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7 best Archos tablets for Android in 2022[Budget-Friendly]

It’s not every day in the tech world that you hear about the Archos company. You may get some news about Apple or Samsung, but Archos isn’t really a player, at least when it comes to the press.

That doesn’t mean that the company produces bad products. In fact, they have some fairly nice tablets, and their children’s tablets are some of the nicer options on the market. When I look for a tablet I want a device with a large enough screen to watch movies and TV shows, but not too big so that it feels uncomfortable in my hands.

Some of the best Archos tablets for Android meet these criteria, and they are even fairly priced, which means I have no problem shelling out some cash for them. Let’s take a look at some of the best Archos tablets out there to help you save money on your tablet shopping.


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Best Archos tablets for Android

Best lightweight Arhos tablet for AndroidArchos 97 Carbon 9.7-Inch Tablet
Best in storage spaceArchos 502352 97 Titanium HD
Best dual camera Archos tabletArchos Child Pad 2 8″ Series 80
Best large screen Archos tabletArchos FamilyPad 2
Cheapest Archos tabletArchos 4GB Child Pad 7
Best lightweight Archos tabletArchos 80 G9
Best Archos tablet for gamersArchos GamePad 2 Tablet
Best Archos tablets for Android

1. Archos 97 Carbon 9.7-Inch Tablet: $128.98

Archos 97 Carbon 9.7-Inch
best Archos tablets

Large Screen for a Moderate Price

The Archos 97 Carbon 9.7-Inch Tablet runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich, so it’s not the most up-to-date system, but it works just fine for the moderate price range.

The screen is large so you can watch your movies, and the resolution is rather surprising. I noticed that the touchscreen isn’t as responsive as some other tablets I have tried out in the past, but if you use this as a second tablet you won’t be displeased.

Keep in mind that the battery life is decent and the internal storage is large enough to store quite a few of files.

Why should you buy it?

  • It comes with a 16 GB Flash Memory so you can store lots of files
  • The 9.7 inch display is more than enough to read your books and watch movies
  • It’s rather lightweight compared to other tablets in the same price range

2. Archos 502352 97 Titanium HD: $175.00

Archos 502352 97 Titanium HD
best Archos tablets

Sweet Style

The Archos 502352 97 Titanium HD is one of my favorites in terms of style, since the sleek white finish and silver lining makes it look more desirable than a standard black tablet.

The storage and processor with this tablet are suitable for putting all of your media files on it and streaming videos from things like Netflix.

The display screen is also more durable than I expected and the size comes out as one of the bigger ones on this list.

Why should you buy it?

  • It has a 9.7 inch screen
  • The native resolution is 2,048 x 1,536
  • It has 8GB in internal storage for dropping in your important files

3. Archos Child Pad 2 8″ Series 80: $69.99

Archos Child Pad 2 8 Series 80
best Archos tablets

A Fun Look

The Archos Child Pad 2 8″ Series 80 is one of the best Archos tablet for kids since it has a striking orange finish along the edges, and it’s actually quite durable for when your kids plan on dropping it because they decided to become interested in something else in the room.

I really like that the device has two cameras for your kids to make goofy photos and send them to you. There’s also a nice parental filter option so you know exactly what the children are looking at while playing around with the device.

Feel free to checkout some of the best kids phones if you are interested in giving your children the whole set.

Why should you buy it?

  • The two cameras are 2MP
  • It has a 1024X768 screen resolution
  • Comes with Android Jelly Bean

4. Archos FamilyPad 2: $169.99

Archos FamilyPad 2
best Archos tablets

For the Family?

I’m not sure why they put the word “family” in the Archos FamilyPad 2 name, but it’s still a decent tablet from the Archos company.

They do include a nice holding stand so maybe the company assumes that families will put it in the kitchen to cook meals or watch movies while they eat. Regardless, the tablet has a huge screen, and two cameras are nice for snapping photos of the kids.

If you plan on playing family videos you can link the tablet to your TV and stream directly from the device. Keep in mind that the design is boring, and the specs are actually pretty weak for the price point.

Why should you buy it?

  • The cameras are 2MP
  • The screen is 13.3 inches
  • It has a 1280 x 800 native resolution

5. Archos 4GB Child Pad 7″: $49.99

Archos 4GB Child Pad 7
best Archos tablets

A Super Nice Price

The Archos 4GB Child Pad  is another nice Archos tablet for kids, since it is a bit smaller for those kids who might not be able to fit a a 9 or 10 inch tablet in their hands.

This tablet is extremely durable and you get all the parental protection features you would expect on a children’s tablet. I did find that the interface is a little glitchy, but you have to remember that the device is only $50.

Check out the best parental control apps if you are concerned with security while your kids are playing around with the tablet.

Why should you buy it?

  • It comes with a decent ARM Cortex A8 1 GHz Processor
  • It is connected to a Kids App Store
  • The screen is 7 inches

6. Archos 80 G9: $149.89

Archos 80 G9
best Archos tablets

A Weird Design, but It Has All the Functionality

The Archos 80 G9 made me wonder why any company would design a tablet with rounded edges and a rounded back, but then I realized that the device comes with a plastic kickstand, which works wonders if you plan on watching TV.

The processor is a little questionable, but if you keep the apps to a minimum you shouldn’t have any problems. One thing I like is that the battery lasts for around 7 hours, so you can keep reading or watching TV for an extended period of time.

Why should you buy it?

  • The flash memory size is 8GB
  • It’s pretty darn lightweight at one pound
  • The device runs Android 3.2

7. Archos GamePad 2 Tablet: $305.45

Archos GamePad 2 - one of the best archos tablets for gamers
best Archos tablets

Pricey, but Super Cool for Gamers

I had never seen anything like the Archos GamePad 2 Tablet until I started paying around with it. Judging by the photos I thought it was just like a PSP, but it brings you more functionality since it’s built to work as a tablet. Basically, you get the Android operating system along with nicely placed gaming buttons.

So, in short, the screen size is larger than any of the handheld gaming devices out there and the processing speed is perfect for playing games that don’t skip.

Why should you buy it?

  • The screen is 7 inches
  • The RAM is 2048 MB
  • It’s super lightweight and pretty darn durable

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Frequently Asked Questions on best Archos tablets

How do I unlock my Archos tablet?

Go to Settings > Security > Screen lock to turn on this security. Additionally, you will have the choice of using Face Unlock, a face recognition feature, to either eliminate the requirement for unlocking or unlock your screen.

What is Archos Internet Tablet?

The Archos 5 Internet tablet/portable media player features a sizable, high-definition touch-screen display, Wi-Fi, music playback, photos, compatibility with Flash video and games, Bluetooth, e-mail, a Web browser, a built-in speaker, an integrated kickstand, GPS, and support for a small number of Android apps.

Final Thoughts-Best Archos Tablets

If you have any questions about the best Archos tablet options please let me know in the comments section below. Like I stated before, if you are looking for a quality kids tablet, keep Archos on the list, since the children’s tablets are fairly durable and they give you nice kid-friendly apps.

If you need something for adults, consider going for the 97 Carbon or the Titanium HD, since they have pretty sleek designs with just about everything you need in terms of functionality. Once again, drop a line below if you have tried any of these tablets. How did you like them?

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