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6 Best Budget Apps for Android to Save the Green

One of the saddest things about being an adult is managing your expenses. Thankfully there are some great budget apps for android to help you through the process. Being an adult was especially hard on me because I was not prepared for the amount of responsibilities. However, after using one of the best budget apps for android, I can safely say that I have enough money in my saving account to purchase a small TV. A lot of people are in the stage where if they are not broke by the end of the month, it is a big achievement. If you’re anything like me, you will spend money spontaneously and own things that you’re never going to use again. Using these budget apps for android you will be able to better gauge the spending and feel guilty about squandering your cash on useless stuff.

One of the best things about the budget apps for android is that they will help you better manage your cash. You know when you actually have to enter an amount, you tend to take a look at what you are spending it on. I used to spend around $500 a month on junk food, which is an insane amount for a sane person. After I used android budgeting apps have been able to control my impulsive behavior to a great extent. If you have responsibilities and need to have some cash for emergencies, I highly recommend that you start using one of these apps as soon as you can. You may think you are invincible but bad times don’t knock before coming so, it is always better to have some emergency cash stashed away for rainy days.

Note: The 6 great budget apps for android were tested on a Sony Xperia Z smartphone. The apps worked just as intended and no problems were faced during testing. I didn’t use them as my personal budgeting apps because I already have one but I did extensive testing of the features and found them sound and fully functional. Some features may require an Internet connection to work but it is not mandatory.

1. AndroMoney

AndroMoney has been around for a while and it has proven its worth with good features and easy to use interface. The developer stresses on keeping the interface intuitive to operate and it clearly shows in the design philosophy of the app. The app is also a very powerful tool that allows you to manage your expenses in a better way.

Daily counting or even drawing detailed reports about your spending can be generated by using this great tool. One of the best things about this app is the ability to have multiple accounts on one device. For example, if you have a family tablet all of the members will have access to the app and can manage their own budgets.

The app also syncs with other devices so that even if you want to enter some expense on your smartphone, it would also reflect on the tablet. The app also has trends, bar charts, and pie graphs for cash flow and expense. Using a graphical representation makes you reflect on your spending behavior.

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2. Budget & Personal Finance

The name says it all in this beautifully designed budget app for Android. This app has the best main screen I’ve seen on a budget app and it is saying a lot because other apps have amazing interfaces as well. I really like clean and clear information without any clutter on the main screen and this app delivers exactly that.

This is a financial control application which helps you in managing all of your expenses and income with ease. That will also help you analyze your financial life making purchase decisions a lot easier and mathematically sound.

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3. Fast Budget – Expense Manager

Fast Budget–Expense Manager needs to make everything quick and painless. The app succeeds in some of its ambitions but it is not as fast as you would have loved. Don’t get me wrong, the app is an amazing budget app for Android but it is not as fast as I would have expected it to be.

Other apps are just as efficient and fast in data entry than this one. I was expecting it to be a little bit more efficient in data entry but it is of the same high standards the other apps are. The interface is very clean and explains everything clearly right on the main screen. One of the best things about the app is the fully customizable overview page.

This allows you to see the information you want to see without needlessly cramming inconsequential information. The app also allows you to create a hidden account which is great for people who have nosy spouses.

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4. Wallet – Budget Tracker

If you are in the market for a clean and simple budget app for Android, then Wallet is one of the best ones around. I personally used this app for around two years now and it has worked really well for me. The app comes with multiple currency support which makes it easier to use if you travel a lot. The app also has automatic bank integrations which are helpful.

There is also an automatic cloud synchronization feature which makes it easier to access the data from other devices. The spending tracker is a great way to know where your money is going. App also comes with standardized categories and different templates which can make budgeting a lot easier.

One good feature of the app is the ability to show records on a map. The app also comes with a good widget that allows you to enter data right from the home screen.

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5. Money Manager Expense & Budget

This app has a lot of loyal customers and they are growing fast. It’s an advanced budgeting app for Android and employs some efficient asset management and accounting techniques. The app shows the budget and expenses by a graph so you will be able to get a visual representation of your earnings and spending.

The app also has a good passcode system which saves everything from prying eyes. One good feature is the instant statistics generated on the basis of data you entered. The app also has a good backup and restore functionality which is missing from many other apps. You can also check out the best adult apps for Android if you are planning to be a great adult.

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6. Goodbudget: Budget & Finance

Goodbudget is one of the most hassle-free apps available on Android. It is the budget app which is well-suited for the large screen space provided by Android tablets. In fact, I would highly recommend this app if you own an Android tablet and want to use a budget app on it.

The app provides automatic synchronization across other mobile phones and even the Internet, so you will be able to access your budgets anywhere. The app also gives you some great budget sharing features making it easier to collaborate with your partner. An envelope-based system might take a little getting used to but after you are familiarized, it gets really easy to use.

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These were a few great budget apps for android and I hope they will suffice for all your budgeting needs. These apps cover a very large spectrum of budgeting and some of them offer unique features as well. I highly advise that you test them all out before settling on one because who knows what may click with your money managing nature.

Some people require a good app for savings while others just need a budgeting app to manage groceries. I also recommend that you check out the best grocery apps for Android, if you are purchasing a lot of them each month.

 If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to type them out in the comments below.

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  1. Wallet used to be great but had an upgrade (Nov 1st 2016) to allow it to connect to your bank and auto-load expenses… sounds good option if not damaging what was working great: that brought NOT-customizable categories (yes, you *MUST* use what the developers think to be best), consequently making impossible to group/sum all expenses you want to see together.
    => for instance, medicines and doctors are in different categories, so you will never see them all together as expenses with *health* because the developer used different mindset (his own) and does not allow to customize it.
    And just for the record, I am a premium user of the app for long time, and that is what I get.
    BTW why I am posting this right now? Because I am searching for different app now to replace wallet and cancel my subscription.

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