5 Best Car Tracker Apps to Trace Vehicles

5 Best Car Tracker Apps to Trace Vehicles

Do you run a small delivery business or a fleet of vans used as a school service?

Are you sick of wondering where you parked your car or where the members of your family are?

What if you could trace their whereabouts with the touch of a finger?

Pretty amazing, right?

Thanks to car tracker apps, you can now monitor vehicles in real-time, track their mileage, or find routes without having to spend a dime. Time to put your paranoia to rest.

We have listed 5 of the best car tracker app for you to try. You can download one (or all) and find out which of them will suit your needs best.

Are you ready?

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Best Car tracker app
Always worried where your loved ones are?

Let’s make things clear first.

The vehicle tracker apps mentioned in this article primarily uses your smartphone as a medium to monitor the vehicle’s whereabouts. This means that wherever the smartphone being tracked is, that same location is returned to the “base”.

Here is the point.

To effectively use some of these car tracker apps, you must make sure that the smartphone always stays inside the vehicle. Alternatively, you can purchase a physical car GPS tracker that you can install on the vehicle itself and use its corresponding app to pinpoint its location.

That means these vehicle tracker apps can act as a mobile tracker as well.

Neat, right?

These are our top picks for the list of 5 best car tracker app available in the market. Please check them out.

  1. EverTrack – GPS Vehicle Tracker App
  2. VTS System Pro – GPS Vehicle Tracking System
  3. Automatic GPS Vehicle Tracker for Businesses
  4. Find my car-GPS Navigation
  5. Glympse – Share GPS Connection

If you feel that installing these apps is not feasible, we have selected a couple of car GPS tracking devices that will serve the same purpose.

  1. Family First GPS Tracker
  2. Primetracking Personal GPS Tracker

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1. EverTrack – GPS Vehicle Tracker App

GPS Vehicle Tracker - EverTrack
EverTrack App Logo – Best Car Tracker App

EverTrack is probably the best car tracker app there is. It is ideal for monitoring fleets of vehicles in real-time and is compatible with Android phones (4.0 or higher) and Amazon Fire mobiles. It is also compatible with several GPS tracking hardware such as Xexun, Teltonika, Coban, and MeiTrack.

EverTrack UI
EverTrack User Interface- Best Car Tracker Apps

Because of its clean user interface, EverTrack allows you to build your own fleet system in a breeze. If you’re a business owner where the need to monitor your vehicles is a must, this app can be a big help. Just invite your members to join your account and you’re on.

EverTrack Pro
EverTrack System- Best Car Tracker Apps

Just a little head’s up, EverTrack only provides a 14-day free trial. If it is really that good for your business, it is worth the investment, isn’t it?

You can check out their plans here.

Google Play

2. VTS System Pro – GPS Vehicle Tracking System

VTS System Pro- Best Car Tracker App

Another effective fleet and workforce management car GPS tracker app is the VTS System Pro. It has several useful features which can be used not only for business purposes but for personal ones as well.

The VTS System Pro has ignition alerts, geofence alerts, real-time fuel reading, and over-speeding alerts, to name a few. It could also generate reports should you need to review the history of your car’s activities.

Upon downloading, users will be prompted to sign in. A disclaimer (found below the app description on the Google Playstore) alerts its users to partner with FTelematics to fully enjoy the app. However, you can get a demo to get a “feel” on how the app works.

You can call their sales directly through the app should you want to partner with FTelematics.

Google Play

3. Automatic GPS Vehicle Tracker for Businesses

Automatic Vehicle Tracker for Business
Automatic GPS-Best Car Tracker App

The Automatic GPS Vehicle Tracker is one of the best car tracker app that is JOA approved. This GPS vehicle tracker primarily consists of an android tracker app and a secured web application.

MyCarTracker App- Best Car Tracker App

The mobile phone (where the tracker app is installed) acts as a tracking unit by detecting and recording the movements of the driver’s vehicle. What is good about this app is that all data are sent to the MyCarTrack Cloud which can be accessed through www.mycartracks.com in any tablet, smartphone, or PC.

Users can also set up their fleet in no time. It has a simple user interface, returns real-time results, and generates reports in a printable log-book in PDF or Excel making it easier for you to track down a vehicle’s history, making this app one of the best car tracker app for organisations.

You can either avail of the free app or purchase their premium version.

Google Play

4. Find my car-GPS Navigation

Find My Car
Find my car- Best Car Tracker App

Have you ever found yourself lost in a jungle of cards and cannot seem to find your own?

Well, the Find My Car app is a must-have.

This app only requires you to use your phone’s GPS to get back to where your car is located including previously visited places.

Sounds cool, yes?

Find My Car app acts as a destination-pointing compass. All you have to do is tap the “Park” button once you’ve parked your vehicle then it saves its coordinates. It works without using your mobile data or connecting to the internet.

Find My Car
Find My Car User Interface- Best Car Tracker App

When you want to go back to your vehicle, just tap on “Find My Car”. Then voila! It will direct you to your car’s saved coordinates. It uses multiple modes of tracking; maps, GPS, and Pulse Wavefront Radar.

Just a reminder!

This app will not help you locate stolen cars.

Google Play

5. Glympse – Share GPS Connection

Glympse Logo- Best Car Tracker App

Glympse is a another free & one of the best car tracker app that lets you share your live GPS location to let your loved ones know where you are.

You can either send or request a Glympse from another user provided that both of you are connected to the internet. Just install and you’re ready to go. There is no sign-up required to enjoy its features.

Glympse UI
Glympse User Interface

This app runs on the background so you can still work on other apps while sharing your real-time location. You can even use this to find your mom if you get lost inside the supermarket.

Great, huh?

Google Play

But what if…

Not all people want to be tracked and honestly, this is where their loved ones go crazy. Not everyone will be willing to install any of these best car tracker app on their smartphones.

If they aren’t cooperating, you can always buy a GPS tracker that you can install incognito on their vehicles.

1. Family First GPS Tracker

Family1st GPS Tracker
Family1st GPS Tracker

The Family First GPS Tracker has amazing real-time tracking with a 5-second update. It has geofencing features, smart alerts, generates instant reports, and extended battery life.

Portable and Lightweight

It also fits at the palm of your hands for that stealthy look.


2. Primetracking Personal GPS Tracker


The Primetracking GPS Tracker monitors the speed of a vehicle from where your loved ones are riding on and you can get real-time updates.

Fits even on a bike.

Another tiny and lightweight tracker that can fit on a bike, a backpack, or even a pocket. It


What Other Car GPS Tracker App Users Are Asking

Where do I hide a GPS tracker on a car?

If you are using the apps to track another car, there is a little chance that you can hide them. However, if you are using a tracker itself, you can place them under the seats, inside the toolbox, or hide it somewhere near the spare tire.

Is there a car tracker app for when you forget where you park?

Yes. The Find My Car GPS Navigation will help you locate your parked vehicle however far away it may be.

How do I know if there is any GPS tracker in my car?

You can do a thorough check of your vehicle by meticulously checking every corner of it. Alternatively, you can run a bug detector thoroughly on your car, especially on the corners. Bug detectors are usually available in stores where GPS trackers are sold.

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Time to Relax, Thanks To These Car GPS Tracker Apps

Technology really is our friend and if we are creative enough, we can always use them to our advantage.

Picture this.

Now you don’t have to worry about whether your employees are slacking, why your husband is running late, or the ETA of your daughter from school. You’ll always be able to track their location and put your worries to rest.

Can you think of other ways you can use these vehicle tracker apps? Are you using one of your own? Do you know other free car tracking apps? We’d love to hear your suggestions! Share your thoughts on the comments section below!

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