10 Best Custom ROMs For Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to Explore

The Galaxy Note 3 is one of the hottest Android phablets and even though Samsung recently came out with the latest Note 4, the Note 3 is still quite an impressive device that you can use for most stuff, such as HD gaming and browsing the web. If you feel that your Note 3 is an older device and that you should buy a Note 4, then I would recommend installing a custom ROM on your device in order to give it a fresh new feel.

Custom ROMs are a great way to improve the overall performance of Android phones and increase the battery life as well. Aside from that, these custom ROMs bring loads of new features in order to make your device more productive. I’m not saying that the Note 3 lacks features, but installing a custom ROM can help you make the most out of your device. Even if you just got your Note 3 and are enjoying the experience, you’ll be really impressed after installing a custom ROM.

As the Galaxy Note 3 is a popular Android phablet, there are loads of custom ROMs available for it and you can get easily confused looking at the various options available. After looking at several ROMs available for the Note 3, I’ve come up with a list of the 10 best custom ROMs for the Galaxy Note 3. The list below will help you narrow down your search as these are the best custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that you can install right now.


Installing custom ROMs is a risky process and if you don’t follow the instructions properly, then this might mess up your device and you can be left with a bricked Note 3. Make sure that you do this at your own risk. Before installing any custom ROM, you’ll need to root your device, so you can read my guide on how to root the Galaxy Note 3.

Before installing any custom ROM, make sure that you create a full backup of your Note 3 either through your device’s default backup feature or by using a third-party app from the Google Play Store. If you don’t know about any good backup apps, then you can check out our list of the 10 best backup apps.

Lastly, make sure that you follow the developer specific instructions for the ROM that you’re installing. Even though most ROMs require standard installation instructions, some ROMs require special instructions and I’ll be adding a link to XDA forums below each ROM so that you can get more information and follow the developer specific instructions.

1. Omega ROM


Omega ROM is one of the most popular custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The best thing about this particular ROM is that you can customize it according to your needs. There are various additional files and apps that you can download in order to customize the ROM.

Based on Android 4.4.2, Omega ROM brings several new features, such as increased SMS hour limit, no SMS to MMS conversion, exit button for stock browser, scrolling wallpaper, advanced reboot menu, call recorder and kids mode.

Notable Features:

  • Battery mod
  • Omega theme
  • Unlimited contacts joining
  • Modified YouTube app

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2. Sweet ROM

sweet rom

Sweet ROM is another great ROM that you can install on your Galaxy Note 3. Sweet ROM also got quite popular on the Galaxy Note 1 and if you don’t want to lose most of the features on your Galaxy Note 3 while getting some additional features, then this is one of the best options. This might not be the most customizable or the fastest ROM, but it certainly brings several new features.

Based on Android 4.4.2, Sweet ROM features build.prop tweaks, init.d tweaks, 3minit battery mod, advanced power menu, S5 launcher, nova launcher, My data manager, Google L keyboard and YouTube downloader

Notable Features:

  • MMS, music player, video player, browser and calculator from Galaxy S5
  • Nandroid manager
  • Night clock
  • Finger ink effect

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3. Dirty Unicorns ROM

dirty unicorns

Dirty Unicorns is another series of ROMs that is quite popular on various Android devices. It is based on OmniROM and brings several customization features along with stability. This might not be the fastest or smoothest ROM for the Galaxy Note 3, but if you want a stable ROM with some customizations, then this is the right choice.

The ROM features an ad blocker, download centre, cloud based wallpapers, advanced power menu, customized navigation bar, Halo, hardware button remapping, init.d tweaks, Active Display, List view animations, OmniSwitch and driving mode.

Notable Features:

  • Recents from SlimROM
  • Heads Up notifications
  • Custom carrier label
  • Network speed indicator

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4. Hawkish Elite Serie ROM


Hawkish Elite Serie ROM is another fantastic custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It comes from XDA developer zohawkish. The ROM focuses on stability, performance and speed.

If you’re looking for heavy customizations then this might not be the right choice, but if you want a stable ROM along with a smooth experience, then you should consider installing this ROM. The ROM features hawkish extra apps and apps from the Galaxy S5.

Notable Features:

  • Hawkish premium theme
  • Smart network
  • Modified TouchWiz launcher
  • Battery tweaks

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5. Crash ROM

crash rom

Crash ROM comes from XDA developer Crash and it brings several new apps and customization features. The ROM offers a 3G tweak boost, S5 weather widget, four-way reboot menu and CPU spy. Aside from that, it also includes Apollo music player, YouTube downloader, Nova launcher and Apex launcher.

Notable Features:

  • Ink finger mod
  • LED manager
  • Crash ROM repository
  • init.d support

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6. C-ROM SaberMod

crom sabermod

C-ROM is a popular series of ROMs for various Android devices and this particular ROM is a modified version of C-ROM. You’ll find all the features of C-ROM along with several new features. If you’re looking for a highly customized ROM, then this is one of the best options currently available. The ROM provides keyboard animations, Heads Up, quick boot and Chainfire SuperSU.

Notable Features:

  • Build.prop mods
  • Answer call using the Home key
  • Customized status bar
  • CPU info overlay

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7. AllianceROM


AllianceROM is one of the most popular custom ROMs for the Galaxy Note 3 and other Android devices, such as the Galaxy S5. Developed by the Alliance team, the ROM brings several new features on the Galaxy Note 3.

One problem that several users have faced is that the Menu key opens the Recents menu, however, this can be easily changed through hardware key remapping. The ROM features custom carrier on lock screen, lock screen wake up and modified stock email app.

Notable Features:

  • 17 different theme presets
  • Camera while on call
  • Scheduled messaging enabled
  • S5 launcher

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8. AudaxROM


AudaxROM focuses on improving performance and increasing battery life. Based on Android 4.2.2, the ROM features several apps from the Galaxy S5, including S Planner, watchON, SMS app and calculator. Aside from that, the ROM also brings Android L sounds and boot animation.

Notable Features:

  • S5 Fonts
  • Build.prop tweaks
  • Four way reboot
  • Transparent notifications bar

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9. Prometeus ROM


Prometeus ROM is another great ROM available for the Galaxy Note 3. If you’re looking for heavy customization and mods, then this is definitely not the right option as the ROM focuses on speed and stability.

If you don’t want to lose Samsung’s interface, but also want buttery smoothness on your phone, then this is one of the best options. Coming from XDA developer prometeus69, the ROM includes zip installer and battery themer.

Notable Features:

  • Lots of new fonts
  • New wallpapers
  • Reboot tool
  • Xposed GravityBox

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10. Super Fast & Famous ROM

super fast rom

Finally, we have the Super fast & famous ROM at 10. Based on Android 4.4.2, the ROM is quite fast as the name suggests and also brings loads of customization options. It features the latest SuperSU, four-way reboot, latest BusyBox and keyboard from the LG G3.

Notable Features:

  • Lenovo camera
  • Message limit removed
  • Air control tron theme
  • Choice of three recoveries

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The Galaxy Note 3 is one of the most popular Android devices of the year and it is one of my favorite Android phablets. Even though several phones and phablets have been released since the Note 3 first came out, it is still a fantastic device if you want hardcore gaming and multitasking. That being said, I’m not a big fan of the device’s stock user interface and even if you’re enjoying the interface, I’m sure you’ll get tired of the same old UI very soon. Before going to the mobile store and getting yourself a Note 4, you should definitely consider installing a custom ROM on your device.

Custom ROMs don’t only improve the overall feel of the device, but they can also increase performance and battery life significantly. If you’re looking to make the most out of your device, then a custom ROM might just be what you need. After installing a custom ROM, read about the 10 best accessories and the 10 best cases currently available for the Note 3. Make sure that you create a full backup of your phone before installing any of the custom ROMs mentioned above. Also, follow all the instructions correctly from the developer. If I’ve left out one of the best custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Note 3, or if you have any questions, please feel free to mention them in the comments section below.

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  1. Hello, not sure if this will get a reply but I was wondering if there’s a Samsung Based ROM for the Note 3 that has tap to wake (ala LG G3). Emphasis on speed and battery life.

  2. Is there a tweak whicts gives one full controll of its battery.??

    Im searching only the wayaround from 5% auto screen dimmering..

    1. There’s an app called Twilight.You can use that to keep brightness at whatever level u want even at 5% and below.

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