5 Amazing Car Insurance Apps for Android (Best of 2020)

Are you looking to insure your car? We listed the top auto insurance apps for Android out there.

Here’s the thing:

Car insurance is necessary for every vehicle owner out there. In the US, most states require drivers to carry an insurance policy when they’re driving.

Some of you might think of it as unnecessary, but these policies benefit you immensely. To understand and accept the benefits of car insurance, you must first understand what it does.

What is Car Insurance?

Car insurance is a contract that covers your financial loss in times of an accident or theft. This type of insurance covers property, liability, and medical damages.

Isn’t that amazing?

A lot of people who have never been in an accident their whole life think that insurance is a waste of time and money. Because some insurance is expensive,

But to tell you the truth, financial damages from accidents cause a lot of money. With this kind of insurance, the company will cover the rest of the losses after paying the coverage.

But, first things first:

You won’t need a car insurance if you don’t have a car do you? Why not get a car tracker to avoid thieves from taking off with your car?

A car tracker will add insurance from theft.

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Insurance companies are now venturing into mobile applications to make availing their service a lot easier. Auto insurance apps don’t just offer you primary financial coverage, but they also give tips and other features to help you in your driving.

There are a lot of insurance apps out there, and choosing the best one for you can take your precious time. You have to be mindful of its coverage, features, and if it works.

Don’t worry!

To help you, we listed the best car insurance apps for Android out there. With these apps, you’ll no longer worry about paying for damages whenever you had an accident.

Best Auto Insurance Apps for Android

Accidents can happen anytime while you’re driving out there on the road. Financial damage can be expensive, especially if you don’t have car insurance.

With these car insurance apps, you’ll get the primary coverage to your car, and a few more features. These apps can provide services that will not only ensure your vehicle but also feel you save while driving.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Allstate Mobile

Best Auto Insurance Apps for Android - Allstate Mobile

Allstate mobile one of the most trusted car insurance out there. With this app, you can pay bills, report claims, get assistance, and more.

They also provide bonus features that reward the user for their safe driving. They also give you an update about how much is covered.

Best Auto Insurance Apps for Android - Allstate Mobile Information
View coverage

Key features:

  • Rewards for safe driving
  • Insurance ID Cards
  • View auto coverage
  • Gas finder
Best Auto Insurance Apps for Android - Allstate Mobile Pay
Reward system for safe driving

They also have Insurance ID cards so that you won’t need a physical copy. The only problem with this app is it requires GPS tracking, which can drain your battery pretty quickly.

Still, the Allstate Mobile app is one of the best auto insurance apps out there. With its amazing features, who wouldn’t want this app?

Click the Google Play button to download it now!

2. GEICO Mobile

Best Auto Insurance Apps for Android - Geico Mobile Logo

There can be unforeseen accidents in your life that you can’t predict. With GEICO, you can resolve these problems without worry.

Best Auto Insurance Apps for Android - Geico Mobile Policy
Numerous features

This app can help if you meet any problems while driving on the road. GEICO is your companion who won’t abandon you in times of need.

Key features:

  • Pay bills with the app
  • Digital ID cards
  • Roadside assistance
  • Vehicle care
Best Auto Insurance Apps for Android - Geico Mobile Bills
Pay and manage bills

The GEICO Mobile app also has an augmented reality where you can design places you want to see. It also informs you of alerts and relevant information for car maintenance.

Is the GEICO the best auto insurance app out there? Download it on Google Play now!

3. Esurance Mobile

Best Auto Insurance Apps for Android - Esurance Mobile Logo

Here is the new and updated car insurance app from Esurance. Its sleek style suits the modern life that you’re living.

It also has simple, user-friendly navigation and policy information pages. It can also grant easy access to your insurance cards and coverages.

Best Auto Insurance Apps for Android - Esurance Mobile Policy
View Policy Info

Key features:

  • Pay your bill through the app
  • Simple navigation and sleek interface
  • Access important info
  • Manage repairs
  • Get roadside assistance

With this app, you can get great features to help your driving secure. It also gives help when you need to tow your car for repairs.

Best Auto Insurance Apps for Android - Esurance Mobile ID
Digital insurance ID

That’s not all!

You can also access your insurance cards with ease and use it as a digital proof. You can also find useful places in your local towns, like repair shops and gas stations.

Did you find it very helpful? Download the Esurance Mobile app on Google Play now!

4. Progressive

Best Auto Insurance Apps for Android - Progressive Logo

Progressive is the car insurance app that will always be there when you need it. With this app, you can handle different kinds of problems on the road with ease.

View your billing history, ID cards, coverages, and discounts in one app. Request assistance while you’re on the road and need it the most.

Best Auto Insurance Apps for Android - Progressive ID
Bring your Insurance with you!

Key features:

  • Report and add photos to a claim
  • View coverages, discounts, and other important information
  • Get in touch with your agent
  • Pay your bills with your cards
  • Request roadside assistance

Progress will give you help whenever you need it. You can submit a claim in a few minutes without having to call.

Best Auto Insurance Apps for Android - Progressive Dashboard
Progressive Insurance dashboard

You can also have a digital insurance ID that is very handy wherever you go. Personalize your dashboard to give quick access to valuable information and features.

Are you interested in this marvelous app? Check it out on Google Play!

5. State Farm

Best Auto Insurance Apps for Android - State Farm Logo

The State Farm app can help you manage your car insurance, file claims, get roadside assistance, and many more. This app is here to help you in times when you need it the most.

View and manage your policies, bills, and your claims with ease. Handle your bank account smoothly, deposit checks, and pay the bills.

Best Auto Insurance Apps for Android - State Farm ID
View your insurance ID

Key Features:

  • File claims with ease
  • Get road assistance and search for repair facilities
  • Deposit checks, pay bills and transfer money between bank accounts
  • Learn about other products

With this reliable app, you can get personalized reminders and alerts when you log-in. There is also information about other products that you can avail of if you want.

Best Auto Insurance Apps for Android - State Farm Claim
File a claim quickly

The company is also active, replies to feedbacks, and resolves the concerns by the users. The State Farm app is a reliable car insurance app that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Is this the best auto insurance app for you? Click the Google Play button below for more details!


Is auto insurance worth the money?

Car insurance covers financial damages with your car when accidents happen. Paying for losses can be highly expensive, so getting insurance is worth the investment.

What are the types of car insurance?

Different companies offer different kinds of coverage when it comes to insurance. The most common ones are liability, collision, medical, and comprehension.

How does car insurance work in an accident?

In an accident, the one at fault will cover damages to the other party. Insurance will usually cover that, so there might be problems if the one at fault doesn’t have one.


Accidents can happen anytime while you’re driving. Financial damages can be highly expensive, especially if you don’t have car insurance.

Thankfully there are auto insurance apps for Android, which makes it easier to get one. With these apps, you’ll save money when paying for losses when accidents happen.

The apps that we listed doesn’t just offer basic insurance coverage. They also provide tips and extra features that will help you drive safely.

If you have any questions or thoughts to share, please leave a comment below!

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