Best Android Watches with a Camera

Let’s get one thing straight right of the box: there are no good Android watches with the camera available these days. There used to be one but it was discontinued a while ago. None of the major manufacturers are even making Android watches with Cameras these days.

However, there are some Android smartwatches that do ship with a camera. You just shouldn’t get your hopes up for a premium smartwatch made by LG that also comes with a brilliant camera. If you absolutely must have a camera smartwatch, this list can guide you towards some acceptable options.

Not everything is dire, though. All of these watches are very affordable, and most of the watches are under the $40 mark.

Personally, I would recommend that you get an actual Android smartwatch and get a separate digital camera but that’s just me. Your needs may vary.

Note: Joy of Android is not actually recommending any of the watches on the list. The “Android” in the title is used loosely and the watches are not using Android Wear as their operating system.

Samsung Gear 2

Samsung Gear 2 was one of the best Android watches with a camera. However, Samsung discontinued the watch a long time ago. Now you can only get a used watch but it is still a worthy investment that the other Android watches on the list. That says a lot about the other watches than it does about the Samsung one.

There is a cool looking super AMOLED screen on the watch that is very easy to read and play around with. Receiving calls and text messages on it is a genuinely good experience. But you are not here for the watch display, you want to know more about the camera.

The Samsung Gear 2 comes with a 2 MP camera that is capable of recording HD 720p quality videos. Imagine a front-facing camera of a 2013 smartphone, you’ll get the idea of the image quality. It’s serviceable at best but won’t produce any good results in low light situations.

WJPILIS Smart Watch

Despite having an odd name for a smartwatch, the WJPILIS SmartWatch comes with pretty straightforward features. I was surprised to see so many features packed in a watch, at this price point it is an easy recommendation.

You can use a SIM inside the Android smartwatch with a camera and use it as a standalone device. You can also use it as a traditional Smartwatch that tethers to your phone. The watch comes with Bluetooth 3.0 and supports Android smartphones running version 4.3 and above.

There is even a pedometer in the Smartwatch to keep track of your daily activities. As for the camera, it’s a 1.3 MP one which takes acceptable pictures. The Smartwatch also supports a remote shutter function when attached to your phone.

GZDL DZ09 Smart Watch

The DZ09 SmartWatch simply want to try out an Android watch with a camera, this is one of the better options around. It comes with a capacitive touch screen that is 1.54 inches in size and TFT in nature. However, the smartwatch can be used as a standalone phone, that’s right, it comes with a SIM slot for that too.

Speaking of slots, there is also a microSD card slot to expand the storage. You can easily make and receive calls on the smartwatch which is a big plus. Some of the most expensive smartwatches on the market are not able to do so. The watch is capable of running most of the social media and messaging apps with ease.

You can just as easily select between a Bluetooth and network modes, Bluetooth mode allows you to attach the Smartwatch with your smartphone and the network mode allows it to function as a standalone unit. Speaking about the camera, it is a 0.3 MP one which barely passes as a camera these days. It’s a camera alright, that’s all there is to say about it.

Qiufeng Q18 Smart Watch

The Qiufeng Q18 Smart Watch follows the same design we have seen in almost all Android smartwatches with camera on the list. There is an almost square screen on the front, a speaker at the bottom and camera on the top. There is also a microphone hole right next to the camera. Syncing your smartphone messaging and social media apps with the Smartwatch is also supported.

The camera is a 0.3 MP one, which means it can take pictures but they won’t be useable on any social media. Sure daylight pictures may look passable for sharing, but the low light ones will have a ton of grain.  The watch is available in two different colors but the band is exactly the same. Overall it’s a neat package that comes with some compelling features.

Final Thoughts

These were some of the best Android watches with a camera that you can get right now. While they are not as premium as some real smartwatches, they certainly provide a passable experience at the price point.

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Let’s be honest here, you cannot simply get a watch let alone a smartwatch for the price these are going. Apart from Samsung Gear 2, the rest are astronomically inexpensive and are a great way to experience what a genuinely modern Smartwatch can offer.

Think of it this way, if you are not sure whether you would like a Smartwatch and don’t want to spend a lot to know the answer; these watches will give you a great glimpse. If you have questions, concerns or suggestions about the best Android watches with Camera, feel free to talk to us in the comments. We always value your input.

Get one of the best Android watches with a camera on your wrist and forget about taking pictures with your phone…almost.

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