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3 Best Cheap Wireless Earbuds

The great thing about technology is that there is always a cheap alternative for every expensive device in the market. And, just when you think that wireless earbuds are only for those who can afford it, cheap wireless earbuds are here to save our wallets.

However cheap, the wireless earbuds on our list will not disappoint when it comes to overall sound quality. In fact, we guarantee that you’ll be surprised at how cheap they are, and yet still able to rival expensive brands.

The Best Cheap Wireless Earbuds

Best OverallENACFIRE Future
CheapestDudios Zeus Air
Best Value for MoneyLetscom D32
Highly RecommendedENACFIRE Future

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Top 3 Cheap but High-quality Wireless Earbuds Available on Amazon

During our research, we found out that looking for legitimate wireless earbuds on Amazon was a challenge because fake products with fake reviews were everywhere.

Hence, to prevent you from being scammed by those fake sellers, we took the three best wireless earbuds on Amazon. Of course, when we said best, we mean it. We based our reviews on the quality of sound, battery life, and additional features that each device provided.

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1. Dudios Zeus Air

Dudios Zeus Air wireless earbuds with case
Black Dudios Zeus Air Wireless Earbuds

Zeus Air by Dudios is the cheapest wireless earbuds on our list, and we must say, this one will surprise you.

For this price point, it provides you with a powerful Bluetooth 5.0 connection that will still give you an impressive sound quality even when you’re 10 meters (33 feet) away from your device. Moreover, it can also pair with both Android and iOS devices.

If you want to use it for calls, it won’t disappoint. The Zeus Air lets you listen to human voice with clarity and without any latency issues. For music? You’d be happy to know that it has just the right amount heart-thumping deep bass that you need for your workouts.

Other features:

  • Stereo mode and Mono mode allows you to use either both earbuds or just one
  • Earbuds automatically connect with each other and enter pairing mode as soon as they’re removed from the charging case
  • Noise cancellation feature that allows for clearer human voices and crisper music sounds
  • IPx4 sweatproof rating, making it ideal for workouts

One downside to the Zeus Air is it only has 3 hours of battery life despite the promised 4 hours in its advertisement. However, the case provides an additional 15 hours. It’s not so bad to rest your ears after 3 hours of full volume music, don’t you think?

If you’re already satisfied with this one (and we’re not surprised if you are), go ahead and visit the Amazon button below and we’ll bring you directly to the Amazon page of the Zeus Air.


2. ENACFIRE Future

ENACFIRE Future Wireless Earbuds with case
ENACFIRE Future Wireless Earbuds

The future is really here on this list, as ENACFIRE gives us one of the most impressive wireless earbuds that will not hurt your budget.

For a 10-dollar price difference with the Dudios Zeus Air, Future provides a more powerful Bluetooth range of up to 66 feet. On top of that, it also has 18 hours of playtime, with an additional 14 hours from its charging case.

What really sets the bar high for Future is its no-overcharging feature. This allows the earbuds to shut off as soon as they’re fully charged, which means you’ll never have to worry about leaving them inside the charging case for too long.

Other features include:

  • Great super heavy bass without sacrificing other sound elements
  • Noise-canceling provides top-notch listening experience in any environment
  • IPX5 waterproof rating for worry-free workouts
  • Built-in microphone for phone calls
  • Pairs with both iOS and Android

3. Letscom D32

Letscom D32 Wireless Earbuds
Letscom D32 Wireless Earbuds

The D32 pretty much has the main features that the first three wireless earbuds have. However, this one provides three silicone replacement sizes so that it can fit comfortably into your ear.

When it comes to battery life, the D32 earbuds have a 3.5-hour music time, and an additional 17.5 hours of battery life from the charging case.

One downside to this wireless earbuds is that its sound is not as good as the first two ones. To be fair, it did promise deep bass, but it affected the other elements of the sounds.

However, if you don’t mind having little bass, then you can still enjoy the quality of sound that the D32 provides.

Other features:

  • IPX5 sweat and splash resistant rating, excellent for working out
  • Stereo and mono mode for using either both earbuds or just one
  • Bluetooth range of up to 10 meters (33 feet) without obstacles

What other people are asking about wireless earbuds…

What is the best brand of wireless earbuds?

There is no definite answer to this question because the quality of any device depends on the specs and features that they provide. However, according to multiple sources, when it comes to reliability, Bose still comes on top.
Are you thinking about breaking the budget? Here is SoundSport by Bose. It comes in three colors: Black, blue, and bright orange.
black Bose SoundSport

How long do wireless earbuds last?

This depends on the wireless earbuds that you have. Typically, though, wireless earbuds will last between 2-8 hours.

How do I choose wireless earbuds?

Reading and watching actual reviews online is still the best way to guarantee that you’re buying a good product.
However, be aware that there are no perfect devices, and sometimes, you will get a bad batch. When this happens, don’t hesitate to contact the customer service of the brand of the wireless earbuds that you bought.

Should You Get Cheap Wireless Earbuds?

Quick answer: it depends on your preference. Cheap doesn’t always have to mean poor quality, and branded or expensive doesn’t always guarantee high-quality.

The lesson? In choosing devices, especially low-priced ones, you have to be keen when it comes to the features and specifications of the device. We recommend reading verified purchase reviews on Amazon and watching actual reviews on Youtube.

Now, the next question is, should you get wireless earbuds, in general?

Well, wireless earbuds can be really small. So, if you’re someone who tends to leave their stuff lying around anywhere, then maybe you should rethink getting yourself this technology as it can easily be misplaced.

Otherwise, if you’re not worried about losing your stuff because you’re well organized, then, by all means, grab any of the earbuds on our list!

Did you like any of the wireless earbuds on our list? Tell us all about it in the comment section!

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