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The 8 Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2

The successor to the Galaxy Watch Active is here. The Active2 is an all-new smartwatch that comes with a fresher look and bigger, customizable screen. True to its name, it’s the right smartwatch for the active modern man. Use it for work, for your fitness and health needs, or entertainment. With the best apps for Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2, you can perform many tasks and keep track of different things at once.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active and Active2 Comparison

The Active2 was released just six months after the release of the Galaxy Watch Active. This new watch comes with a few upgrades. This refined version dropped the rotating bezel that characterized the Samsung Galaxy Watch. It instead adds in a digital rotating dial and puts more emphasis on its minimal and modern aesthetics. This makes it more appealing to the modern gentleman.

It’s also bigger than its predecessor and provides an LTE option. Not to mention additional heart-monitoring and soon-to-be-active ECG features. But with the few upgrades and extra features come an additional price. This smartwatch is certainly more costly than its sibling.

Another problem with the Active2, like its predecessor, is that there is not much third-party app support. With this, we must know which are the best apps for Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 so we can enjoy this great watch to its full potential.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2: Features

Modern and minimal

With the Active2, Samsung has successfully merged a smartwatch and a fitness tracker. It comes with a heart-rate monitor, enhanced sleep tracking analysis, pace coaching, and auto workout tracking.


  • Advanced sensors and better insights for fitness goals
  • Automatic and manual activity and fitness tracking
  • Comfortable, lightweight and sleek
  • Available in a variety of bands, faces, and finishes
  • Built-in sleep tracker and stress level monitor
  • A long-lasting battery on a single charge

8 Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2

samsung galaxy watch active2 lineup
Simple, slim, powerful

Unlock the full potential and performance of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 by loading it with the necessary apps. Since not all apps work with the Active2, it is important to know which apps are supported by this minimalist, modern smartwatch.

With this in mind, here are some of the best apps you can download and install on your Active2 watch. Check them out below.

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1. Spotify


Listen to Spotify online or offline using your Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2. Tuning in to your favorite tunes while running, cycling, working or just chilling is now made easier by simply installing this app on your watch.

Unlike the Gear S2 or other earlier Samsung smartwatches, the Active2 is capable of playing Spotify music offline. To integrate Spotify on your smartwatch, you need to connect your watch to Wi-Fi, find the playlist you want, and download. Now you can stream and listen to music using your watch.

2. Camera One


One of the best apps to install on your Active2 Watch is Camera One. This app allows you to take photos on your phone using your watch. It’s very convenient especially if you’re taking a photo of yourself from a distance and you don’t have someone with you to take the photo. With this app, you can just place your phone at the right angle and distance, pose, and click using your smartwatch. Easy.

Camera One allows you to snap photos, record videos, set a timer, zoom in and out, and adjust your camera setting. You can even choose to edit the video or photo quality.

3. Uber


Grab a cab using your Active2 smartwatch. This is now possible by simply downloading Uber on your watch. If you’re always traveling or you’re a frequent user of Uber, you might as well consider installing it on your smartwatch. You don’t need to use your phone to book a cab. Just use your watch.

You can enjoy all the features of the smartphone app version. This means that you don’t just book a cab, you also get to track the route and your destination via GPS. Now you can wait for your ride while glancing at the time.

4. Flipboard


Get the latest news and top stories with Flipboard. This app allows you to discover and read through personalized news, sports articles, lifestyle stories, and entertainment through your smartwatch. It keeps you informed wherever you are. Be updated with what’s happening anytime, anywhere.

You don’t have to sort through the stories and articles. The latest headlines and stories are delivered to you. Personalize your newsstand and only read what you’re interested in. The Active2 has a large enough screen that allows for easy reading.

5. HERE WeGo


If you’re looking for a navigation app that is compatible with your Samsung Galaxy Active2 watch, be sure to install HERE WeGo. This app is supported by Active2 and other Galaxy smartwatches.

Using this app, you can navigate through the city easily. When you install it on your smartwatch, you can easily glimpse at your wrist while driving to get the right direction and zip through the city streets, alleys and highways. You can also use it to book a taxi or getting public transport. Get turn-by-turn guidance and detailed routes.

6. Run with Map My Run

Run with Map My Run is a fitness-centric app by Under Armour. It is one of the best apps that work on the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2. When you install this app on your smartwatch, you can fully access your fitness stats on your wrist. Get real-time stats and check how far behind are you in your fitness goals.

This app lets you track your running and workout activities, see your daily progress, and set workout goals. Imagine using this app while running or exercising, while listening to music on Spotify. Do all these with just your smartwatch.

7. Strava

If you are looking for another alternative to keep track of your fitness goals and activities, check out Strava. This all-inclusive fitness app is designed for both indoor and outdoor fitness activities. With this app, you can track different activities such as walking, running, cycling, and workout sessions.

You can access everything on your smartwatch: from analyzing your daily goals, checking your fitness stats, and keeping track of your fitness activities. You can even set monthly challenges. Moreover, with its built-in GPS, you can track your outdoor run and activities and see routes and maps.

8. Facer Watch Faces

Facer now supports Samsung Galaxy Active and Active2. This app is designed to customize watch face for Android Wear and smartwatches. When you install this app on your smartwatch, you get a total of 15,000 free and premium watch faces. Not only that, but you can also create your design using a tool. Bring a personal touch to your smartwatch with this app.

Get designs from different brands and creators. Facer Watch Faces app allows you to transform your watch to suit your daily needs and to match your outfit. This comes handy especially because you can easily change the band of your Active2 to achieve a different look.

Questions People Ask

How to download apps on Samsung Galaxy Watch?

Using your connected phone, go to Galaxy Store and tap the Watch tab. Find the app you want to download, tap it, and install. This will automatically install the app on your smartwatch. Another method is to go to the Galaxy Wearable app. Choose Discover, go to Featured watch apps, and then tap View more. Learn more about installing and managing apps on your smartwatch here.

What are the running apps for Samsung Galaxy Watch?

The best running apps that work on Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 are the Map My Run by Under Armour and Strava. These apps are not only for running. They are great for other fitness activities as well.

Are there golf apps that work on the Samsung Galaxy Watch?

Yes. Since not many third-party apps work on Active and Active2 watches, make sure that you only download a compatible app. This includes the Golf Navi Pro.

Style and Performance on Your Wrist

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 is a versatile watch with a sleek, slim, minimalist design. Packed with lots of features, you can use this for your daily needs, for work, for entertainment, or to achieve your fitness goals. You can do that when you install the essential apps. Just make sure that you only install the compatible apps since this smartwatch does not have that much third-party app support.

Rest assured that the apps featured here will work fully well with your watch. Now it’s time to try them out and unlock your watch’s full potential.

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