The 7 Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy J3 to Make It Perform Like a Phone Twice the Price

Samsung caters to almost every person when it comes to releasing smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy J3 is a mid-range smartphone that has a lot of great features for an affordable price. Not everyone is going to purchase the super expensive flagships and Samsung knows that very well.

The Samsung Galaxy J3 aims to deliver good performance at a good price and sometimes that is all we need. Thankfully there are a lot of apps for Samsung Galaxy J3 that can make your experience more rewarding and enjoyable.

If you have a restricted budget or need a great secondary smartphone, Samsung Galaxy J3 is a device you should consider. One of the most important things about the smartphone is its 5-inch screen that is Super AMOLED in nature. The colors pop out and the viewing angles are simply remarkable. To think that these kinds of specs were the flagship just a few years ago makes us feel the rapid pace at which we have advanced in technology.

That being said, the Samsung Galaxy J3 is one of the best mid-range smartphones available thanks to its feature rich spec sheet and sturdy build quality. So without further ado, let’s start with the best apps for Samsung Galaxy J3. The apps are in random order due to their immensely different nature.

1. Nova Launcher

Samsung has improved their own Android skin a lot over the years but it is still not as customizable as some of the best custom launchers for Android. Nova Launcher is without a doubt one of the top custom launchers for Android. The developers are constantly improving the launcher and including new features. Looking back, the launcher has moved side by side with Android and is one of the fastest and reliable launchers available for the platform. The launcher provides exceptional options when it comes to molding the user interface into something you would love to use. Want to use 7 apps on the home screen dock? Nova Launcher can make that happen. Want to see more apps in the app drawer than the standard 4 x 5 grid? Yes, Nova Launcher can also provide you with those options. The fact that the premium version of the app is priced extremely low makes the launcher a really attractive offer. We have recently written about it and why Nova Launcher Prime is worth buying. Check out the detailed analysis of the launcher and you will start to like it, just like us.

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2. WhatsApp Messenger

Chances are, if you are purchasing the Samsung Galaxy J3, you are a budget conscious person. That’s alright, not everyone has extra cash to burn on SMS bundles and whatnot. Thankfully, with WhatsApp Messenger and access to a Wi-Fi internet connection, you can easily stay in touch with your friends and family. Using this amazing text messenger doesn’t cost a thing and you will not only be able to send text messages but also talk to them using voice chat. Lastly, if you already have a data package running, the messenger uses very little data and runs quietly in the background. Overall, I would select this Android chatting app simply because it takes the phone contacts and makes them WhatsApp contacts automatically. This means you will be able to talk to almost everyone who is using the app from your contact list.

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3. Google Drive

If you want to keep your data backed up and safe from any sort of natural hazard, Google Drive is one service you can trust. Google Drive started as a simple cloud storage app but now offers a lot more features than you can anticipate. It is more than just an online storage space; it can back up your photos, videos and files with ease. If you use the desktop version of Google Drive you will also get the option of using additional features like a simplified word processor. However, the app allows you to share your files safely and securely with others. You will also have quick access to recent files on this app. If you want to make some files available offline, there is the option to do so as well.

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4. AirDroid

This is a handy utility app that can connect your Samsung Galaxy J3 to your PC via Wi-Fi. Why would you want to do that, you ask? Well for one, you can use your Android in the office without the boss ever knowing. You will not only be able to check out the files on your Samsung Galaxy J3 but also send and receive SMS directly on your PC screen. Connecting is handled fairly simply and the only thing you need to worry about is having both the PC and Samsung Galaxy J3 connected to the same Wi-Fi network. You will also be able to see the photos that are saved on your phone, copy them to the PC if you so desire. While the transfer speeds depend on the wireless network quality, they work generally well. By using AirDroid you can effectively remove the need to carry a micro USB cable with you wherever you go.

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5. Poweramp Music Player

Samsung provides a fairly good music app with their custom Android skin but if you want something more from your music collection, then Poweramp is the player you should check out. The player supports usual formats like mp3, m4a and wma but also is capable of running obscure ones like ape, tta, mpc, aiff and ogg. This means you will be able to run almost any format on your Android smartphone with ease. The music player also comes with a powerful equalizer that can rival any dedicated app. There is a 10 band optimized graphical equalizer and separate dials for bass and treble adjustments. That’s not all though, you will be able to change the themes of the player with a few taps on the screen.

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6. CamScanner

You have a great 8 MP camera on the back of the Samsung Galaxy J3 and it one of the best ones found on a mid-range smartphones. CamScanner is a great app that allows you to use that 8 MP camera and scan documents and images. Those images are then processed into great looking documents that resemble actual scanned ones. You will then be able to send those documents to anyone you want with ease. The best part is, you can rotate and adjust the document after capturing the picture. The app will make the document look like it was scanned using a physical scanner. You will also be able to save the scanned documents in PDF format, which are ready to be shared professionally.

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7. SwiftKey Keyboard

The standard keyboard that comes with the Samsung Galaxy J3 is fine and all but if you require a little more customization and functionality, you should get SwiftKey Keyboard on your smartphone. This is a great keyboard that gives you a lot of freedom in terms of usability and personalization. The best part is, it is completely free when it comes to functionality. You only need to spend money to get themes for your keyboard and many of the themes are even free. The developers of this keyboard have really outdone themselves by making the keyboard unrestricted in usage. These are the developers who deserve recognition and praise. The keyboard itself can be used in multiple ways. You can either type like you usually do but also simultaneously switch to swiping mode as well

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The Samsung Galaxy J3 is a great smartphone and these apps will make it even better. Try them all out because hey, they are completely free. If you like them, purchase the premium versions but truth to be told, a lot of the apps provide great features even in the free versions.

If you have any suggestions about the smartphone or the apps on the best apps for Samsung Galaxy J3 list, let’s have a chat in the comments below. 

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