Best Low-Calorie Cookbook Apps

Best Cookbook Apps for Low-Calorie Diets

Are you having trouble with your weight?

Are you finding it hard looking for the best cookbook apps while not knowing what to cook and eat to maintain your figure this quarantine season?

Well, don’t lose hope!

We have just the thing for you!

With the Coronavirus pandemic, we can’t help but stay indoors and adhere to the quarantine policies set up by our local governments.

Because with everything happening on the frontlines and all the efforts to mitigate the spread of the virus,

Staying indoors and observing social distancing would be a great help and a significant effort towards the goal of stopping the spread of the virus.

But, we still have our computers and our Android phones to keep us sane right?

With so much going on in the online hemisphere of the world, and with a more considerable amount of people online, we still shouldn’t forget to exercise and eat properly!

Let’s face it.

For those at home, everything feels like a blur! The quarantine hours in some countries are terrible! In our place, everything closes at 2:00 pm!

So a lot of people resort to stocking up on food, and to be more specific, junk food! But before you go out to buy anything, take a look at our list of best cookbook apps that feature low-calorie meals!

Just because we’re stuck at our homes, doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our health!

It’s a fact that what we eat affects us mentally, so why shouldn’t we keep strong by fixing our diets and keeping ourselves healthy?

Overeating would alter our metabolism, and we wouldn’t want to gain weight this quarantine season wouldn’t we?

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Wouldn’t we want our friends seeing us unrecognizable after all this cools down right? So let’s use the resources we have at home and eat healthily!

Along with that exercise that you’ve been doing (Or don’t do, don’t worry we won’t judge you)

Let’s get you back to tip-top shape!


I know it’s hard looking for the best cookbook apps out there, especially with the number of apps that are there just for ad revenue.

But good thing we’re here to sift through that for you, right?

Here are the best cookbook apps for low-calorie diets!

Best Low-Calorie Cookbook Apps

For a lot of us, it’s not easy to lose weight. I used to be overweight and even obese at one point in my life, so I’ve used to be so conscious of what I eat.

I used to limit myself from eating no more than half a cup of rice, or a maximum of 1 piece of bread a day. And yes, it did yield fantastic results, and I gained the body that I wanted (even for a little while).

It made me feel like eating was a chore, that I only had to eat 8 egg whites that don’t really taste all too good.

and let’s face it, calorie counting is tiresome, it’s a chore.

But I realized that what if I had the resources and the recipes for healthy food that could help me lose weight, and what if it doesn’t have to feel like a chore?

What if the food I ate was actually healthy and tasty at the same time? Imagine eating and enjoying at the same time, all the while not feeling too bloated, or too fat.

Eating healthy has always been the dream, and it’s true when they say that it’s good for both the body and the mind.

And if I’ve known of these best low-calorie cookbook apps years ago, I wouldn’t have had to go through that excruciating weight loss meals and routines.


This still doesn’t change the fact that these are just recipes, and it cannot replace a nutritionist’s job. If you’re really dedicated to having better nutrition and health overall, it’s their job to help you through the process.

With that said,

Here are the best low-calorie meals and snacks cookbook apps for android!

1. Snacks Recipes: Healthy Low-Calorie Snacks

snacks recipes logo, one of the best cookbook apps
Snacks Recipes Logo

We all love a good snacking on a summer afternoon, right? And sometimes, we get hungry late at night.

Low calorie recipes from one of the best cookbook apps on our list
Low Calorie Treats

But why punish ourselves by snacking on junk food! Junk food that takes too long for our body to digest, and it’s not even good for us?

Why not snack on some Parmesan Kale Chips?

Or a Crostini with Creamy Cheese and Walnuts?

Or maybe some Tuna Cucumber Sandwiches.

These are just some of the recipes included in the app. The app features low-carb, low-calorie snacks that you can nibble at any time of the day without feeling worse about yourself!

meal categories by one of the best cookbook apps on our list

The app features many healthy recipes that you can all use offline, so even when you don’t have internet, you can skim for the recipe that you want.

The recipes are categorized into what kind of snacks you want. All the recipes also have details such as preparation time, serving size, and calorie counts.

meal categories by one of the best cookbook apps on our list
Recipe details

It also gives you the nutrition per 1 serving of the recipe you’re making.

Overall it has a very accessible user interface, you can easily share the recipes with your loved ones, you can make your favorite recipes list, and you can filter the recipes that you want.

If you want an offline low-calorie cookbook app with healthy and delicious recipes that also have nutrition facts, then this cookbook app is the one for you!

Google Play

2. Low-Calorie Recipes

low calorie recipes logo, from one of the best cookbook apps
Low Calorie Recipes Logo

Looking for great fitness recipes without sacrificing good taste? Then this low-calorie app is made just for you.

Their app is accessible to anyone and is easy to use. The application also has tutorials that guide the user into learning about how to use their app.

Recipe categories of one of best cookbook apps
Recipe categories and dietary needs

Same with the Snacks Recipes app, their app also provides the user with the nutritional information of the dish, the number of servings, and the total preparation time.

dietary need based recipes by one of the best cookbook apps
Low Calorie Recipes
low calorie desserts by one of the best cookbook apps
Low Calorie Desserts

The app also has recommendations on how to cook the dish for the benefit and learning of the use.


They also have Theme Support, with a dark mode that you can access anytime for a more comfortable low-light cooking experience.

The app has a smart shopping list, as well as more than 1 million low-calorie recipes.

Check it out now on the play store!

Google Play

3. Low-Fat Recipes, Fat Burning Foods, Lose Belly Fat

Low Fat Recipes Logo, from one of the best cookbook apps
Low Fat Recipes Logo

This app features fat burning, healthy recipes that can help you lose weight! The app also has step-by-step instructions on how to cook famous fat burning recipes.

meal preference of one of the best cookbook apps
Choose your diet!

The app categorizes the recipes according to taste (spicy, savoury, sweet, tangy, etc.)

according to courses (appetizers, soups, main course, etc.)

and according to cooking type (Roast, Broil, Saute, etc.)

one of the best cookbook apps recipe list
Low fat meal recipes
User interface of one of the best cookbook apps
Application Interface

Additional features worth mentioning are the hands-free cooking with instructions, and the menu planner included in the application itself.

You can check out the app more on the play store!

Google Play

4. Healthy Recipes: Low Calorie Weight Loss Foods

Healthy Recipes Logo, from one of the best cookbook apps
Healthy Recipes Logo

Honestly, it’s hard looking for the right app to suit your specific needs, but when you do find the right app for you, it’s always going to be worth it.

This app, for example, is just right for our readers who are more health-conscious than the others.

healthy recipes with categories, one of the best cooking apps
Healthy recipes for you!

The app features low-calorie diets and recipes much like the other apps on the list but features a more weight-loss oriented collection.

This recipe app also presents a broad range category of cuisines such as Italian, Indian, Asian, Chinese, etc.

Another useful feature also included in this list is the fact that they added a recipe section for those with diabetes, presenting them with recipes that have low-fat content, low carbs, and low-calories.

best cookbook apps user interface
User Interface
healthy recipes with the best cookbook apps
Healthy Recipes!

The app also shows the nutrition value of each dish, and it also shows you how much carbs and calories each meal available has.

If you’re looking for an app more focused on health rather than just weight-loss, then this is the app for you.

Read up more on the app on google play!

Google Play

5. Healthy Recipes and Calculator

Healthy Recipes and Calculator Logo, from one of the best cookbook apps
Healthy Recipes and Calculator logo

The app features more than 500,000 recipes from cuisines from all around the world. With meal choices that cater to your needs.

the best cookbook apps with the healthiest recipes for you
Spark Recipes!

You can search their diverse library of recipes by meal, cuisine, course type, and prep time. They have gluten-free recipes, low carb, vegetarian, etc.

The recipes can also be chosen according to your dietary needs. High-fiber recipes, for example, are among those that can be arranged for your lifestyle.

healthy taco pizza recipe from one of best cookbook apps
Healthy Taco Pizza
spark recipes interface of one of best cookbook apps
Spark User Interface

Another useful feature of this app is its nutrition counter, in which the calories and carbs of the dishes are shown,

It also shows 10 essential nutrients that the recipe has.

This app also has a fitness tracking app wherein you can automatically sync in your “favourites” list from your list of recipes. In which you can see how you eat and how healthy what you’re eating is.

Check out the fitness app for yourself at the app store!

Google Play

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these cookbook apps free?

Yes, all the apps on this list are free to download with no hidden charges.

Are these cookbook apps available for use offline?

Yes, the apps featured on this list provide offline accessibility. With access to their recipes even without internet capabilities.

Can I see how many calories are there per meal?

Yes, you could! These apps will tell you not only the recipes but how many calories are there per meal!

Nourish the mind.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is eating and staying healthy. Most of us go through so much stress daily, and due to the pressure we bring to ourselves, we take less action in taking care of our bodies.

We end up feeling worse about ourselves even if there is nothing to worry about. Eating well is feeling well. And what we eat affects the way we think.

For some of us, feeling good isn’t an easy task, and if we really want to feel good, we should help ourselves reach the happiness we deserve!

If you have questions, suggestions, or comments about the article, let us know in the comments section below!

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