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6+ Best Business Card Design Apps for Android in 2023

Do you plan to own a business card but don’t want to spend so much money? Well, it’s a good day for you! Here are the best business card design apps.

Gone are the days when you really have to hire professionals to make card designs for your business or profession. With business card design apps available for free, and some for a small price, you can now create your own designs using your phone or tablet.

Yes, it’s now that easy!

Some people think business cards are old school. But they are actually as important as ever when it comes to promoting your business. They help make your business appear legitimate and professional.

Now, we all know this:

In business, making an impression is highly important. You don’t want to turn off your potential customers by not being professional. With business cards, you let other people know what your business offers in as little words as possible. You invite people through texts and graphics. You make your business more accessible.

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Perfect Your First Impressions With These Business Card Design Apps

But you might wonder…

“What’s the difference between having it made and making it on your own?”

Convenience is the word.

What these apps offer to businesses and professionals is convenience. With just a few clicks and in a matter of a few minutes, you can have your own creation to suit your purpose or kind of business.

The business card design apps included in this list have one thing in common— they are user-friendly. They are designed for non-professionals and those who don’t have the technical skills to create professional-looking cards. They are meant to be easy.

So bring out your creative juices and make your own personal, professional life shine with the help of these business card design apps!

6 of the Best Apps That Lets You Design Your Business Card on Android

Android has millions of apps available on the Google Play store. While some may be more popular or better than the ones we selected, we still chose the apps listed below due to the following reasons:

  • Functionality
  • Ease of Use
  • Customization
  • Features

While most of the apps exceeded our expectation, some listed here barely meets our standard. We only considered them due to functionality offered that some may find preferable especially for beginners.

So without further ado, let’s jump right into the list of the best business card design apps:

  1. Digital Business Card Maker
  2. ZerOnes Business Card Maker & Creator
  3. Light Creative Lab Business Card Maker and Creator
  4. LensCard Business Card Maker
  5. INTSIG CamCard Free
  6. Unified
  7. Logo Maker by DesignMantic
  8. Desygner
  9. Splendid Business Card Maker 

1. Digital Business Card Maker

Digital Business Card Maker

Make your own business cards in just a few minutes with this app. Digital Business Card Maker lets you customize your own card to suit your business or your target customers. With so many templates to choose from, you can come up with countless designs with this card maker.

With this app, you can create cards not only for your business, but also for your work, for a party invitation, or even simply for fun. You can include your name, address, phone number, social media account with matching icons, and other professional or personal information.

It has high-level customization support and offers a wide collection of professional business card templates. With multiple text effects, fonts, layers, stickers, and backgrounds.

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2. ZerOnes Business Card Maker & Creator

ZerOnes Business Card Maker

This is one of the best business card design apps available for Android. ZerOnes Business Card Maker lets you create logo cards, traditional cards, and all kinds of business cards. It lets you advertise your business or profession through the artistic graphics display.

It features simple setup and layout, making it easy for you to create the kind of design you want to achieve. Whether you want something simple, professional-looking, vibrant, or a bit traditional, it’s all doable using this app.

Through your smartphone, you can check what your card will actually look like when printed. You can then easily transfer what you made to a computer so you can print it out, and voila, you’ve got physical copies of your self-made business cards.

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3. Light Creative Lab Business Card Maker and Creator

Business Card Maker and Creator

Another popular choice is the Business Card Maker and Creator app. With its simple interface, this app is easily one of the most accessible and user-friendly business card making apps you can find for free.

Featuring a simple layout, this app allows you to add lines, symbols, and texts as you see fit. You can choose from a wide range of templates, colours, and layouts. You can also add a symbol, logo, and whatever you think is needed for your card. It’s as easy as dragging and dropping.

Customize Your Own Design

It is the most simple & basic app when it comes to business card design apps. Plus, you can choose from classic and modern designs. There’s plenty of options.

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4. LensCard Business Card Maker

LensCard Business Card Maker

If you want something more advanced, then you can try this popular choice: LensCard Business Card Maker. This app offers various artistic layouts. You can do more with it than other basic card design apps. It has more templates and design options.

Using this app, you can custom graphics, add three-dimensional texts, include icons, create shadow colors, and more.

This is also the kind of app right for you if you’re looking to print your cards on different kinds of paper. It has a feature that lets you simulate the design you created with the kind of paper you will be using. You will see how it will finally look when actually printed.

But since it’s more advanced, expect it also to be less user-friendly than the others.

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5. INTSIG CamCard Free

CamCard Free

INTSIG CamCard has the basic functions of a business card making app. It has a comprehensive layout and features drag and drop interface.

But what makes it different is that it is also great for exchanging your cards with other users or other people by sending them electronically. It has a camera-like layout which allows you to take notes and keep track of all the cards you’re making and receiving.

However, design-wise, the templates do not offer that much option. If you’re looking for something more original and artistic, then this might not be the card maker for you.

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6. Unified Apps Business Card Maker

Unified Apps Business Card Maker

Add a bit of personal touch to your business card with this app. Unified Apps Business Card Maker is popular among many users. This is because of its user-friendly features and versatile functions.

This card can help you make four different types of business cards, such as vertical and horizontal cards. It supports various fonts, templates, and texts as well. It has a full preview feature which helps you see how your card will look like. It’s easy and fast.

The downside of this app is that you cannot go back and edit the card designs once you have saved them. You can duplicate them, but not edit them. This is partly why placing this last on the list.

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7. Logo Maker by DesignMantic

designmatic business card maker
DesignMatic Logo

If you’re looking for an app that will let you design your own logo and incorporate that logo into designing your own business card with the support of professional logo makers? Then we highly recommend checking DesignMantic. An app that will let you design your own logo for free and design your own business card as well for an affordable price.

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You can learn more about their business card design deals on their website at

8. Desygner


Looking for a wholesome tool for graphic designing along with designing business cards? Desynger is a great choice business card design apps. This user-friendly design tool is great for multipurpose tasks, such as creating posters, resumes, covers, ads, or social media posts. 

Even though the tool is free for users, you can also upgrade to the Pro version for even more advanced features. With great usability, it is a convenient tool that helps the users to create and customize their brand content in no time. 

9. Splendid Business Card Maker 

Splendid Business Card Maker 

Created by the Splendid App maker, this is one of the best business card design apps specifically made for creating business cards. Featuring 75 free templates, this card maker allows users to create visiting cards, and business cards per their interests. One of the major highlights of the software is that you are free to customize the templates as you prefer.

Providing the most common icons, such as Twitter and Facebook, makes Splendid Business Card Maker more effective. Being an easy to use software, users can easily navigate through various features and options. 

People Also Ask

What is a business card design app?

A business card design app allows you to create, customize, and personalize your business card! Such apps will also save you a lot of money because you won’t need to pay for a designer. You can absolutely be your own designer.

Do business card apps have templates?

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Choose the Best Business Card Design Apps From Here

You can always hire a professional if you’re not so sure of yourself. But successfully doing it yourself is something you can be proud of. It offers a different kind of satisfaction. And it’s fun too! While you’re at it, you can also make your business run more smoothly with the help of business apps for Android.

The good thing about the abovementioned business card design apps is that they are not that hard to master. They are designed for people like you. They’re easy and highly accessible. And they help bring out the creativity in you.

If you are not so sure if you’re doing it right, you can always check out some samples you can get ideas from. Just make sure to keep things professional-looking, without making it too boring. Legitimate but still artsy, depending on your target customer and the business you are promoting.

What do you think of these apps? If you have tried using them, let us know what you think of them. We are open to comments and suggestions. Just drop them here, anytime you feel like it.

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