Best Call Forwarding Apps for Android
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The 4 Best Call Forwarding Apps for Android

There comes a time when you need to forward incoming calls to another number. Whatever the reason might be, these best call forwarding apps for Android will definitely be able to help you. You can forward all the calls you receive to your home landline – if you are feeling particularly annoyed – directly to a message recorder.

The best call forwarding apps for Android are the ones which route the calls with minimal input, and do it in an efficient and secure way.

Note: These call forwarding apps for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. The apps forwarded the calls successfully. No problems were faced during the testing phase. Before using the apps make sure that your carrier allows call forwarding or not. Some carriers charge a small fee for call forwarding; know the cost beforehand to avoid surprises.

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Call Forwarding Apps for Android – Must Try Apps

If you are looking for the best call forwarding apps for android, your search ends here. These apps are our top picks for getting the job done without any hassle.

  1. Simple Call Forwarding
  2. Forward My Calls
  3. Call Forwarding
  4. Call forwarding

1. Simple Call Forwarding

Simple Call Forwarding
Simple Call Forwarding App Logo-Call Forwarding Apps for Android

The Simple Call Forwarding app for Android is as simple as they come (no pun intended.) There are no fancy features that you don’t really need. The app allows you to forward all incoming calls without ringing. So why is it the number one app on the best call forwarding apps for Android list? Because it comes with a widget that controls the app from your home screen.

The widget is a simple switch that activates and deactivates call forwarding instantly. It’s an amazing convenience if you have busy moments and need uninterrupted privacy.

2. Forward My Calls

Forward My Calls
Forward My Calls

Forward My Calls didn’t work on my carrier but worked perfectly for others. Still, this app is one of the best call forwarding apps for Android. The app is same as the ones above, add a number, and – boom – suddenly all the calls are being forwarded to that number.

The app also supports manual activation for call forwarding but I was unable to set them up for my particular carrier. The rest had no problems at all though, which is kind of strange. I have forwarded my concern to the developer and will update if there is a response.

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3. Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding
Call Forwarding app Logo

Simply named Call Forwarding, the app does just as advertised. The interface is strikingly similar to a popular Chat app called Skype. In fact I think this app ripped off their icons as well. But we’re not judging apps by their looks in this particular article; the apps are being listed by their usefulness.

This app has a simplified interface that allows you to save multiple numbers to forward calls to. Keep in mind that the calls will only be forwarded to one of the saved numbers. This feature is highly convenient because it saves you the trouble of reconfiguring for office and home, again and again.

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4. Call forwarding

Call Forwarding
Call Forwarding Logo

The third app called Call Forwarding, also makes it to the list. This app seems a bit outdated in terms of its interface, but it actually gets regular updates. This Android call forwarding app basically allows you to forward calls to a number you give or to an existing contact in your contact book.

The app only allows unconditional call forwarding or unanswered calls. The app also comes with a clunky looking widget which is really ugly but does the job well.

Note: As of recent updates, you can now include more than one forwarding number, which you can choose from if someone calls you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I forward calls using my Android device?

Yes. Android devices have a built-in call forwarding feature that you setup through the settings. To do this, go to settings and look for “Call settings.” From here, you’ll see “Call forwarding.”

Do all call forwarding apps work on different carriers?

Not all carriers support the call forwarding feature since call prices are different for other locations. Although you can set your phone (through apps or settings) to forward calls to other numbers.

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These were the best call forwarding apps for Android. I understand they are not really amazing or packed with features but that is because most of the Android phones come with native call forwarding options. My first recommendation will be to either use the Android built-in forwarding or use the one provided by your carrier. The apps will tide you over real nice if you opt to use them but they can sometimes be unreliable.

If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know in the comments section down below!

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  1. It’s really interesting to me that each of these call forwarding apps only has an overall rating right around 3/5 stars. It’s also interesting to see just what features are offered by each of them. It’d be nice if someone were to develop a new app that has each one of these features!

    1. McKayla,

      I thought so too. I usually pick the apps which are best on the Google Play store, in this case all of them had bad ratings. This app development idea is solid though, when JOA starts making apps, I’ll be sure to pitch this to them 🙂 Thanks for your suggestions!

  2. Does anybody know of a call forwarding app that will notify the phone being forward to that the incoming call is from the forward? This is extremely useful as I have 2 businesses and would like to answer the phone properly when coming from the forward phone. Thanks!

    1. Hi Jon,
      Could you please rephrase your question? None of the suggested apps worked for you? Hope to hear from you soon. =-)

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