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5+ Best Business Planning Apps For Android in 2023 [UPDATED]

Business planning is a crucial part for anyone who wants to have the best opportunity in expanding it. Having a good business plan can help in identifying your goals and mission as well as the value proposition.

But have you ever wondered if you can use your daily personal smartphone for business planning? As a matter of fact, you can! Smartphones are advanced enough to provide applications that you can use for business planning.

With apps designed for such purpose, not only you will save money, but it will also provide you a solid framework that will focus on decisions, goals, foresee issues, make an appropriate adjustment, and ultimately, keep things on track.

Business Planner Apps Comparison Table

 Business planning appsBusiness Plan Quick BuilderWrite A Business Plan & Business Start TutorialsBusiness Builder – Small business management suiteBusiness Planner: Business finances managementBusiness Plan for Entrepreneurs
Financial ChartYesYes
Community SupportYesYes
PriceFreeFreeFree | $1.99FreeFree
Comparison of the best business planning apps

5 Best Android Business Planning Apps [Google Play Store]

When it comes to business, we usually depend on tools such as computers and other people to implement the business plan for us. However, as a business owner, you need to keep up with the plans whatsoever to get your business up and running.

So having a smartphone that keeps our business plan in check is crucial and convenient. You can write a business plan on the business planning software and you are all set to keep track of them anywhere anytime.

You can accompany your business planner app with a money manager app to keep a track of your business’s financial data and check the cash flow. With that in mind, here are 5 of the best business planner apps that you can use with your personal Android smartphone:

1. Business Plan Quick Builder


If there’s an app that we really consider perfect for business planning, it’s Business Plan Quick Builder. This app is developed and designed by a consulting agency, Perren Consulting Ltd, that specialized in business planning.

One of the best features of this app is its design and functionality. It uses a simple template with questionnaires that you will have to fill up. Don’t worry, every question is related to your business plan. In just 3 steps, you can create a business plan on this app.

Key Features of the app:

  • Pre-defined Business Plan Template
  • Generate a Full Business Plan
  • Option to Create a 5-Year Financial Forecast with Clear Strategic Steps
  • Customize Your Business Plan with Style and Content Options
  • Creates a Mission Statement for Your Business

The app is free to download and worry not, it has no ads in it which is great. It’s simple to use and intuitive as well. It’s the perfect free business planner app for every Android smartphone.

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2. Write A Business Plan & Business Start Tutorials


The Business Plan & Start Startup app is by far the most popular and downloaded business planner/builder app available on the Google Play store. It currently has over 1 million downloads as of this writing and it’s a lite app with 1.7MB in download size.

The app offers more than just business planning, it also helps you in starting up your business if you have a new business idea and it provides a community for business ideas as well. Which makes it as one of the best business planning apps for those who are planning to start up a business.

The app is available for free on the Google Play store. You can, however, purchase a premium version that comes with live experts within the mobile app by a coach who is an experienced entrepreneur. The premium version of the app cost around $1.99.

Key Features of the app:

  • Create a Bussiness Plan.
  • Tutorials for Every Section of a Typical Business Plan.
  • Step by Step Timeline.
  • Get Business Planning Help From The Community.
  • YouTube Videos and Podcasts.

Ultimately, the app is more inclined towards business startups. It is designed to aid you in 3 distinct ways:

  1. Teach how to think about each section of a business plan.
  2. Software tools to help you create a small business plan, stay on track and motivated.
  3. Last but not least, allows you to ask questions about your business plan to an entrepreneur community.

If you are looking for a business planner app that’s used by a lot of people such as business owners, then this is the app for you.

business planning apps

3. Business Builder – Small business management suite

business planning apps

A ‘best business planning software’ list without the mention of Business Builder would be unfair.

If you are looking for a business planner app that offers various tools for productivity and bookkeeping, then we highly recommend the Business Builder – Small business management suite app.

This app is basically a combination of bookkeeping and productivity tools perfect for all businesses types and sizes. It is also a great tool for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The app was designed with business administration in mind. Helping people to get fully prepare themselves for their business plans and goals. The app also comes with checklists and guides about business.

Other than keeping tracks of your goals for your business, this app can also track your sales, record contacts, keep track of your business expenses, inventory tracker, and more!

Key Features of the app:

  • Goals & Activity Scheduling.
  • Progress Tracking.
  • Built-In Invoice & Quotation Maker.
  • Create Receipts & Sales Tracker.
  • Business Income & Expense Tracker.
  • Tracking Inventory.
  • Business Planner Template.
  • Bookkeeping.
  • To-Do List.
  • and more!

You can easily find this app on the Google Play store or by clicking/tapping the link below.

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4. Business Planner: Business finances management


The Business Planner: Business finances management app is one of the best business planning apps that focuses on the financial side of your business.

If you’re looking for an app to keep track of your business expenses, then we highly recommend checking this one out. Additionally, you might also want to check out our top business expense tracker apps in 2019.

Overall, the app is more like a finance tracker app instead of a business planner. Despite the design, the functionality is present and its features work as intended. Adding expenses and income is quite easy and the ability to view the statistics of your finance in a graph is really great.

Key Features of the app:

  • General Business Financial Tracking.
  • Issue Payments & Receipts.
  • Overview of Cashflow via Graph Chart.
  • Create Future Plans for Business.

Despite the lack of business planning features, the app is still a great app and worth recommending for those that whats to have an emphasis on business financial growth.

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5. Entrepreneur Business Ideas – Tools & Tutorials

business planning apps

Last but not least, we have the Entrepreneur Business Ideas – Tools & Tutorials app on our best business planning apps list. This app focus and specializes in business plan creation. If you’re looking for a business planner app that will let you create a formal statement of business goals, reasons they are attainable, and plans for reaching them, then this is the app for you.

Not just that, the app also has lessons and tutorials on these topics.

  1. How to get business ideas
  2. Psychology of being a small business owner and an entrepreneur
  3. Evolution of a business idea and how they change over time. This is what happens to your idea after you get your business ideas.
  4. What to do if you have too many business ideas and how to choose the best out of those ideas
  5. Common business idea mistakes
  6. Protecting business ideas after you get the business ideas, and whether you should protect them at all

For those that seek help and have no idea in business plan creation, then this app is great for you. It offers a ton of templates and lesson guides on business plan creation. Giving you the opportunity to create strategies from the comfort of your handheld device.

The app has a software tool on which you can create business plans for your idea. Moreover, you can also get personalized guidance from proven entrepreneurs by getting the premium plan.

Key Features of the app:

  • Articles on business ideas
  • List of 100 business ideas
  • Over 20,000 business plans
  • Lessons on business entrepreneur topics
  • Software tool to create a business plan
  • Personalized guidance from experienced entrepreneurs

Out of all the apps in this list, this one is by far the one that enriches people with guides in business plan creation. Download the app from the Google Play store.

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6. Aha

Best business planning apps

Tired of making business plans? Aha can be a good solution for you. This can be a great help for product management. This is one of the best can help you to set and create strategies for your business plans. It not only allows you to prioritize your plans, and features, but also helps you in creating and sharing visual plans. 

The tool provides strategic models, including Canva, SWOT, Segment Profile, Porter’s 5 forces, and 10Ps. To check the duration and status of the new initiatives, the Aha features a roadmap. The live dashboard of the tool will help you track the progress and updates of your tasks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a business plan app for mobile?

A business plan app for mobile is a utility or tool that lets you create a business plan on your Android smartphone. You can easily find one by browsing the Google Play store.

How to use a business planner app?

To use a business planner app, you first need to know the aspects of business planning you want to create. Is it goals? to address issues? financial forecasting? or all? Once you have the fundamentals you want to write for your business plan, find an app that would be perfect for your need. Download and install the app on your phone and launch it to start using it.

Can I use your phone to make a business plan?

Yes, you can use your phone or tablet to make a business plan. However, it has to be a smartphone. Otherwise, ordinary phones are not capable enough and have no support from various developers for such purpose.

Business Planning, Setting Goals & Implementing Strategies

When making or creating a business plan, the most important aspect of doing so is writing your business goals, how would you achieve it, and foresight future issues.

A business plan should be strategically feasible at all cost, otherwise, it’s more of a dream plan and not a business plan if it’s not logically feasible to d so.

We mostly depend on our computers when creating one on a business planning software and with the current trend of technology, you can now do so with your handheld smartphone device.

We hope that these best business planning apps have helped you in creating your perfect business plan and have given you the power to do so at the palm of your hands.

So, have you tried the apps on our best business planner apps list yet? For questions, comments, or suggestions, do hit us in the comment section below!

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  1. From the whole list I liked only the Business Planner: Business finances management app. Despite the fact that the apps are free, they seem to me old-fashioned. Why not review modern apps, such as Weeek or Asana?

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts mate, but the ones you recommended are more of a To-Do and teamwork apps. The ones that we included in our list pre-defines the business plans and goals including a set of template and questionnaires for businesses.

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