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7 Best App Development Companies in US

Here’s the deal:

Do you ever get curious about how a mobile app is created? I mean, who are the people behind the scenes of the Android apps that help us with daily tasks, school assignments, and work duties?

Well, wonder no more.

Since we will show you the companies that create mobile applications that you see and use on your Android devices.

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Now, I know what you are thinking.

“Is it really that important to know about these mobile app development companies?”

And the answer is yes! This way, you will know more about the best companies that create the best apps available in the app store.

So, if you are a business owner that wants to create an app for your business, you’ll know which company to consult. And, if you are a computer science student or a software engineer, you get to see which companies are worth a look.

And now, without further ado, let’s get to it and see the best app development companies in the US.

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Top US Based App Development Companies

App development companies create mobile apps for smart devices like Android phones and tablets. Most of these companies get paid by businesses that want to have apps for their business, and some app development companies create apps for their own company. And once their done creating these applications, they upload it in the app store to make it available for users.

However, there are tons of app development companies, and browsing through these companies to see which one is the best might get troublesome and time-consuming for you. So, we curated a list of the best application development companies we found.

Now, if you want to know the best companies that produce the best applications we see and use every day, then let’s get started.

1. Utility.

app development company in us utility
Utility Logo

It is no wonder that utility topped our list of the best app development companies.

Want to know why?

Well, utility is a mobile app development company that focuses on designing and engineering mobile applications for businesses and startup ventures. This company got founded by the companies of Major League Baseball and McCann Erickson in 2013. And, since then it has created tons of innovative applications for hundreds of brands.

app development company in us utility 2
Utility Website

What’s more is that the company is composed of product strategists, user experience designers, and experienced software engineers. So, it is no wonder that the applications made by this company are top-tier.

app development company in us utility 3
Airbnb App – Created by Utility

Some of the most popular brands that have hired utility are Airbnb, NBA, Samsung, Wiz Khalifa, Verizon, DirecTV, and Target. The utility company does not only create apps for businesses, but it also creates games like Stride Gum and AVP Pro Beach Volleyball.

Cool, right?

To sum it all up, utility is a trusted app development company that creates award-winning mobile applications driven by strategy, design, and technology. So, we suggest that you give it a look.

Visit the Company’s Website

2. 7EDGE

app development companies 7EDGE logo
7EDGE Logo

Next on the list is the 7EDGE company.

7EDGE is an app development company that offers strategic consulting, marketing & advertising, and engineering & innovation. However, the company focuses on giving website and application making services.

app development companies 7EDGE website
7EDGE Website

But, what sets 7EDGE apart from other app development companies is that it prioritizes customer expectations by providing the right strategies and solutions to help them with their business.

app development companies 7edge
General Electrics App – Created by 7EDGE

Due to this, the company has gained a ton of loyal clients. Some of the most popular customers they have are Sapient, General Electric, IBM, Smirnoff, and Facebook.

Visit the Company’s Website

3. Creative360

app development companies creative360 logo
Creative360 Logo

If you are looking for a company to help new entrepreneurs refine, design, and launch a mobile application of their own, then Creative360 is the one to contact.

Creative360 has successfully created innovative apps for its clients by practicing effective strategies, designs, developments, and marketing.

app development companies creative360 webiste
Creative360 Website

The company is using analytics and research, business, and content strategies. This company also focuses on informational architecture and user experience optimization.

app development companies creative360 lexus
Lexus App – Created by Creative360

Lexus, C2GO, BW, Marked Private, Front Door, and Traca, are some of the loyal clients Creative360 has, which proves how great of an app development company it is.

Visit the Company’s Website

4. Net Solutions

app development companies net solutions
Net Solutions Logo

Net Solutions is a digital experience company that helps startup businesses design and build their own mobile applications.

app development companies net solutions 2
Net Solutions Website

This company got established by Sameer Jain in the year 2000. Net Solutions is composed of 230+ employees that include business analysts, software engineers, technical leads, illustrators, developers, and more.

app development companies net solutions clients
Premier League – Created by Net Solutions

Net Solutions has a variety of clients like Unilever, Microsoft, Harvard Business Review, Premier League, Mothercare, and Euro Car Parts. But, aside from these known brands, the company also caters to lots of successful global startups.

Visit the Company’s Website

5.Blue Label Labs

app development companies blue label labs logo
Blue Label Labs Logo

Blue Label Labs is a US-based company that offers web design, development, and marketing services for enterprises and entrepreneurs.

app development companies blue label labs website
Blue Label Labs Website

With the efficient process of research, design, and build used by Blue Label Labs, it is no wonder that the company gained tons of awards and recognitions. Year after year, this company has received attention from award-giving bodies due to the top-tier design it offers.

app development companies blue label labs bloomberg app
Bloomberg App – Created by Blue Label Labs

Now, because of these awards and all the successful projects the company made, it is no surprise that Blue Label Labs has gained lots of loyal customers like Bloomberg, Columbia University, American Express, and the United Nations.

Visit the Company’s Website

6. nmg.

app development companies nmg logo
NMG Logo

You might think that you have seen it all…

But, you have got to check out the NMG company that has been offering its services since 2008. This software development company builds websites and mobile apps for businesses.

app development companies NMG Website
NMG Website

NMG has been successful due to the streamlined solutions it gives to understand the needs of customers. And the best part about their services is that it doesn’t end with the creating of the product. The company also observes the users’ feedbacks about the websites and apps and improves them accordingly.

app development companies NMG Website
Sweet or Sour App – Created by NMG

With the amazing offers NMG gives, it is no wonder that it has gained 300+ businesses and brands as customers. Nikon, Lenovo, Harvard, Bacardi, and Waterman Entertainment are few of the customers that trust NMG.

Visit the Company’s Website

7. Zco

app development companies zco logo
Zco Logo

Zco Corporations is a mobile app development and design company that has been trusted by clients like Harvard University, Volkswagen, Verizon, BBC America, Samsung, Motorola, Microsoft, and many more.

app development companies zco website
Zco Website

This company offers mobile app development services, that create apps in both native and hybrid mediums for a wide range of devices. Customers have given great feedback on these services since the company provides comprehensive design documentation, agile development and testing, and post-launch support for clients.

app development companies zco burndy connect app
Burndy Connect App – Created by Zco

Not only that.

Zco also creates mobile games like educational apps and MMOs. So, if you are looking for a company that will turn your ideas into a mobile game, Zco is the company to go to. Their dedicated art team and game developers will surely give you the top of the charts games.

Visit the Company’s Website


Are there app development companies that give quality services to startup businesses?

Yes, there are thousands of app development companies to choose from. Also, all of the app development companies that are included on the list we made offer great services for startup businesses. We suggest that you look into them by clicking the links of the companies’ websites.

How much would it cost to pay an app development company to make a mobile app for a startup company?

Each app development company gives a different price range for the services they offer. If your budget is not that limited and you wish to have a complex app, then you can avail the offers that range from $100,000 to $500,000. But, if you only want to have a simple app with basic features, then you can purchase services that cost $10,000 to $50,000.

To Sum It All Up

We have got to admit:

With all the amazing technological developments that are happening, doing daily tasks is becoming much easier.

And, in line with that, we have to give thanks to thousands of app development companies that give our mobile phones great applications.

These companies have services they provide to various startup businesses. So, if you are a company owner wanting an app, a computer science student curious about app development, or a software engineer looking for work, then you definitely need to check out the list we curated. The list is composed of the best of the best app development companies we have found in the US.

What do you think is the best app development companies in the US? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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