5 Best Top Currency Converter Apps in the Google Play Store Today

Admit it!

In this day and age, almost everyone is dependent on smartphones for their daily activities. May it be for communicating with colleagues, finding directions, making reservations for restaurants and movies.

As the technology of the smartphone develops, people are designing applications to make life easier. Take, for instance, the currency converter.

Don’t believe me?

Let me tell you this, before the advent of the smartphone, people manually compute for the conversion of measurements, and more often than not, require the help of a calculator. It wasn’t easy to look for the top currency converter apps.

Read on as I walk you through the different currency converter apps for Android.

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Currency Converter Apps Save The Day

Let’s face it!

Calculators are too bulky and not exactly necessary to bring every day, so what will happen if suddenly people need to convert a measurement? Or convert money? The questions are what inspired developers to create applications that are specific to currency conversion.

Now imagine this:

Almost all of the unit conversion applications available at the Google Play Store offer the usual height conversion, volume conversion, and the currency converter. Good news:  some developers kick the competition off a notch by adding additional services to their currency conversion apps.

Currency converter apps are also important to those who do fieldwork and travel in different countries. These currency converter apps are vital for easy transactions and tracking the budget while overseas. Currency conversion is the most in-demand among unit conversion apps especially in today’s job climate of outsourcing and freelancing.

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1. XE Currency Converter and Money Transfers

XE Currency Converter Logo

Money transfer and currency exchange are proven to be quite a hassle in a foreign land that is why XE Currency Converter and Money Transfer aims to display global money transfers, global rates, and stock market charts in one app.

Since its development back in 2009, the app is among the popular currency converter apps available in the Play Store. Among its features is the ability to compare prices of a certain product from anywhere in the world.

top currency converter appsXE Currency Converter App is stylish and can handle exchange rates and money transfer anywhere in the world.
Home Page displays the exchange rate.

The default currencies that are on display at the app’s home page are the US and Canadian dollars, the Euro, and the British pound. However, it allows users to add a currency depending on their location, and monitor up to 10 currencies.

To ensure the safety of the money transfer, users should create an account first with the app. The app provides a link to where the user will have to register their email and password. After the registration and verification, only then will the user be able to transfer money.

XE Currency Converter app also allows users to compare currencies and even display a transaction and mid-market rates including Bitcoin.

Google Play

2. Currency Converter Plus

Currency Converter Pus Logo

Currency Converter Plus is a relatively new currency converter app available on the Play Store developed by Digitalchemy (the same company behind Fraction Calculator Plus).

What makes this app unique from other currency converters for Android devices is that it supplies users with various currency fields, meaning that it is not only available in US or Canadian dollars but also currencies like the Colombian peso.

top currency converter apps Currency Converter Plus Home
The homepage displays a conversion calculator.

The app also displays rate charts along with price comparisons for people traveling abroad. Among the features that make this app popular is its user-friendly interface. Upon booting up the app, it will ask for your location to be able to make price comparisons easier.

Currency Converter Plus is free from the Play Store, but upgrades such as ad removal come with an understandable fee.

Google Play

3. Unit Converter All-in-One Pro Currency Converter

Unit Converter Pro Logo

Sometimes, all you need to do is convert currency and you want an app that specifically does that job without the complexities of the stock market. Sometimes, you want an app that encompasses all types of conversion.

But you know what else? This app is probably among the most well-rounded unit conversion apps in the Play Store. Unit Converter All-in-One Pro Currency Converter not only contains conversion tools for money but also for measurement (for instance, imperial to metric).

Unit Converter All-in-One Pro is Standard Applications’ answer to the public’s need for offline converters. The app itself is quite simple: upon opening, the app displays two tabs — General and Currency — where you can choose the conversion.

top currency converter apps Unit Converter All-in-One
The app displays available conversion units.

This well-rounded conversion app offers exchange rates and forex rate converters that are readily available on the currency tab on the homepage.

The measurements that Unit Converter All-in-One Pro offers to convert are angles, areas, force, speed, pressure, etc. If you like cooking and baking where it is necessary to be precise with the ingredients, this app supplies a particular page for cooking measurements and conversion, such tablespoons to cup and are available in US and UK units.

Google Play

4. All-in-One Unit Converter

All in One Converter Logo

Like the other all-in-one converter apps, All-in-One Converter aims to provide users with a complete set of conversion units. Despite its simple interface, this currency converter app can convert electricity units as well as fluids, heat, light, and magnetism, to name a few.

This app has a general unit conversation page where you can find the conversion table for angles, density, acceleration, area, force, and other common measurements.

What’s particularly striking with this particular application is its overall aesthetic that is quite pleasing to the eyes. Upon opening the app, direct you at the home page with a keypad and basic tabs where you can choose the type of conversion.

top currency converter apps All-in-One Unit Converter Home
Conversion calculator on the home page.

To access the currency converter, you need to go to the Menu page (you can find this at the upper left corner of the screen). Upon tapping on the Menu, the app will then make you choose the type of converter you want to use.

The currency converter will then make you choose which currency you are currently using and the currency you want to convert your money — it is all that simple.

Google Play

5. Unit Converter

Unit Converter Logo

When Digit Grove developed Unit Converter, they envisioned a smart and elegant tool that can convert 44 categories of units.

Sounds impressive, right? Unit Converter is a bit of an ambitious project but it sure can deliver. The app is impressive enough to have a wide range of conversion units delivered in an easy, user-friendly interface. The app is known for its simple design and takes up a small percentage of the device’s storage.

The currency converter of this app hosts 150 currencies that are in their real-time exchange rates. However, only premium users can download these exchange rates to their devices. Aside from its converters, the app offers smart tools for you to use such as a stopwatch, and a battery monitor, to name a few.

currency converter apps Unit Converter Home
Simplicity and elegance in one app.

If you can’t find a particular unit of measure, the app lets you search and adds it to the list.

Google Play

Frequently Asked Questions About Currency Converter Apps

Are The Exchange Rates On These Currency Converter Apps Accurate?

Let me tell you a secret: most of these apps have their own database which is connected online and changes in real-time. Meaning, a slight change in the stock market and the exchange rates will immediately update these apps.

All the apps mentioned above are updating their exchange rates in real-time. More so that these apps require to have access to your location for better understanding.

Are These Currency Converter Apps Free?

Yes, to some extent. These apps mostly thrive on ads, so if you want to remove these ads, you have to pay to gain access to the ad-free premium versions of the app.

How Much Do These Currency Converter Apps Cost?

It depends on the in-app purchase.


To sum it all up, all these apps are available at the Play Store and are free to download. However, some apps will require an in-app purchase for the removal of ads and unlock some features. Some apps, like the Unit Converter, require their users to purchase the premium which will not only remove ads but add perks and customizable conversion units.

It may seem like a small thing but currency converter apps are helpful to those who like to travel the world. Aside from traveling, it is best to have an update on how the economy is faring on a worldwide scale to have a better view of what’s to come and how to prepare for it.

Before smartphones, people would check on newspapers and television regarding the stock exchange and exchange rates, but now having all these helpful currency converter apps make it easier.

Did this list give you an idea of the currency converter app that will suit you? Or did we miss a good app? Tell us in the comments below.

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