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19 Best Apps For Samsung Galaxy S3 to Make It Your Own

The Galaxy S3 is one of Samsung’s most popular Android smartphones and if you just purchased your Galaxy S3, then there are certain apps that you must download. While the Galaxy S3 is an overall brilliant smartphone, there are some features missing.

After you deck out your S3 with the best accessories, these apps mentioned below will make your experience much better. This list reflects my personal opinion on the best apps for Samsung Galaxy S3.

1. GO SMS Pro

go sms pro

Customizable messaging

Not many users are fans of the default messaging app on the Galaxy S3, since it doesn’t offer anything more than just receiving and sending messages. If you want a fully customizable SMS app with tons of advanced features, then GO SMS Pro is the perfect option. Used by over 75 million Android users, the app features over 200 themes and 800 emojis. It’s one of the best messaging apps out there.

Download on Google Play

2. Floating Toucher

floating toucher

Floating Settings

Floating Toucher is a great app that lets you access various settings from any app or screen. As the S3 doesn’t feature any decent multi-tasking features, such as a dual windows, this app is perfect for controlling settings without exiting any app. You can place the button anywhere and move it around. The best feature about this app is that you can fully customize it, including the colors of the Pie.

Download on Google Play

3. Evernote


Never miss a meeting

Evernote is one of my favorite Android apps and it is ideal for the Galaxy S3 as the phone doesn’t have any decent note taking alternatives with advanced features. Evernote is possibly the ideal way to remind yourself of almost everything, including meetings, trips and grocery lists. If Evernote doesn’t work, try on of the many other to-do list apps.

Download on Google Play

4. MX Player

mx player

Play all types of videos

Watching videos is probably one of the most important things that most Android users look for, which is why the S3 is perfect due to its high 720p resolution. However, the S3, like other Android devices, cannot play all types of video formats and users need to convert videos before playing them. MX Player is the perfect app if you don’t want to convert videos. With MX Player, you can play almost all videos, regardless or size, quality or format. Aside from playback, the app offers tons of additional features.

Download on Google Play

5. JuiceDefender


Increase battery juice

One popular complaint that a lot of S3 users make is about battery life. A lot of users can’t even get their phones to last even for a full day. JuiceDefender is the perfect app if you’re facing this problem. Used by millions of Android users, I haven’t seen a better battery saving app as it lets you use different battery profiles depending on your preferences.

Download on Google Play

6. Root Browser

root browser

The best way to manage files

Root Browser doesn’t only provide a decent file managing solution, but it also lets you move system files around. Having a file manager is essential on all Android devices, but this particular file manager helps rooted users navigate in the system directories as well. If you want to change fonts by editing your system files or if you want to delete system apk files, then Root Browser is definitely the ideal option.

Download on Google Play

7. Equalizer


Enhance the sound

Whether you listen to music through your headphones or your speakers, good sound quality is essential in a premium Android smartphone. Not many users are fans of the S3’s sound quality and some even find the volume to be quite low. As you know most volume boosting apps either don’t work or mess up the phone, the Equalizer app might just be what you need. You can control sound quality and volume through the 5 band equalizer. Also, it comes with 11 presets.

Download on Google Play

8. Light Flow LED Control

light flow

Customizable LED lights

Light Flow is the ideal app if you’re tired of your Galaxy S3’s same old notification lights. This app lets you control everything about your notification lights. Currently, you can change notification light colors, flash rate and duration. The app lets you control notifications for almost all sorts of apps, including Email, SMS, MMS, Calls and Hangouts.

Download on Google Play

9. Chrome Browser


The ultimate web browser

Chrome has become one of the most popular browsers on PC and it is slowly replacing default internet browsers on Android devices as well. Whenever I get a new Android smartphone, one of the first apps I install is Chrome, because I haven’t come across any other better browser.

Download on Google Play

10. Pocket


Save online content easily

Pocket is another fantastic app that is ideal for Galaxy S3 users. If you own a premium smartphone like the S3, then I’m sure you like to do things online. However, a common problem is bookmarking pages and saving multiple tabs. If you constantly have problems saving online content, then Pocket is the ideal app. It lets you save almost all types of online content, including videos, recipes, articles and blogs. You can sync the saved content across different platforms, including your PC and you can also view the content offline.

Download on Google Play

11. AirDroid


Manage your phone through your PC

AirDroid is one of the best apps for Samsung Galaxy S3. The reason this is such a useful app is that it lets you connect your Galaxy S3 with your PC wirelessly. If you’re tired of connecting the micro USB cable every time you want to transfer some files, then this app is probably the best alternative. Aside from file transfers, AirDroid lets you do much more, including sending messages and managing music.

Download on Google Play

12. Snapdragon BatteryGuru


Improve your battery life without compromising on performance

Snapdragon BatteryGuru is probably the best battery saving app for Snapdragon Android smartphones. While apps like JuiceDefender let you select different battery profiles, this particular app tries to deliver a longer battery life without making many changes.

Download on Google Play

13. PicsArt – Photo Studio


The ultimate picture editor

One of the most appealing features when the Galaxy S3 came out was its camera. While the phone can take pretty good shots, the built-in editor is not up to the mark. If you like taking a lot of pictures on your Galaxy S3, then a powerful photo editor is what you need. PicsArt – Photo Studio is probably one of the most popular photo editing apps available on the Google Play store and it lets you add graphics, frames, effects, masks and much more.

Download on Google Play

14. Camera ZOOM FX

camera zoom

Improve your photos

The Galaxy S3 has a fantastic camera, however, there are some better camera options. If you feel that you’re not able to fully take advantage of your phone’s camera, then the perfect alternative is Camera Zoom FX. This camera brings tons of additional features and even if you’re not a professional photographer, this particular app will help you take beautiful photos.

Download on Google Play

15. App Backup & Restore

backup restore

Batch backup your apps

After installing lots of apps on your Galaxy S3, you might easily lose all these apps after updating your phone or installing a custom firmware. Sometimes, we need to reset our phones in order to fix any glitches and the apps might be deleted in this case as well. App Backup & Restore is the perfect app for batch backing up and restoring apps.

Download on Google Play

16. Earth & Moon in HD Gyro 3D

earth wallpaper

Earth on your home screen

Live wallpapers can make your phone slow and can even drain your battery. However, this particular live wallpaper is perfect. Not only is it battery friendly, it looks really beautiful and because the Galaxy S3 has a powerful processor, you won’t have any problems with performance. The wallpaper features a 3D view of the earth with incredible textures. There are some other cool wallpapers here.

Download on Google Play

17. BitTorrent


Download torrents easily

I’m sure you use BitTorrent or another torrent downloading app on your PC. You can now download your favorite torrents directly on your Galaxy S3. The BitTorrent app for Android is quite similar to the PC app and there are no speed or size limits.

Download on Google Play

19. Automatic Call Recorder

call recorder

Record calls automatically

If there is one basic feature missing on the Galaxy S3, it’s a call recorder. Automatic Call Recorder is one of the most downloaded call recorders on the Google Play Store and once enabled, it automatically records calls. Aside from recording calls, this app also has cloud integration so all your recorded calls can be stored on the cloud in order to save memory.

Download on Google Play

20. Wallbase HD Wallpapers


Beautiful wallpapers

The Galaxy S3 doesn’t come with many high quality wallpapers and HD wallpapers can really liven up your screen. As the Galaxy S3 has an HD screen, you can set high resolution wallpapers on your phone. Wallbase is the perfect app if you want to download the best HD wallpapers for your phone. With over one million wallpapers, this app features all sorts of wallpapers from technology to nature.

Download from ZippyShare



If you feel that your Galaxy S3 lacks some of the features that are available on the latest smartphones, then you should definitely consider installing the apps mentioned above. Not only will these apps improve your overall experience, but they’ll also keep your phone up to date. This way, you won’t feel the need to change your phone. If you feel that I’ve missed one of the best apps for Samsung Galaxy S3 let me know in the comments.

Next up, learn about the best ways to customize your Galaxy S3.

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  1. Great list – I am embarking on a quest to clean-up and optimize my S3 on Verizon over the holidaze. Do you have or can you point me to info on what to get rid of?


  2. Need the best e-mail app as the S3 cannot get my work address loaded. You cannot change std incoming mail server “username” duh…
    Any advice?

    1. Hi Scherri,
      You are most welcome for the information and I am glad that we were able to help. Don’t forget to keep coming back for more useful tips and tricks. Thanks for commenting. =-)

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