5 Best Caller ID Faker Apps to Get Out of Boring Events

There are times when you just have to leave, but social norms prevent you from doing so. some of you have always hated weddings and can’t stand the same scripted event again and again. Now, with one of the best caller ID faker apps on your phone, you can make President Obama call you for a secret meeting.

These great caller ID faker apps have taken us out of sticky situations on numerous occasions and we truly are thankful. If you find yourself at a child’s birthday party and he is just complaining about the two iPhones he just got, you will glad that your “boss” called you for some extra work.

Best Caller Faker ID Apps

1. Fake Call- Free with In-App Purchases

Fake Call Logo
App Logo

This app comes with a beautiful and easy to use interface. It is pretty useful if you want to get yourself out of an awkward situation, or just need some time for yourself when at a social gathering. You can schedule fake phone calls, both in the future and the past, if you need to show someone proof that you are a busy person.


  • Customize Fake Caller ID (Pictures, Number, etc)
  • Schedule Multi Fake Calls
  • Quick Fake Call
  • Fake Call Logs

If you need an app to make it look like you’re talking to an actual person, not just finding a way of a social situation that you don’t want to be in, this is the fake id caller app for you!

Google Play

2. Fake Call – Prank by GameAndro – Free

Fake Call Prank Logo
App Logo

This a very straightforward app. Even though it doesn’t have a well-designed interface, it is quite simple to use. It has the basic features of instant fake call, scheduling and timing fake calls. It’s also nice that you can customize the appearance of the fake call so that it looks more realistic.


  • Customize Caller (Picture, Number, Caracter)
  • Customize Ringtone
  • Set or record a voice for the caller
  • Schedule Fake Calls

However, a thing that we didn’t like – the ads. While we understand why they’re there, we found them to be a bit too much and without a way to get rid of them. But if that doesn’t bother you, then this is a straightforward app that comes with a small memory footprint.

Google Play

3. Shake Fake Call Escape – Free

Shake Fake Call Escape Logo
App Logo

The Shake Fake Call Escape app is designed to get you out of awkward situations. It has all the usual features, with some extra fun: you can shake your phone in order to get an instant call or message. This might come in handy if you didn’t have time to schedule the fake calls in advance, or if you can’t guess when you will need them.


  • Set the intensity of the shake
  • Options for fake messages
  • Compatible with most devices
  • The App has a subtle name (FCR)

Still, you can’t actually answer the call or see or respond to the messages. So if in a situation where you need to prove that you have an emergency, you might have a hard time doing it with this app.

Google Play

4. GogoCall – Power Button Call – Free

Power Button Call Logo
App Logo

GogoCall is another convenient app if you need a fake call to escape a situation. Just like the other applications, it has all the basic features, but, additionally, you can trigger the fake calls just by pressing the power button for 6 times. Compared to the Shake Fake Call app, this is a more subtle and natural trigger, that is less probable to be questioned.


  • Customize Fake Call (Name, Number, Photo)
  • Works even when the phone is locked
  • Customizable Ringtone
  • Customizable Call Appearance

This is definitely the most discreet app on this list. However, we find it a disadvantage that you can’t actually answer the calls, schedule them or save some sort of log. If you’re in a situation where you need to prove that your call was actually there, this app will come short.

Google Play

5. Fake Call by Nova Labs – Free

Fake Call Nova Labs Logo
App Logo

This is another great Fake Caller app, that comes with a practical widget to put on your home screen. When the icon is blue it means that the app is ready to schedule a call if it is red, it means that one is already coming. This comes in useful if you’re the forgetful type.

Google Play

One drawback to this app is that you cannot have instant fake calls. That means you have to fidget with your phone a little before you get your call – and that can be suspicious sometimes. Nevertheless, this Fake ID Caller is straightforward and easy to use when in need.


Which is the best Fake Id Caller app for Android?

We’d say that Fake Call from YellowStudio is one of the best apps from this list, due to the fact that it is highly customizable and has all of the features you would expect – and more.

Can these Fake Caller Apps be used for pranks?

If your prank involves having your own phone ring, sure. However, you cannot call other devices with these apps. If you’re looking to prank call your friends, we suggest you check out our article “Prank Call Apps for Android – Fake a Call from Any Number”. Also, if you are being pranked and would like to know who is calling you at 3 am, then you’d better try these Caller ID Apps for Android.

Are Fake ID Caller Apps dangerous?

Not at all. They only simulate receiving a call on your own device, at your command, so there is nothing dangerous about the way that they work. However, as with any app, you have to be careful about the permissions you give to the app you’ve installed.

Caller ID Faker App – Take Control of Your Own Time

We know it is ethically and morally wrong to lie but sometimes you can’t just sit at a bar mitzvah of a kid you barely know for 2 hours. Sometimes it is good to have a Thanksgiving dinner with family but sometimes you just need a bit of a time out.

If you’re in a place where every single person asks you about where your life is going – thanks to best caller ID faker apps, your life goes where you command. Try out these empowering apps and tell us about your own narrow misses and social avoidance adventures.

Let us know which apps you’ve tried and what your experience was! We’d love to see your creative stories down in the comments below!

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