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5 Affordable High-Quality Earphones for Android

Best Budget Earphones for Android feature image

Listening to different things on your smartphone is one of the main reasons why you have it in the first place. Some people like to max up the volume and listen to everything with the speaker in public. Don’t be that guy; travel with these best budget earphones for Android instead.

They are quite inexpensive and still provide a great listening experience on your Android smartphone. So instead of blasting techno music on the train, listen to it with more clarity by using these budget earphones for Android. Now you are a very considerate person and nobody hates you.

Like listening to music on the best music players for Android or even booting up one of the best video players for Android to catch a movie, you will need a solid pair of earphones. Sure, some smartphones do come with front facing stereo speakers but they’re not always practical. For example, if you have a significant other, it may be a bit problematic to listen to music while they are sleeping. If you’re studying in the library, you can simply unlock your smartphone and blast away some rad tunes.

Almost every Android smartphone ships with a pair of standard earphones but they are very flimsy and of low quality. Sony used to make exceptional earphones for their Walkman series but that series is long gone now. So it is always better to invest in a good pair of earphones, even though they are budget friendly, they still better than the stock earbuds your manufacturer has sent.

Earphones in this list are not in any particular order but they are below the fabled $25 mark. I highly recommend the Sony earphones because I have personally tested them and they sound all right. It is quite obvious that you cannot expect stellar sound quality from budget earphones but they do provide good quality sound. So let’s start with the five best budget earphones for Android list.

1. Sony MDR

Sony MDR


Over the years Sony has made some remarkable headsets for different markets. Even right now I’m using the PS4 wireless gold headset on my PC. So naturally, I was inclined to check out their Android earphone offerings. This-here comes in a variety of colors so there’s no shortage of customization. They are even remarkably snuggly and fit almost any ear type.

The 9 mm driver unit with neodymium magnet and hybrid silicon earbuds allow the earphones to deliver a good experience. For an earphone that is this inexpensive, they sure pack a punch when it comes to bass. If you’re looking for a simple solution for your budget earphone for Android problem, then you should definitely check this earphone out.


2. Samsung HS 130

Samsung HS 130

Samsung ships some of the worst earphones with their smartphones. I was really excited to use the new earpods that came with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and was sorely disappointed to find their quality out. Thankfully the company also makes some good earphones like the Samsung HS 130. The earphone is available in three color variations and is very light weight. One good thing about this earphone is its multi-function in line remote.

You can use the inline buttons to adjust the volume of the device as well as skip music tracks. These functions come in handy if you listen to music while sleeping as you don’t want to open your eyes and look at the screen. If you have a Samsung smartphone and need something more than the horrendous stock earphones, this is the way to go.


3. Rovking Sport Earphones

Rovking Sport Earphones

If you’re into fitness and need a good companion earphone for Android, then this earphone from Rovking is certainly a good candidate. The earphone is available in three different colors but that’s not why it’s on the list. It is a sweat proof, sport and work earphone that allows you to exercise without the worry of damaging your earphone. And the problem with earphones is that they are prone to getting out of your ears when you are doing different exercises.

This one fits snugly in your ear and the over the ear design makes it secure. So no matter what kind of odd crunches you are doing, the earbud won’t slip out. They are noise isolating ear phones, this means you’ll stay undistracted throughout the workout. However, I would advise lowering the volume when you are running on or close to the road. This will allow you to listen to incoming traffic.


4. SennheiserCx 175

SennheiserCx 175

Sennheiser makes some amazing headphones for gamers and audiophiles alike. So it’s only natural that I had to take a look at their budget offering for Android. If you can get your hands on a Sennheiser CX 175, you’ll be getting a high-powered dynamic speaker system for excellent audio performance.

Ear adapters that come in different sizes so they feel comfortable. As the earbuds make a seal in the ear now, the headphone is able to do ambient noise attenuation. The bass coming out of these little guys is surprisingly loud and enjoyable. This is a great earphone and it is now quite inexpensive as well; the only problem is that the manufacturer has discontinued it.


5. Skullcandy Method

Skullcandy Method
Skullcandy has a ton of different earphones available for Android but if you’re looking for their budget offering, you’ll be a little disappointed. But if you have the cash to spend the full style, this is the brand you should check out.

Almost every earphone they make has a unique style and comes in different colors. The Skullcandy Method earphone comes in eight different colors and all of them are quite pleasant to look at (except the lime yellow, it just looks tacky).

One good thing about these earphones is that they are sweat resistant and can be used for exercise. The earphones are also quite hard to shake out of your ear so no matter what you are doing, they will stay put. The only problem is that they are not quite budget friendly and this is why they are last on the list.



While there are a ton of budget earphones for Android, not all of them are capable of providing an exceptional experience. These earphones may not be the best of the best but they are quite good for the asking price.

Just like always, if you have a better product in mind that should be on the list, do talk to us about it in the comments below and we’ll make sure it makes it to the update. Until the next time, keep on listening to music on your Android.

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  1. I use Sandisk Sansa ear phones and have found them to be quite good sounding. No tinny sound like alot of other under $25 phones. Got mine with the Sandisk MP3 player a few years ago and more recently thru Amazon.

    1. Hi Gary,
      Thanks for sharing what kind of earphones you use and what you think of them. I´m sure that your opinion will help others decide what earphones they buy in the future. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  2. I bought a couple of pairs of these some time ago. I use one with my PC, and the other with my tablet. I am very satisfied with them. The price is right. They come in about 1/2 dozen different colors. The cord seem to be resistant to tangles. I am in my early 60’s, and perhaps my hearing is not as acute as with a younger ear, but I have no complaints. I am looking into wireless bluetooth earbuds for my smartphone.

    1. Hi Darryl,
      I am happy to hear that you found some earphones you are happy with. Thanks for sharing your experience with them, Any brand in particular for your future wireless Bluetooth earbuds? =-)

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