3 Best Baby Crying Detector Apps on Android

Android has been helping us in almost every part of our lives these days and it should come as no surprise that it also helps you raise your child as well. This 3 best baby crying detector apps listed here, make sure that your baby gets a good night sleep and you won’t have to wake up every hour or so just to check up on it.

Thankfully, there are numerous baby cry detector devices available on various stores but what if you have an extra Android phone laying around and you can use it as a baby cry detector? That would not only save you time and money but also deploy your almost useless and discarded smartphone to better use.

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Best Baby Crying Detector App

1. Baby Monitor – Free with In-app Purchases

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Baby Monitor is a simple app that allows you to make your smartphone into a complete baby monitor. All you need to do is put your smartphone in your baby’s room with the app running and as soon as your baby starts to cry, you’ll receive a call on your own phone.

It is a very straightforward app that gives you a fair array of options to customize your experience. Some babies cry really loud, while others only whimper during the night, the app allows you to adjust the sensitivity level of the sound necessary to trigger the baby alarm.

So, if your baby makes light noises during the night, you may want to set the sensitivity level a bit higher, so that you only receive a call when he or she cries. The app also allows you to take a picture when the baby cries, but of course, you have to set your smartphone in such a way that it captures the crib.

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2. BabyCam: Baby Sleep Monitor & Nanny Cam – 3G, Wifi – Free

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This baby cry detection app for Android has the best interface, works really well and is surprisingly accurate when it comes to actual baby cries. One of the best features of the app is the ability to soothe the baby remotely, this way you won’t usually have to get up.

Babies can recognize the voice of their parents and it is usually enough to make them go back to sleep. The app allows you to talk to the baby without getting off your bed, this is a god sent, especially in the winter.

If the app detects any noise, it will send a push notification to your phone, press that and you can view live video as well as clear audio. Of course, you will have to place the smartphone in the right spot to view the baby first. We recommend the flexible clamp stands that are not only inexpensive but also readily available on Amazon.

Flexible Phone Holder
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3. Ahgoo Baby Monitor – audio and video monitoring – Free with In-app Purchases

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Ahgoo Baby Monitor allows you to not only watch your baby but also talk to him/her in a very convenient package. One of the biggest pluses of this app is that it can connect devices no matter their Operating system. So, if you abandoned your old iPhone and moved to Android, get that iPhone and put it to good work. Just remember to plug it in for the night though, those tiny phones have tiny batteries as well.

We also like how secure the whole process is so no one else can use the monitor except you. Setup the app on a phone that you want to place in the baby’s room, select baby from the option and you will see the QR code.

Launch the app on the other device and scan the QR code to be paired. Now, you can easily see or hear your baby anytime. After that, you can easily select the noise level so you only get notifications at appropriate times.

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Apps are a great method of taking care of your baby while you are sleeping, but sometimes you might want an actual specific device to help you with your problem. If this is the case, we recommend this  NETGEAR Arlo Baby Monitor – it has 2-way audio, so you can soothe your baby without actually getting out of bed, a lullaby player, night vision and doubles as a nightstand, amongst its many features.

It also has a kid-friendly design
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Best Baby Crying Detector App – Sleep Carelessly

These were some of the best apps to detect the baby cries. We hope you have a good night’s sleep now and won’t wake up at the slightest noise. Or in case you are super tired, won’t get up at all.

If you have questions, suggestions or even just want to part some practical knowledge about raising a small human, feel free to talk to us in the comments below. 

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  1. My baby had a vent in for over a month so his vocal cords are not working yet..will these apps work if he has no sound while crying..I’m concerned at night i won’t wake up if he’s crying..he will be released from hospital soon.

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