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Best Cell Phone Deals – The Best Christmas Deals in 2022!

Christmas is almost here! Did you buy the perfect Christmas gift for your friends, family, and yourself already? If not, then we got you. So, read on to know the best cell phone deals this Christmas.

The much-awaited Christmas day is right around the corner, and this urged stores to offer lots of deals. Shops are giving special discounts on toys, clothes, and even electronics.

So, if you find searching for gifts for your loved ones difficult and troublesome, then this is the perfect time to buy them. It is the best way to save money while getting decent presents.

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Cell Phone Christmas Deals

Have you ever thought of giving a smartphone as a gift? Or are you thinking of replacing your old phones? Then this is your chance.

Finding affordable gifts for your special people is quite hard and troublesome. We know that you don’t want to spend way too much, but you also want to buy great presents. So, we suggest that you look out for cell phone deals this Christmas season.

If you give a cell phone to anyone, it will surely surprise them. You can also give it to yourself. It’s the perfect gift.


It’s great that you have lots of cell phones to choose from, but it’s hard to know which one will give you the best deal. So to help you find the best deal, we curated a list containing the best cell phone deals.

Best Cell Phone Deals

Best Over AllSamsung Galaxy S10
CheapestSamsung Galaxy A10e
Highly RecommendedSamsung Galaxy S9
Best ValueMoto G7
Runner UpsUMDIGI F1

Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9

Galaxy S9 is one of the latest models of smartphones from Samsung. Samsung is one of the most known pioneers in terms of electronic products. So, it is a given that it also produces cellphones that are in trend.

Samsung launched the Galaxy S9 on March 16th of 2018. It had a retail price of $720 to $840.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 has a camera that can take various types of photos in different kinds of lighting. It has two f-stop modes that let it adapt to bright light and super low light. It even has a feature that reduces the noise of the image.

Double Your Samsung Galaxy S9's Memory
Double Your Samsung Galaxy S9’s Memory-Cell Phone Deals

It can also take slow-motion bursts into a video. The camera also has a motion detector that will automatically let the phone start filming.

It has a 4GB RAM and a 64GB available storage you can use for multimedia files and data. You can also expand this storage space by inputting a memory card in the SD card slot.


Buy Samsung Galaxy S9 on Amazon

You can get this mobile at a much lower price because of the ongoing deals this holiday.

Samsung Galaxy A10e

Samsung Galaxy A10e

Another smartphone that Samsung launched is the 5.8 inches Samsung Galaxy A10e. It got released in July 2019.

Samsung Galaxy A10e
Cell Phone Deals

The thing about this smartphone is that it has a long-lasting battery that lets you do anything you want for hours. It also has an expandable memory so you can keep all your pictures, videos, and files without a hassle.

You don’t have to worry about missing a significant moment using the Samsung Galaxy A10e. The camera for this phone can capture crisp and clear photos both from the rear and the front.

Buy Samsung Galaxy A10e on Amazon

This device got sold at a retail price of $179.99, but you can get it now for a much lower price.

Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10

In March 2019, Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy S10. The retail price for this device is quite expensive. It got sold at $899. But this device can be afforded at a smaller price this Christmas season.

Samsung Galaxy S10
Cell Phone Deals

This smartphone has a security system that detects fingerprints from a simple touch of the screen. That is not the only thing that’s special with the display of this smartphone. It also got an Infinity-O layout that lets you see
your activities with no interruptions.

And the best part?

Buy Samsung Galaxy A10e on Amazon

The rear camera for this phone is a triple camera one. It can even take wide-angle shots and ultra-wide ones. The front camera also does not disappoint. It’s a 10MP camera with a dual pixel AF.

Moto G7

Moto G7

The Moto G7 is a smartphone that came from Motorola. It got launched for $299.99 in February 2019.

Cell Phone Deals

This smartphone has a full HD display that’s 6.2 inches. It also has a 3D glass design that’s water-repellent. This mobile weighs 172g, making it lightweight.

It only gets better.

Buy Samsung Galaxy A10e on Amazon

If you’re a fan of great cameras, then this phone is definitely for you. The rear camera for this device is 12MP, which can do bursts shots. It can capture high-resolution pictures, 4K videos, slow-motion videos, and timelapse videos. The front camera is 5MP with a screen flash.



The UMIDIGI F1 got released in November 2019, and you can get it as a deal this month already. It has the latest version of Android, the Stock Android 9. It even got the Helio P60 AI processor that optimizes your power consumption and lessens the heat of your device.

Cell Phone Deals

The display for this smartphone is a waterdrop 6.3 inches full HD. It has a distinct and vivid layout that lets you watch videos in high-resolution. The back end of this device is also topnotch. It has a 128GB ROM that can store your music, videos, photos, and games. This mobile also got the latest 4GB RAM that enhances efficiency and ensures a powerful performance.

Do you think that’s the best part?

Well, the best part about this smartphone is the dual-camera setup powered by Helio P60. The rear camera is 16MP, and it produces great photos. This smartphone also got an 8MP front camera that takes high-definition selfies. The only downside to this device is that the brand is not that famous, but the specs of the smartphone make up for it.

Buy Samsung Galaxy A10e on Amazon

Note: This device is available in 3 colors. It comes in red, black and white.


BlackView 5500

The BV5500 has a 5.5 inches HD display with an IPS. It also has a 4400mAh battery that gives you more time to maximize the uses of this phone. This mobile has a power-efficient quad-core processor that gives smoother UI transitions.

This smartphone got a Sony 8MP dual rear camera. This makes this phone capture excellent pictures.

BV5500 Attributes
BV5500 Attributes-Cell Phone Deals


The bad thing about this phone is that it only works in Europe and Asia. So, if you are located in other areas, then you should choose a different mobile.

Buy Samsung Galaxy A10e on Amazon

Note: This device comes in black, green, and yellow.



Another smartphone that comes from UMIDIGI is the UMIDIGI A5. It got released in May 2019 for $96 to $200.

Here’s the deal. This device got a 6.3 inches full HD and a waterdrop full-screen display. Its battery is long-lasting that lasts for 2 days. There are 3 card slots for this mobile, 2 for the sim cards and 1 for the microSD.

Parts of the UMIDIGI A5
Parts of the UMIDIGI A5-Cell Phone Deals

The UMIDIGI A5 runs with the latest Android version, the Stock Android 9. It has an ultra-wide-angle triple rear camera that can capture your view in a single shot. It even shoots pictures with blurred backgrounds using the bokeh effect.

It only gets better:

Buy UMIDIGI A5 on Amazon

This smartphone also got a front camera that’s perfect for taking selfies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are these cell phones sold at a lower price?

The cell phones are not sold because there is something wrong with them. It’s a strategy analysts made to entice more customers to buy more products from their company.

Can these cell phone deals be trusted?

Yes, these deals can be trusted. These cell phones may be sold at a lower price, but that does not mean that they are defective.

How long will my S9 last?

The Galaxy S9 demonstrates that modern smartphone hardware is fully capable of lasting four years or beyond, if that software support is given for a sufficient amount of time.

Final Thoughts on Cell Phone Deals

If you are still not decided on what you will buy as gifts for your special people this list of best cell phone deals can help you. As for me, I chose the Samsung S10. It has great specs and was only recently released. But, at the end of the day, you are the one who is gonna choose what is best for you.

So, if you found the best cell phone deals on this list then leave a comment down below.

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