Use These Cases and Covers for Pixel C to Add Style and Protection

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The Pixel C is Google’s attempt at asserting their independence over hardware manufacturers and it worked very well, indeed. But, this sort of design isn’t for everyone. People might want something a bit different and more radical.

Sure, the design maintains stability and offers some degree of protection, but cases are made not only for security, they also offer a sense of fashion. We’ve put together a list of our favorite cases and covers for the Pixel C.

1. Evecase Case


The Evecase is durable and quite light. It’s rugged enough to help your Pixel C survive in the worst of conditions. The Pixel C is protected inside the bag with the help of a zipper which is quite secure. The inside of the case is soft to protect your investment from any minor scratches or damage.

The Evecase for the Pixel C is unique in the sense that it is made from an unconventional material of choice. It is made from neoprene which is soft to the touch and is also quite durable.

It retails for around $30 and is available in the orange-colored variant.

Notable feature: Another thing to notice is that the case is universal in the sense that it can be used for carrying various other stuff as well.

2. Procase Leather Case

Procase leather case

It has a classic and timeless design that most people like and makes your tablet look like a leather booklet.

It does not obstruct any of the tablet’s features and allows unhindered use. The hard and sturdy exterior protects the tablet from day to day scuffs and scratches while the soft interior also functions in the same regard.

There are also magnets present which makes sure your case stays closed and also an elastic slot to hold the stylus which you get with the Pixel C.

It retails at $35 and is available in the following colors: Black, brown, navy, and red.

Notable feature: As a bonus, you also get another stylus exclusively from Procase.


3. Kugi Ultra Thin Smart Cover

KuGi ultra thin

This case is thin. Really thin.

It has an origami style front flap which allows you to prop up the Pixel C for media consumption and also allows for minor adjustments to get the perfect viewing angle.

It also has a non-slip fabric interior which makes sure the Pixel C stays in place when in use.

It retails for $11.5 and is available in the black, blue, green, red and white variants.

Notable feature: The KuGi smart cover for the Pixel C was made to complement its sleek design and it works really well in this regard.

4. Moko Smart Cover

MoKo smart shell

The MoKo smart shell for the Pixel C is extremely lightweight and also very thin.

It allows for the unhindered use of the Pixel C’s features while maintaining its perfect form factor. Also, it adds minimal bulk to your device while making sure it stays protected. It is made from a premium looking PU leather exterior.

It retails for around $30 and is available in the black, blue, light blue, red, floral purple, lucky tree, and map versions.

Notable feature: It also has a magnetic closure which is supported by the lack of bezels which gives you free reign over the Pixel C’s gesture features.

5. Moko Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

MoKo wireless

Like many cases on this list, it allows for the unhindered use of the Pixel C’s features. The battery on this case is removable, and the keyboard is highly tactile.

It is made from PU leather which looks stylish. It retails for $40 and is available in the black and blue colors.

Notable feature: The keyboard can be removed for faster typing and is ultra-thin and lightweight with a removable battery.

6. KuGi Keyboard

KuGi wireless

Quite similar to the case mentioned above, the KuGi wireless keyboard case for the Pixel C is for the keyboard enthusiast who wants to type on a better feeling, tactile keyboard. It is made up of hard PU leather on the outside, and because of its ruggedness, does a great job of protecting your tablet.

It has a microfiber interior which protects the inside of your tablet from scratches, and just to make sure, it is also lined with microfiber for additional convenience. The case costs around $35 and is only available in the black version.

Notable feature: KuGi claims that it is a “real, hard-type keyboard that will give you a better typing experience that other silicone keyboards”, and I’ve to hand it to them, they’ve done a pretty good job.

7. Vikoo Bi-Fold Case

Vikoo bifold

The Vikoo bi-fold case for the Pixel C, as the name implies, can fold in half, which is great for propping up your tablet for media consumption. It also allows for the unhindered use of the Pixel C by providing clean access to all the ports and buttons on the device.

The exterior of the case is made from hard PU leather which protects the Pixel C quite well, while the interior is lined with microfiber to protect the tablet from scratches. It retails for around $35 and is available in a myriad of colors ranging from red, dark blue to patterns like maps.

Notable feature: The case still maintains a slim profile even with all these features while still remaining lightweight.

8. Vikoo Tri-Fold Case

Vikoo trifold

While the Vikoo bi-fold case can only fold in half, the Vikoo tri-fold case for the Pixel C is divided into 3 segments, so you can fold the case and prop it up at various angles for the most comfortable experience.

It gives unobstructed access to all the features that the Pixel C has to offer, and gives you clean ports to all the buttons. The case is very easy to take off and put back on and does not require any extra effort that would provide any inconvenience.

The exterior, like many other cases, is made from tough PU leather which is quite durable and provides protection. The interior, on the other hand, is made from a soft microfiber fabric, that is present to protect you tablet from any unnecessary scratches.

Like its other counterpart, it is available in a myriad of colors like red, black, light blue, and is also available in the classic maps pattern. It retails for $37.

Notable feature: The tablet case also enables the auto-sleep and auto-wake function of the Pixel C which is also quite convenient.

9. Procase Wallet Sleeve

procase wallet sleeve

The Procase wallet sleeve for the Pixel C is quite unique. Not only is it designed exclusively for the Pixel C, but you can also carry around the official Google keyboard along with it.

The exterior is made from synthetic leather which feels premium to the touch, while the inside is made of microfiber fabric which helps the tablet withstand minor scratches and offers a great deal of protection.

One very innovative feature is that the sleeve also has a built-in slot for charging the Pixel C while it’s still in the case, and that sure gets points for convenience.

It retails for around $30 and is available in the red, black, and brown colors.

Notable feature: This sleeve case packs in all of the features necessary for a carrying bag all the while maintaining a very slim form factor, which is quite convenient.

10. FYY Wallet Sleeve

FYY wallet sleeve

The FYY wallet case for the Pixel C is quite rugged and durable. It touts a unique design and imitates a regular black handbag which inconspicuously adds a bit more security to the Pixel C.

The exterior of this case is made from premium PU leather while also adding a high quality felt fabric which does a terrific job protecting the device. Also, the interior of this wallet sleeve case is made from a microfiber lining which protects the Pixel C from getting nicked while you slide it in and out of the case.

For security, it also integrates two straps which are utilized through magnets. You can take these on or off quite easily. It retails for around $30 and is available in the following colors: black, brown, pink, blue, and light blue.

Notable feature: This wallet sleeve case is perfect for people who do not mind carrying around their tablet in a handbag like fashion.


And, that’s that. Hopefully, you like the alternatives that are presented to you in this list. By the way, if you think that we have missed out on anything, please do not hesitate to leave us a comment below.

Personally, I’m more inclined towards sleeve cases as they a further degree of protection while still maintaining style.

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