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10 Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy A5 to Fine Tune It to Your Needs

The Samsung Galaxy A5 may not be as flashy as its brothers like the S7 Edge, but it sure has a lot to offer. It is a midrange device through and through and thankfully we are at a point in technology where any app can run on a midrange smartphone. This list is about the best apps for Samsung Galaxy A5 that will not only enhance your day-to-day usage but also enrich your overall experience with this device.

The Samsung Galaxy A5 features a 5 inch HD screen of Super AMOLED nature. This means that media consumption will be great on this device. As the screen is not pushing a lot of pixels, the battery life is also reported to be amazing on the smartphone.

As a general rule, these apps can be applied on any smartphone you have as well because they are truly the best apps for Samsung Galaxy A5 as well as other Android devices. So even if you don’t own the Samsung Galaxy A5, this list will be helpful in the long run.

Note: Not all of the 10 best apps forSamsung Galaxy A5 were tested on the smartphone. As I don’t own the device myself, I consulted a colleague who reported that most of the apps worked fine on his device. I’m pretty sure that all of them will work great because they are mainstream apps that have been around for a while now.

Due to Joy of Android’s policy of strict transparency, I have to inform you that three of the apps were not tested on the device. Some of the apps will need an active Internet connection to work properly.

1. ES File Explorer – File Manager

ES File Explorer is one of the most important Android apps around. This is a complete file manager that rivals any modern PC in terms of functionality as well as usability. There are a lot of features in this amazing file manager for Android, and the surprising thing is, the developers are constantly evolving it.

With this app on your Samsung Galaxy A5, you will not only have a file manager but also a media Explorer and application manager. You’ll be able to open any video, music or file using this app. The application manager allows you to categorize, backup or even uninstall apps with ease. This app also comes with built-in ZIP and RAR files support allowing you to compress and decompress those files.

That’s not all though; you will also be able to access your device remotely through wireless networks. There’s so much depth to this app that I wrote a dedicated article about exploring ES File Explorer.

Free Version

2. MX Player

This beautiful 5-inch screen on the Galaxy A5 needs to be appreciated more. Even though the smartphone is a midrange one, it features some of the best-looking screens despite having a 720 P resolution. The MX Player is one of the best video players for Android available on the Google Play Store.

Personally, I install this app right after ES Explorer on any smartphone or tablet I purchase. This video player comes with hardware acceleration that can be used to provide better performance. It is also one of the first Android video players that support multicore decoding; this means your quad, hexa or octa core CPUs will utilize the full potential. The player also supports multiple formats, and you’ll have no problems playing your favorite files on it.

Free Version

3. Nova Launcher

While Samsung’s Android skin that is usually called TouchWiz is fine, a lot of people crave different things from their Android experience. Especially if you’re moving to Samsung after using a stock Android device like Nexus, you’ll find that the TouchWiz feels a little bit slower than you’re used to. Thankfully, we have the box open platform there is so you can easily install a custom launcher on Samsung Galaxy A5.

Nova Launcher is one of the best custom launchers for Android, and it shows in the way the app is designed. Even though I like what Samsung has done with their Android Skin, I still use Nova Launcher as my default launcher simply because the app provides high levels of customization. Want to change the way your icons look? Simply install a custom icon pack and you are done. Want to make your app drawer different in any way? Nova Launcher has your back here as well.

Free Version

4. Waze

If you travel around a lot and need a reliable GPS location app for your Samsung Galaxy A5, then Waze is a perfect option. The app provides live routing based on real-time traffic and road information. Where does it get said information? From the community. This makes the app highly reliable and up-to-date because now a lot of people are using it to inform others about traffic blockages and accidents.

The community reported alerts that include hazards, road closures, accidents and even police traps are easily visible on the screen. That’s not all, though; the app also features turn by turn voice guided navigation system as well as live maps. You will also be able to select automatic rerouting as conditions are changed.

There are a lot of social aspects to this app as well. For example, you will be able to see your friends estimated time of arrival when you are both traveling to the same destination.

Free Version

5. Power amp Music Player

While your Galaxy A5 smartphone will come with a standard music player, you will soon figure out that is not as deep as you might’ve thought. Thankfully, there are some incredible music players for Android available, so it’s only a matter of selecting the best one around and installing it.

Poweramp might not be perfect, but it sure does come close. I haven’t found any format that this great player was unable to play with ease. There are a lot of options to customize your experience here including a very powerful equalizer. There is 10 band graphical equalizer available for all formats.

There are also presets that help you get the most out of your tracks. If you even want to make your own preset, there is an option available. The app also comes with separate bass and treble adjustments dials. Overall, this is one of the most robust music players Android has to offer.

Free Version

6. Google Drive

Google has made some compelling apps for their mobile OS, but Google Drive stands above the rest. While I admit that the maps by Google are amazing, The Google Drive changed a lot of things. For example, if you want to save files on a secure cloud server, this is one of the best services around.

Personally, I use Google Drive on my work PC to make presentations, write articles as well as punch out an occasional Excel sheet. The sheer versatility this app provides makes it a must-have for any Android user.

Safely storing your files and having access to them from anywhere is a huge bonus. Now Google has also implemented a new design philosophy that allows you to search for files rather easily.

Free Version

7. LastPass Password Manager

LastPass was on our best password manager apps for Android list, and it has since been on my smartphone. I cannot believe that I didn’t use a manager app before. This app will make your life so much easier, and you will never have to reset any password simply because you forgot it.

I change my passwords annually, and there are a lot of sites and apps I have accounts on. This app helps me in remembering all of those site logins and keeps the work manageable. If you are of the forgetful nature or even have tons of accounts all over the Internet, this is a must have app for you.

Free Version

8. Pocket

Ever wanted to read something but you didn’t have an active Internet connection? Pocket aims to rectify that. It is a simple app that captures any kind of webpage for off-line usage. While a lot of browsers also come with this feature but they are not as efficient and accurate as this app.

The app was previously called Read It Later and it is exactly what this app allows you to do. After installation, if you see any story on the Internet you want to read later, simply share it to Pocket. The app will be able to capture the whole page and it will be available for off-line reading as well. I usually do this before going to the underground Metro so that I have something to enjoy during the ride.

Free Version

9. SwiftKey Keyboard

The Samsung keyboard is a perfectly fine one, but if you require something better and universal, then SwiftKey Keyboard is the one you should try out. First of all, this is a free app with all the features unlocked from the get-go. The only way it takes money from you is if you purchase keyboard customizations, and even those are sometimes free.

The keyboard has a lot of features that can be used in day-to-day life. For example, I regularly use the swipe typing while replying to lengthy texts. From predictive text to Auto Correct, this app has it all. It even learns all your slang words, unusual phrases and nicknames as well. Over the time, you will be able to completely mold this keyboard into your own.

Free Version

10. Tasker

This is a further advanced app for users that crave something more from there Android experience. This app provides total automation of day-to-day tasks, and it does that in a very friendly style. There are triggers, and then there are actions. The triggers are conditions which are tasked with executing an action.

There are a lot of triggers available on the app and over 200 built-in actions. You will be even able to design your triggers and actions. For example, if you want to send a text message to your spouse after reaching the office, this app will be able to do that automatically for you.

Or if you want to turn off your mobile data and start using Wi-Fi as you reach home, this is the app that can do that for you. The best part is, you don’t even have to look at your smartphone, and everything will be done at the back end.

Paid Version


These were a few great apps for Samsung Galaxy A5 and I believe they are the best ones overall. Not only these apps will provide additional functionality to your great device but also provide opportunities of entertainment and creativity. I hope you enjoy using your Samsung Galaxy A5 smartphone more after installing these apps.

Just like always, if you have any questions or concerns about these apps, feel free to comment below and we will be sure to answer back.

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