. I highly recommend that you take a go at the app, I’m pretty sure your mind will be flooded by ideas.

Free Version

These were the best apps for video makers on Android. You can also check out the best video editors for Android to make your movies all the more attractive. I was sad to see not many apps are on the Google Play Store when it comes to actual video making.

I really liked a light meter app on iOS but it is not available for Android. If you have any suggestions or have a secret video making app in your stash, do share it with us. I would love to expand my video making capabilities on Android.

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