Top 10 Best Cases for the Moto G4 and G4 Plus

I’m a pretty big fan of Motorola phones, and that definitely includes the Moto G4, and the G4 Plus. I think the Moto G4 is a pretty durable phone on its own, but it’s better to wrap it up in a good case just to be safe. That’s why I’ve rounded up ten affordable, and different case that all would keep your Moto G4 or G4 plus safe, and more importantly, sleek.

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The cases here vary from transparent, slender, leather, rugged, and some even have stands on the back for your phone. The prices fluctuate for all of them, but you won’t see a case that costs more than its worth.

1. OEAGO Dual Layer Rugged Case

Let’s start off with an absolutely rugged looking case from OEAGO. It’s more of a cover than a case, but I’d say it’s sturdy enough to count as both depending on what side you want to argue for. Its dual layer design ensures any damage from light drops are nothing to worry about, and it even has a kickstand in the back for easier viewing.

The spiny looking design isn’t for everyone, but if you want a cover that’ll be sure to jump in the way between your Moto G4 and the cold hard ground, this is it. It comes in seven different colors, leaving you with plenty of options for a low price of around $7.99.

2. Abacus24-7 Slim Wallet Cover

After something on the bulky side, let’s go with a slimmer wallet bumper instead. Here’s a good look at the wallet cover from Abacus24-7, featuring a slick leather design, and a slot in the back to hold a credit or debit card. The two things I reach for in my pockets the most are my phone and my card, so having them both in the same spots is a blessing.

The wallet bumper snaps right onto the back, and comes in two colors, black and rose gold. With Amazon Prime it’s just a cheap $7.95, but $20.00 without. It’ll protect both your Moto G4, and your debit card while looking as stylish as possible, snapped onto your phone.

3. Rebex & IPAKY Slim Case

Sticking with sleek cover designs, we’ve got the Rebex & IPAKY cover. It comes in four different colors, and provides excellent shock absorption from the back. Thankfully, the raised edges on the front keep your screen from hitting the ground, but aren’t noticeable enough to ruin the look of your Moto G4 from the front.

Good luck getting a ding or a scratch on this resistant case, because despite its elegant looks, it can hold up to a lot of abuse. Prices vary by color, but with Amazon Prime you won’t pay over $11.99 for any of the four snap on cases.

4. Customer First Rugged Armor Case

While I mentioned the last case was durable, it doesn’t have anything on this Customer First case. Just a glance and you can see that this case isn’t going to back down from a fight against the ground, or any other surface your G4 hits. When you’re putting it down on purpose, it even has a kickstand on the back.

The back doesn’t just have a kickstand, but has a belt clip for easy securing around your waist no matter the situation. There’s only one color for this case, but it goes for a low price of $8.99 with Amazon Prime.

5. LK Shock Absorption Case

This LK cover is the exact kind of case you’ll usually see my phone in. It’s well textured, sleek, provides decent protection from the back and the front, and doesn’t get in the way of what’s really important, your Moto G4.

This case has six different colors, most with the same style, but some colors have different outlines around the edge of the cover. These outlines aren’t any different as far as one being better than the other to protect your phone, it’s just an aesthetic thing. On Amazon Prime you won’t pay over $7.99 for any of the colors, and some are even cheaper.

This is a great choice for someone who wants moderate protection that’s barely noticeable, and doesn’t impede your phone.

6. Fettion Leather Case

This Fettion leather case has complete enclosure, multiple slots for cards and even small amounts of cash, and plenty of colors to boot to have something for everyone. If you want a wallet case for your Moto G4 or G4 Plus, I really think this is one of the best ones. While I mentioned complete enclosure, there are still cutouts for cables and your camera.

The case offers complete protection against scuffs and scratches, and at the very least small drops. From a drop higher than at hand level, I’m not sure if this this case would keep your phone completely safe, but the Fettion wallet case is more for convenience than total protection.

7. Love Ying Clear Thin Case

I’ve mentioned cases and covers before that don’t try to get in the way of you and your phone, but this clear case by Love Ying does just that but even better. This covers the back of your phone in a clear, scratch resistant surface that holds up against drops with ease on almost any surface.

The only downside to the case is that it makes the power button, and other buttons slightly harder to press, but that’s easily forgettable if you want a good clear case around your phone. It’s a shame to customize the back of your Moto G4 and then ruin it with a case or cover that blocks it, so for that a clear, unintrusive case is the way to go.

8. Kapaver Rugged Case

Let’s move on from something clear and slim, to a cover that’s looking to protect your phone as carefully as it can. This rugged case from Kapaver is going to keep your Moto G4 safe from almost any drop, front or back, side to side, or on any surface. Its different bumpers and shock absorption cushions make sure that your phone is protected.

This Kapaver cover’s design isn’t as unoticable as a clear case by a longshot, but its tough and rugged look will give you plenty of confidence in its ability. This is the kind of case where I could just toss my phone anywhere and know it’ll end up okay in the end.

9. JD Slim Lightweight Case

This lightweight snap-on case from JD is all about making sure your Moto G4 doesn’t slip from your fingers in the first place. Because of its design, it won’t just fly through your fingers and onto the ground, and even if it does, the back should keep it safe from smaller drops on most surfaces.

The case is mostly non intrusive, and lets you show off the nice M on the back of your phone in style. It comes in a few different colors, each going for below $8.99, with all of them looking just as sleek as the last, and offering the same simple protection.

10. Cimo Slim Cover

The last case I want to talk about is a sturdy, yet slim and flexible case by Cimo. This easily snaps onto the back of your Moto G4, and keeps it safe from harm on most surfaces, and makes sure it doesn’t get scratched throughout the day. It comes in seven different colors, and while the prices vary from color to color, they’re all cheaper than $9.99.

If you aren’t looking to add any extra weight, or other encumbrances to your Moto G4 or G4 Plus, this might just be the right case for you. It’s easy to slip on, easy to remove, and thankfully easy to forget about until you really need it when your phone suffers a drop that it saves your phone from.


There are plenty of good case options for the Moto G4 and the G4 Plus, some bulkier than others, and even a few that are practically invisible around your phone.

What I’ve mentioned are ten of the best available, and none of them will let you down when your G4 decides to make a date with the pavement.

If you’ve got a case for your G4 or G4 Plus you think should be up here, please tell us about it down below!

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