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The 9 Best Apps for the Samsung Galaxy S6

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has a treasure trove of tricks and features tucked away inside of it. To make use of most of these features, you don’t need to download anything extra. However, if you want to bring in some outside help to make your Galaxy S6 even greater; you’ll need a few more apps.

Each app mentioned here plays a different role, and not every app may fit the needs of every Galaxy S6 user. That aside, I think you’ll be hard pressed to not find at least one app here that can’t improve your S6 experience.

1. Nova Launcher


Starting off strong, Nova Launcher gives you a custom launcher experience that could be worth far beyond its Pro price. There are multiple valid reasons to download and install a new launcher, but getting rid of TouchWiz might be the greatest one of all.

Despite not being as bloat heavy as previous iterations, the Samsung Galaxy S6’s interface can be a little slow stock. Nova Launcher offers a faster, customization heavy launcher experience that many users never look back from. I really can’t stress enough how much you can customize Nova Launcher to suit your needs, so give the free version a try sometime.

Free Version

2. Snapseed


Snapseed is a free photo editor that can easily make itself at home in any Android app drawer. Even if you already have a photo editor installed on your Galaxy S6, I recommend that you give Snapseed a try. Snapseed has a number of image editing tools, and raw image editing abilities.

This editor is definitely one of the few I’ve encountered that has enough power to rival desktop programs. If you want the ability to edit images with layers on your device, then Snapseed definitely has you covered. The features list on its Google Play page alone is a journey to read through.

Free Version

3. SHAREit

This next app is less about improving your phone’s every day capabilities, and more about being able to share files with it and other phones . With SHAREit, you can do exactly what its namesake implies. However, SHAREit doesn’t just let you share between Android phones, the OS of your phone doesn’t matter in this case.

You can even share files wirelessly with SHAREit to a PC or Mac. As long as both devices can download a copy of SHAREit, you’re golden. The app’s sharing speeds can go all the way up to 20M/s, so don’t be afraid to copy or share big files; they’ll be done in no time flat.

Even if you don’t have any files you want to share currently, SHAREit is a good, free investment that will pay off in the long run.

Free Version

4. Monument Valley


Alright, so this next one isn’t an app to improve your phone, but may improve your brain power. Monument Valley is a beautiful game that I’ve been aware of for a long time, and it will look positively stunning on the Galaxy S6. If you enjoy puzzle games that are similar to mind bending, maze navigation; this is a game I can heartily recommend.

Monument Valley isn’t free. You’d be looking at a $3.99 price tag, and in-app purchases on top of that. However, can you really put a price tag on beautifully outsmarting crow people in geometric mazes? If you can actually answer that with a yes, I’d like to have a word with you.

Free Version

5. VLC Media Player


Every phone needs a good media player, and the Galaxy S6 is no exception. My media player of choice is VLC. It has the capability to play almost any file type you toss its way, and has always been a reliable choice overtime.

Personally, I additionally use the desktop version to play media files with almost obscure formats. No matter what device you use VLC on, it will serve you well. If you’re already set with your current media player on your Galaxy S6, I still implore you to give VLC a try.

Free Version

6. AVG Antivirus

On the topic of security, AVG Antivirus is a pretty essential app for any phone. Android phones aren’t immune to attacks, especially when your Samsung Galaxy S6 bootloader is unlocked. In this instance, it’s important to have some form of antivirus software in place to defend yourself and your device.

AVG is a fairly recognizable name in the antivirus world, and you’ll be in safe hands if you decide to let them protect your phone. The app includes more functions than just virus protection however. It can help free up space on your device, stop certain apps from misbehaving, and even help conserve your battery.

Just remember that if you decide to do a full scan of your device, your phone may be sluggish until it’s complete.

7. Soundcloud


When I think of music apps, at least two immediately come to mind. (The first that comes to me is Spotify, but the second, and my preferred, is Soundcloud. Soundcloud is fantastic for discovering new tracks, and following the music makers you enjoy.

When it’s a match between Spotify and Soundcloud, I pick the latter based on its usability. I’ve never had a problem navigating Soundcloud, but that could be chalked up to how I like my music presented. Either way, Soundcloud is a fantastic way to enjoy free music, and be introduced to new artists you never knew you loved.

Free Version

8. Smart IR Remote – Anymote


Smart IR Remote is a universal remote that makes use of your phone to control a staggering amount of electronic devices. Smart IR costs $6.99 but could very well be worth the cash with how many electronics it can work with. If you’re anything like me, where you lose the remote to anything and everything, an app like this is invaluable.

There’s a free version available as well under a slightly different name. If you need a remote that you most likely (here’s hoping) won’t lose, Smart IR is the way to go.

Free Version

9. Dropbox


Last but not least is Dropbox, the file storage and sharing service. Dropbox is one of many similar services, but it’s the service I’ve stuck with for the longest time. If you’ve never used Dropbox before, its name makes for a pretty great example.

When you sign up, you’re given a box, and you can freely drop any file you want into it. If you like, you can lock the box away to draw from later, or let your friends know where the box is so they can copy files from it too. Any copyrighted material will be removed, and any illegal content as well, but other than that the box is yours to use.

If you want another online storage option for your Galaxy S6 that you easily reach from anywhere, this is a great service.

Free Version


No matter what apps you have on the Samsung Galaxy S6, your phone will still be a top class device. However, adding just one of these ten apps could potentially improve your experience. If you’ve never given one of the apps above a try, I implore you to take the plunge and give your Galaxy S6 an edge.

Do you have any experience with any of the apps above, or do you use any alternatives? Please, hang around in the comments below and share any thoughts and questions.

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