4 Best Application Launchers for Seniors in 2021

The 6 Best Senior-Friendly Launcher Apps in 2021

We are now in a day and age that almost everyone has some kind of gadget. Even little kids know how to operate a complex smartphone.

And most people can’t live without using their phones. We use them for just about anything–from calling our friends and family, to posting our thoughts on social media.

A lot of the younger generation have no problems with adapting to the constantly changing Android phones. Popular brands such as Samsung or Lenovo upgrade their smartphones so often that the phone you bought won’t be up to date after only a few months.

Unfortunately, not everyone can easily accustom themselves to the constant change. Senior citizens, more often than not, find it challenging to use the latest gadgets. And we can’t blame them.

Technology has come so far that the present looks nothing like the past. But this shouldn’t keep seniors from exploring the new age.

And there are a lot of seniors that are into smartphones. After all, these gadgets are definitely not just for the young.

Senior-friendly launcher apps
Senior-friendly launcher apps

Here are some of the reasons why seniors love their smartphones:

  • Because of the large screen. It is just a part of life that our vision degenerates as we grow older. And this can be a real hindrance for seniors with gadgets. That’s the reason why a lot of them opt for smartphones since they can customize their fonts and icon sizes to fit their needs. Ordinary phones just don’t have this feature –– making having a smartphone an easier choice.
  • Easier communication. With regular phones, all you can do is make calls and send text messages. With smartphones, you can do a lot more! One big difference is that you can do video calls and this makes calling more personal. You can see who you are calling–especially important to seniors that are living far from their loved ones. Being able to see the people you love is better than just hearing their voices.
  • Social media. Twitter and Facebook are not only for younger people. Seniors also enjoy the many advantages of having a social media account. Features such as being able to share their happy family photos and express their thoughts by posting status updates make a smartphone an ideal choice over a regular bar phone. Also, they can stay up to date with their loved ones and the things that are going on with their lives.
  • Managing medications. Applications such as MedCoach and MediSafe are just a few of the applications now on the market that provide a big help in monitoring the elderly’s medications. Features such as medication schedule reminders, detailed description of the medicine, and easy connection to a pharmacy can be a lifesaver for seniors.

Luckily, developers are continually creating new ways of helping the elderly so that smartphones can still accommodate their needs and offer a better experience when using the latest android devices.

Most of them have developed app launchers that have re-styled themes on their phones to better suit seniors’ needs.

In this article, I will be discussing some of the best launchers there are in the Android universe this year that can help our senior users become more acquainted with their smartphones.

6 Best Launcher Apps (Senior-friendly)

1. Senior Easy Phone

Senior Easy Phone
Senior Easy Phone

This is a skin or launcher that makes icons bigger and easier to see for senior users. For example, icons for the picture gallery or the dial pad when making phone calls will be much easier to use.

As shown in the image, they can easily press the buttons they need because they will be able to see them better! I recommend this to elderly individuals that are having a hard time using the icons they have on their Android phones.

2. Senior Homescreen

Senior Homescreen
Senior Homescreen

This app is specifically made for senior users. Normally, they only need a few apps such as the call button or the text messaging application, and this is exactly what this app has. By default, this launcher configures three apps, but you can change them anytime!

However, for optimized performance, the user will need to know to press the home button after installing, then select “always use” as your launcher.

That way, whenever you open and use your phone, this application will automatically be launched and is ready for you to use.

3. Elementique Senior Launcher

Elementique Senior Launcher
Elementique Senior Launcher

This launcher is unique! It has a set of applications that are specifically designed for senior users.

The layout is simple and elegant, but most importantly it makes email creation, managing your plans for the day, and sharing and chatting with people you love very easy because of how it has been structured.

Elementique app offers a clear and identical environment in each application for the user, resulting in greater familiarity and less confusion.

The icons are also made to be bigger than the usual size and the user can choose whether they want to have a QWERTY keyboard or alphabetically arranged.

4. Help Launcher

Help Launcher app
Help Launcher app

This may be one of the best apps there is since it is specifically made for elderly users and the visually impaired.

This app includes a very simple menu with easy to see colors and big icons that aim to make every app easily available–making it impossible for the user to lose sight of any apps.

This app combines the different features of a fully functional smartphone and the simplicity of a basic phone. The colors of the icons are also very helpful since they can be conveniently associated with the button, making it simple yet effective.

5. Grand Launcher

Grand Launcher
Grand Launcher

Grand launcher is one of the easiest launchers to use. And it has a lot of cool features that can help the elderly when using their phones. It has lots of neat touches such as a red notification icon that pops up if you missed a call or a text message.

The keyboard on this launcher can also be customized to alphabetical order or QWERTY, depending on the preference of the user.

It is not free, but if you decide to add this to your phone, it will surely be worth it. This app is constantly updated so you can be assured it will stay up to date with the current technology.

6. Wiser Simple Senior Launcher

Wiser Simple Senior Launcher
Wiser Simple Senior Launcher

Wiser is a launcher that is very easy to use and is perfect for seniors, visually-impaired users, and even children. This launcher makes the interface simple while retaining the important icons you usually use.

The developer designed the Android interface to be broken down into four sections for easy navigation: Home Page, Notice Board, Favorite People, and Applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need launchers on our phones?

Android launchers are very important since they can make our Android devices into a personal assistant that can cater to what we need. Also with a launcher installed on your phone, you can make your phone more personalized and more functional.

Do Android launchers drain your battery faster?

Typically no, especially if the launcher you have is the lightweight kind with no fancy battery-draining features. So the better choice is always a launcher that is simple yet effective, with no extra widgets and applications.

Are Android launchers safe?

Yes. Most launchers are very safe to use and are recommended to make your phones more efficient. Also, it doesn’t clear any of your phone’s data (and your personal data) when it comes to the time that you choose to uninstall it.

A helping hand for our seniors…

Elderly users of smartphones have different needs than younger users. It is a good thing that various developers have made applications that are specifically designed to accommodate those needs.

As time goes by, more and more launchers like these are created because there is growing demand to include seniors in the world’s tech loop.

Are you someone who has already tried any of the apps listed here? Or can you think of other smartphone launchers that are designed for the elderly? Let us know down in the comments!

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