8 Best Blackberry KEYOne Cases and Covers

The Blackberry KEYOne cases and covers are specially designed to protect the unique Android smartphone. Released back in April 2017, the Blackberry KEYOne came with the unique design and Android operating system, making it one of the few devices that are manufactured by Blackberry, has Android on board, and comes with a physical keyboard.

Blackberry used to be one of the best phone manufacturers around before Android came along. Thankfully, the company has wised up and started releasing phones with Android.

The Blackberry KEYOne is not only a realization of a changing world by Blackberry, but also an acknowledgment of Android domination. Blackberry would have really benefited if they released the smartphone a little while back.

That being said, the best Blackberry KEYOne cases and covers will make sure your device will stay in pristine condition for a long period of time.

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The best Blackberry KEYOne cases and covers are not in any particular order, and all of them offer something new to the table. So, make sure you go through the whole list and select the best case for your personal needs.

1. Ringke Fusion Case

The Blackberry KEYOne comes with an interesting looking back, it’s cool looking carbon fiber aesthetic is genuinely great to look at. So, it would make sense to use a Blackberry KEYOne cover that doesn’t completely hide the back.

The Ringke Fusion Case provides just that, a transparent cover that not only protects your Blackberry KEYOne but also allows you to see the intended beauty of it.

The crystal clear comes with 2x coating that enhances the protection without increasing the bulk. It has a slim, transparent TPU bumper that gives full access to the buttons and ports on the phone. The case is also available in 3 different colors, so there is some level of choice when you go with the Ringke Fusion Case.

2. Incipio DualPro Case

The Incipio DualPro Case brings a matte look to your Blackberry KEYOne and makes it look amazing as well. The smooth looking back of the case not only looks sophisticated but also provides a great level of detail that is missing from other cases and covers. The case is also scratch resistant and is made from rigid polycarbonate materials.

While the hard shell protects the smartphone from sliding damaging itself, there is also a slightly softer inner layer that cushions the smartphones in case of drops and bumps. The case is available in black, blue and my personal favorite maroon, the material on the back is also very soft to the touch, so you will have an enjoyable experience using it.

3. Mustaner Smooth Case

If you are looking for a slim and stylish looking case for Blackberry KEYOne but don’t want to spend a lot of cash on an expensive one, the Mustaner Smooth case is made just for you. The case is ultra-thin and lightweight for the smartphone that hugs it tightly and keeps it safe from the bad, harsh world.

As the case is specifically designed for the Blackberry KEYOne, it gives full access to the ports, headphone jack, buttons, as well as speakers. This means the functionality of the Blackberry KEYOne won’t be compromised at all and you will have full control. It is made of a high quality plastic material and can be installed without needing any tools.

4. Incipio NGP Case

The Incipio NGP case gives exceptional protection to your Blackberry KEYOne without being excessively bulky. The case is available only in two colors, grey and maroon and honestly, we would recommend you go with the maroon/purple version, simply because it looks way livelier than the grey one.

The case is made from a stretchable and soft material, so it will keep your Blackberry KEYOne protected for a long period of time. The flexible polymer material is strong and provides a good level of protection.

The case also offers full access to the buttons, ports, and camera so there won’t be any compatibility problems at all. It also has a textured design to provide good grip as well.

5. Seidio Dilex Case

Want to go all out on protection and don’t really care about the edges or the design? Then the Seidio Dilex Case for Blackberry KEYOne is made for you. It is an impressive cover that not only gives your smartphone the best chance of surviving but also comes with some great features.

The case comes with a surprisingly thin design that’s just 2mm thick and has a thick polycarbonate outer shell that is soft to the touch with a special coating. There is also a softer inner layer to further protect the smartphone.

The case also features a magnetic kickstand that allow you to watch videos without any worries. The case also comes with a 6ft impact protection, thanks to its unique corner cushioning design.

6. Amzer Blackberry KEYOne Case

Are you looking for a slim and stylish protective case for your Blackberry KEYOne? Then the Azmer shock absorbing soft case if for you. The case is ultra-thin and is made from a great TPU Gel that will protect your Blackberry KEYOne from everyday usage.

The case is highly elastic and is stretchable. It is also resistant to oils, abrasions, and corrosions, so it will last you a long while. The back is made from a non-slip material that gives it a sleek look but also protects the Blackberry KEYOne against slips.

7. Bixon Leather Case

The Bixon Leather Case is a handmade leather case that not only looks beautiful but also protects your smartphone in case it drops. The handmade leather case is hand cut and hand stitched, everything is done by hand and that shows in the quality.

The case also uses 100% leather for the construction. It is also available in 6 different colors, so there is a lot of choice when it comes to colors. The case also comes with automatic wakeup feature, so whenever you take out your smartphone, it will wake up by itself.

8. StilGut Flip Case

If the style of the previous leather case is not according to your personal tastes, you can check out the StilGut Genuine leather flip case for Blackberry KEYOne. The case is a high quality cover that is made with real leather by hand and also comes with a durable plastic shell and a softer interior.

There is a small clip that keeps the smartphone securely in place without the need of any magnets. There are precise cutouts for all the buttons, ports and camera so you will have full access to the functionality of the smartphone. The genuine leather case comes in 3 different colors as well.


These were some of the best Blackberry KEYOne cases and covers and we hope you found something to your liking in this list. While it is not as diverse as we would have liked, there is something for everyone here, from the luxury-seeking leather enthusiasts to the practical and budget-conscious.

Just like always, if you have suggestions, opinions, or questions about the Blackberry KEYOne or the Blackberry KEYOne covers and cases, feel free to talk to us in the comments below.

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