5 Best Apps for April fool’s Day to Fool Your Friends

Apps for April fool’s Day

Playing pranks on friends and family never gets old especially if they also partake in such mischief. These Apps for April fool’s Day are designed to play effortless pranks on your friends and laugh to your heart’s content. While these apps are self-contained pranks, if you use your own creativity, the jokes can go from good to legendary in no time at all. So buckle up and get ready to devise master plans for epic pranks.

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A point to remember is a good prank doesn’t hurt anyone, both physically and emotionally. Do not hurt someone just for the sake of a few laughs. A quick scan of Youtube and you see youngsters playing ridiculous pranks on each other. I saw one guy flaming his sleeping friend’s hair. Don’t be inconsiderate and insensitive. A good prank should be fun for everyone involved, even the one who is the butt of the joke. JoyofAndroid only endorses fun and healthy pranks.

Note: The 5 Best apps for April fool’s day were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. The apps worked fine and there were no problems faced during the testing. I also played pranks on my parents as well as some friends. The apps did their jobs almost every time. My dad however knew about one app beforehand so that one prank failed.

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1. Prank Pack – Free with In-app Purchases

Prank Pack - Apps for April fool’s

The Biggest Prank

As the name suggests, this app comes with a lot of nifty pranks in one single package. The interface is ok but the mini games are of great quality. There are some really great pranks in this app. For example the hair clipper prank which will work almost every time. Why? Well because it emits the familiar buzzing sound and makes the smartphone vibrate too. So touch your smartphone to your friend’s hair and see them get freaked out. I have tested it a lot of times and it works like a charm, especially if you touch the phone to the scalp while it is vibrating. There are other great pranks too but this one deserves the first place in this list of funny apps for April fool’s day.

In-app Purchases: $0.99 per item


  • The scissors are really snappy.
  • Cracked screen is also good.
  • The laugh track can actually induce laughter.

Notable Feature:

The fake crash can seriously punk someone who is new to the smartphone business. I have made kids cry with this great prank *evil laugh*.


2. Cracked Screen – Free

Cracked Screen


Cracked Screen simply cracks your screen. That’s right, there is nothing else to the app. Click on the app icon and the screen will become cracked. There is no interface, there are no instructions and there is certainly no exit button. However the app does come with a sound button which when pressed emits a breaking glass sound effect. So why recommend this app at all? Because it can seriously induce heart attacks especially if it’s not your own phone. For example ask your friend for their phone, quickly download this app (takes about 10 seconds) and gently drop it on the tablet. BAM! Instant heart attack…cues laughter and fun times.


  • Downloaded in almost an instant.
  • Is very light weight.
  • The sound effect is very loud.

Notable Feature:

There are multiple broken screen effects for you to use. Select the effect which looks good and fits the screen perfectly. I don’t like to use the cracks which have gaping holes in the middle of the screen. I mean seriously, how on earth is this going to work?



3. Voice Changer – Free

Sounds Fishy

Voice Changer is not exactly a prank app per say but it does have the potential to become one. It does require a lot of planning and some creativity to work though. Record a small message, change your voice and add in background effects to make the best sounding prank call ever. I used my phone to record a help me message, changed my voice to resemble a friend and added in gun fire in the background. Called another friend B and told him that A is in trouble and played the recording. Friend B then proceeded to call friend A in the middle of the night. Fun times indeed.  I’m pretty sure you will be able to come up with better plans than me.


  • The voice changer is really fun.
  • You can play the recording over and over again.
  • Change effects on the fly.

Notable Feature:

The background sounds are a lot and this means more options to add in the fun. Just be careful before using the extreme sound effects, some people might calls 911 on you!

4. Scare Prank – Free

Jump Scares

This is my favorite prank among the Best April fool’s day apps. You hand over this game to your friend saying it is too hard for you. The app starts off as a simple game. Nothing too suspicious there, it’sjust a simple game which you challenged your friend to beat. Now he starts playing, the main screen is simple and well designed. He selects the level, nothing to see here either. Now he is playing the game, the game is actually pretty good and he thinks what was so hard about it…WHAM! A scary face pops up and screams at full volume. Even I got scared and I actively knew this was going to happen.


  • Features a great looking interface.
  • The scares are amazing.
  • The sounds are loud and truly designed to terrify.

Notable Feature:

There are multiple levels in the game each with its own mini game. This is some serious dedication for an app which is made to scare people. Don’t try this to weak-hearted people.

5. Fake Call – Free

Hello Obama?

So I told my work friend that the boss is giving promotions to the hard workers today. He knew he was better than me as he had worked his head off for the last couple of months. I said, “The boss is going to call one of us mate, it’s you and me now.” He knew it will be him as I’m a well-known sloth across the universe. But when boss called me and said I got the promotion, he was shaken and angry. Then I immediately called off the prank because he was going to storm the boss’s office in rage. How did the boss call me? He never did, I used this very app.


  • Comes with a pretty straight forward interface.
  • You can set a timer on the calls.
  • A number can also be shown.

Notable Feature:

To add the final touch, add in a picture of the person calling you. This will make the call all the more believable.

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These were the 5 best apps for April fool’s day. While there are a ton of more prank apps available on the Google Play Store, these are the ones which are free and are also stable. There are indeed ads on these apps and sometimes they do get in the way but for one time pranks, I can deal with it. So now go and make some fools! Don’t forget to share your experience.

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