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5 Gorgeous Clock Apps for Android to Keep Time

A clock is one of the most boring things on your Android device. I mean it’s just a clock, right? You look at it and it tells the time, what more could you want from it? But it doesn’t have to be like this. With this 5 most beautiful looking clock apps for Android, your time will change. There is no need to have jarring and ugly widgets on your beautiful home screen now, the good looking clocks are in town.

Customization is a big deal for me. I’m not satisfied until my home screen looks pretty. Thankfully there are tons of apps to satisfy all my personalization needs. There are great wallpaper apps, amazing launchers and even some astonishing live wallpapers to brighten up my screen. I have always encouraged the Joy of Android readers to experiment and come up with their own gorgeous home screens. These clock apps for Android Phone will help you further extend your personalization arms.

Note: The great clock apps for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III and Samsung Galaxy Note IV smartphones. The apps worked well and no problems were faced during testing. The apps are not necessarily “Apps” per say, they can also be widgets. I mixed the list with apps and widgets to cover a larger ground.

1. Minimal Clock

Clock Icon 1

Simplicity is a form of beauty. I always like to keep my home screens clean and clear. Some people like flashing screens and notifications on their home screens and that’s OK too. But for those who just need a pretty looking clock to tell time, there is Minimal Clock.

Just as the name suggests, this is a simple clock app widget with a lot of customization options. I usually used a custom icon pack for Nova Launcher and usually they are circular, this widget fits the profile perfectly. The elegant looking clocks can be used to display a lot of information or only a simple clock.

Free Version

2. KitKat Clock

Clock Icon 2

This is not a clock based on the chocolate snack. This clock app for Android is based on one of the most stable versions of the Android OS. Google always likes to keep things simple and straightforward. The KitKat Clock is exactly that. This is an app which comes with two widgets. You can even set an alarm on this clock, although I do recommend the best alarm clock list for further options.

The app also has a dedicated stopwatch and provides you with world clocks too. All in all this is one of the best analog clock apps for Android available on the Google Play Store.

Free Version

3. Giant Clock

Clock Icon 3

If for some reason you require a giant clock there is app on Google Play Store for that. It’s called Giant Clock. This Android clock appis basically a gigantic clock which is also thankfully customizable. If you like using a dock then this app can come in handy. I also recommend using a tablet to display this enormous clock for maximum effect.

Maybe your wall clock is broken and you can use this app to display time for the New Year’s party. This is one of the few clock apps which is actually free, it doesn’t show ads and don’t even ask for your email. This is the best digital clock apps for android tablets.

Free Version

4. Retro Clock

Clock Icon 4

Do you like old things? Are you a believer of that Old is Gold philosophy? Do you like flip animations? Then you will also love the Retro Clock. While the name might suggest it is an old grandfather clock, it is just a clock which shows time in style. The classic mechanical flipping clock is here and it’s here to stay. To be honest this clock app really looks good on almost any wallpaper.

Free Version 

5. WP Clock

Clock Icon 5

This is neither a clock app nor a clock widget for Android. It is a live wallpaper clock app. This app shows the clock right on your home screen. I was skeptical when I read the premise but after using the app, I became a strong believer.

The absolute beauty of this live wallpaper makes it one of the best clock apps I have ever laid my eyes on. The beautiful looking typographic design of the clock is subtle and looks great on both android phones and tablets. Another great benefit is the robust customization options.

Free Version

After installing one of these great apps on your Android device you can officially become a time keeper. Everyone has time on their phones but very less people have stylish time on them. These apps offer something unique and different from all the others and this is the reason they made it to the list. Google Play Store is littered with clock apps and most of them are re-skinned simple clocks. If you know a unique clock for Android, do tell and share. Questions? Suggestions? Type them out in the comments below.

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  1. Hi, yoh guy’s do a great job, however, one thing escapes me? It seems that there is little or no emphasis on Android “Tablets”? I happen to enjoy “Clock” apps so I started down the best 5 that you recommend and all I see is phone,, phone… Am I missing something?

    1. Hi George,

      I actually test around half apps on my Asus tablet as well. And select only those which work best on both smartphones and tablets. If you take a look at some of my other articles, I have mentioned if the apps don’t run well on tablets. I will be focusing on tablets more in a few weeks when I get my Galaxy Note Pro though.

  2. Have you guys seen the “Analog Clock Collection” by SMSROBOT LTD? 50 BEAUTIFUL well crafted designs, free, very easy to use?

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