8 Best Color Identifier Apps for Android

Did you ever encountered a color and simply fell in love with it? But you didn’t know the exact nuance so you never found it again in another place. So frustrating. That never has to happen to you again! With these color identifier apps, you can always know what’s the name (or code) or the colors that you like (or dislike) in case you ever want to use them for yourself.

Best Color Identifier Apps for Android

1. Color Grab (color detection)

Color Grab Logo

This app is the kind of app designers, artists and professionals in the domain use to identify colors for their work. Just point your camera at the color you want to get and the app will recognize it. Perhaps the strongest point of this app is that it can find colors in real-time. Most color modes are supported – RGB, HEX, the works. You also get editing tools directly in the app. You get suggestions about how to combine the chosen colors in the best way, to edit your photos professionally. There are lots of tools and useful gizmos to help you with your work.

Color Grab
Google Play

2. Image color identifier

Image Color Identifier

This is a very lightweight app, with only 1.8MB taken from your storage. You upload a picture and the app can identify all the colors in your photo. It also gives you all the color codes so you can use them in whatever you’re working on. With over 1,800 colors in stock, there isn’t virtually any nuance that you could search for that isn’t there.

Image Color Identifier
Google Play

3. Color Harmony

Color Harmony Logo
Color Harmony Logo

This app supports the most common color models, like RGB, HEX, etc. It also comes with support for Adobe Photoshop. With Color Harmony you can create a palette based on the colors in the picture you’ve chosen to analyze. The app also comes with various algorithms to help you mix and match colors, but you can also manually create your own palettes if you want to.

Color Harmony Palette
Color Harmony Photo Palette
Google Play

4. Color Detector

Color Detector Logo
Color Detector Logo

As the name suggests, you upload a photo in the app and it will be able to identify any color present in the image. This is very useful for designers or people that are color blind. You can get the colors in 3 popular color modes – RGB, HSV and HTML formats. A little shorter than the Image Color Identifier app, this app stores about 1600 colors – nevertheless, it’s highly likely that you will find any color that you are looking for.

Color Detector
Google Play

5. Paint Tester

Paint Tester Logo
Paint Tester Logo

This app is a little different from the others. Paint Tester, as the name suggests, is useful if you want to redecorate and wonder how your walls would look like in a certain color. Take a picture of the wall you want to paint and then select the colors you want to try – you can refine the luminosity and other fine details in order to get a nuance that you like. After you’ve decided on the color, the app tells you its name – so that you can find and use it later on.

paint tester
Paint Tester
Google Play

6. Color Picker

color picker logo
Color Picker Logo

Color Picker is very similar to the other apps presented in this list – you take a picture, you upload it to the app and when you click on a color, the app will identify it for you. Besides the color name, it also shows you RGB values, HEX codes and the RAL color system so that you can use the colors you identify later on.

Color Picker
Google Play

7. Pixolor – Live Color Picker

pixolor logo
Pixolor Logo

The Pixolor app is a little bit different. Instead of telling you what colors are in the photos you upload or from your camera, this app will your smartphone’s screen to tell you what colors are on it. You’ll get a floating circle on your screen that will tell you all the details about the colors you’re interested in – you can even share this information with colleagues or other people who need it.

Google Play

8. ColorSmart by BEHR® Mobile

color smart behr
Color Smart Logo

This is a great app from Behr – a popular paint business – that developed an app to help you identify the colors that you want to use in real life. It gives you 3 options – Explore Colors, where you can browse the color collection from Behr, Color Match – where you can upload a photo in the app and get the colors from it matched with a Behr one, and Preview Color, where you can see how the color you’ve chosen looks like in a room.

behr colors
Behr Color Smart
Google Play


Which Color Identifier Tool is the best?

All of the presented apps have their strong and soft points, but if we’re going to recommend a single one, we’re going with Color Grab, simply because of the instant color identification, directly from your camera.

Why use a Color Identifier Tool?

Color Identifier Tools are useful if you see a nice color that you like and you want to use the exact nuance in your design later – they give you the exact details of the color so that you can easily find it.

Are Color Identifier Tools accurate?

Mostly, yes. they give you the exact details of the color you are looking for. However, if you’re using a color identifier app to get a color to use in real life, you should know that, most probably, there are going to be differences in nuances – it’s not the app’s fault, but most colors will look a bit different on your screen then in real life.

Best Color Identifier Tools – Find Your Favorite Color

We hope our list of color identifier tools helped you finally find the details of your favorite color – and you could use it in your designs! Whether you wanted to spice up your rooms with new paint for your walls or just wanted to find new color palettes for your work, you’re sure to find lots of help with the apps we’ve presented you!

So what apps did you use? What was your experience with them? Let us know in the comments below!

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