The 6 Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The 6 Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - Joy of Android
The 6 Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Do you love your Samsung Galaxy Note 8, but want to spice it up a little? The standard software doesn’t offer much in the way of advanced features, and there are always additional features you want from an operating system.

Maybe you’re looking to thin out some of the features that you don’t utilize or merely want more advanced options, and a custom ROM can get more of what you want.

The 6 Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - Joy of Android

While the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one of the best products that Samsung has to offer, perhaps you are looking to update your device with one of the best custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

To do this, you’ll first have to root your device and install a custom recovery before installing a custom ROM. Once you get past that, this can be an excellent method to add the features that you’d use the most.

The 6 Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - Joy of Android

Setting up a custom environment that’s designed for your unique needs isn’t always possible with a stock operating system. And that’s why there are custom ROMs.

When looking for the best custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Note 8, here’s a list of our favorites to help you make the most of your device.


LightROM for Galaxy Note 8 has personalized boot animations that can be a great start to customize your phone by having it boot with an image that you connect with personally. In the day of digital openness, having a personalized picture keeps you from having to utilize the stock boot screens.

The 6 Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - Joy of Android

Additional features such as custom boot animations, sound mods, and camera mods are also included. This custom ROM for Galaxy Note 8 also has audio mods that are another excellent personalization tool.

This way, your phone ringer or notification sound is unique so that you don’t reach for your phone with all of the other people around you. Starbucks line anyone?

The 6 Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - Joy of Android

The camera mods offer advanced options to make your social media images stand out. If you want to give your photos a unique feel and look, then this feature might be speaking to you.

Using the advanced camera mods, you’ll stand out in a world of social media overload and let your inner artist out into the wild.

Best Features

  • AROMA supported
  • LTE-only network mode
  • Custom boot animations
  • Sound mods
  • Camera mods
  • Navigation bar colors

Besides being AROMA supported, coming equipped with 1060 Samsung fonts pre-installed and offering an LTE only network mode, there are many more features that make this custom ROM a perfect choice.  As a bonus, something you’ll find less of is bloatware — 900 MB less, to be precise.

RomAur ROM

Another great custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the RomAur ROM. The big draw for this option is the extensive reduction of bloatware.

Bloatware is a nuisance for many users, doing nothing more than taking up valuable storage space, slowing processing speeds and reducing battery life.  With the benefit of reduced bloatware, these irritations won’t be a concern anymore.

The 6 Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - Joy of Android
RomAur ROM

For those users who can speedread, or who can never seem to go fast enough, the increase in scrolling speed of this custom ROM is ideal.

And shutterbugs, you’ve been hooked up with this ROM, as well. You’ll especially enjoy the increase in camera speed and the quality improvements of its picture-taking ability.

With all these vast improvements, it would be a drag if there was still a delay when it came to switching between apps. But don’t fret because RomAur has you covered there, too. With faster speeds, you can switch between apps with ease.

Best Features

  • Faster scrolling
  • Virtually non-existent bloatware
  • Speed optimizations
  • Improved pictures quality

Perhaps the most significant benefit of the RomAur ROM is the drastically reduced existence of bloatware. That, combined with the increase in speed optimizations and improved picture quality make this an excellent choice for your Note 8.

Dr.Ketan ROM

Dr.Ketan ROM is a feature-rich option for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 users and comes complete with customization opportunities and great features. For those users who like having choices, they’ve even included a 4-way reboot option.

As many of us are, the designers of the Dr.Ketan ROM are conscientious of battery life and time. With this in mind, they thought to include mods for the battery and clock, thus enabling users to personalize the appearance of both without trouble.

We’ve all had some experience with lost files, and this ROM has those covered, too. Thanks to the pre-installed titanium backup, you’ll never lose a file again.

The 6 Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - Joy of Android
Dr. Ketan ROM

With Dr.Ketan ROM, you’re no longer limited to those select few.

Finally, this custom ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has dual app support for all apps. Yes, you read that right: I said all apps.

Best Features

  • Ad-free comes pre-activated
  • 3minit battery and clock mod
  • SystemUI mods
  • Titanium backup is pre-installed
  • Dual app support for all apps

As a highly popular customization option, Dr.Ketan ROM is full of advanced features. Perfect for power users, the battery mod and dual app mod are what sets this custom ROM apart from the rest.

IronMan ROM

One of the most popular custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the IronMan ROM. It offers some great features that you’ll quickly become hooked on, leaving you to wonder how you ever lived without them.

Delivered via the AROMA installer, using and installing the custom ROM is a relatively straightforward process.

Some advanced custom options include an adblocker to protect you from all the spam that’s floating in the digital universe and a dual speaker sound mod. With the sound mod, you can take full advantage of the full stereo sound capabilities of your device.

The 6 Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - Joy of Android
IronMan ROM

For those of you that are visually expressive, the IronMan ROM has the perfect solution. Who doesn’t love the chocolate frozen yogurt emoji?

IronMan ROM offers the choice to utilize the stock emojis, iOS emojis and Oreo emojis all in one place. If a picture is worth a thousand words, an emoji is worth at least 10, giving you a more significant visual arsenal to express yourself when words just won’t suffice.

Best Features

  • Dedicated ROM Control app
  • Dual speaker sound mod
  • Included Adblocker
  • iOS, Oreo or stock emoji option

With a dedicated ROM Control app, this custom ROM is built with flexibility in mind. And, as one of the more popular options available for Samsung Galaxy Note 8, it’s sure to please you, as well.


As a tweaked version of the stock Galaxy Note 8 ROM, the MoleculeROM offers better performance. With smoother animations, faster performance and increased storage, this is the custom ROM you want.

Based on the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean system, you get a hyped-up version of the same TouchWiz UI you’ve always known.

The 6 Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - Joy of Android

With the stock kernel and radio included, it’s also updated all the Google and Samsung apps to the most recent version. This consists of the photo and video editing apps for easily modifying videos and pics from within the gallery.

The substantial reduction of bloatware contributes to the increase in performance you’ll notice with the MoleculeROM. Plus, with all the bloatware gone, it frees up much-needed storage capacity and leaves you more room for your favorite apps, files, and photos.

Best Features

  • Familiar TouchWiz UI
  • Faster performance
  • Photo and video editing mods
  • More storage from the removal of bloatware

Featuring extra options that bring your Galaxy Note 8 to life, you’ll find this custom ROM is easy to use because the features are delivered on the TouchWiz UI you already know. It’ll last longer, too, since the reduction in bloatware will lend itself to increased battery life.

Mokee OS ROM

As an open source custom ROM, the Mokee OS ROM is great for both consumers and developers alike.

If you’re a developer, you can make a new custom ROM for your device. For the rest of us, we can find joy in directly downloading and installing this exceptional ROM as-is.

The 6 Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - Joy of Android
Mokee OS ROM

With a lot of new and exciting features, the current build of the Mokee OS custom ROM isn’t an official release and could contain a few bugs, though none have been reported yet.

It offers an Android 4.4 KitKat based system that’s been odexed for release. This provides a smoother and faster performance while loading of apps into memory.

The 6 Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - Joy of Android
Mokee OS ROM

As an added feature, you get incremental updates, list view animations, and multi-window support.

Best Features

  • Odexed for faster performance
  • List view animations
  • Open source custom ROM
  • Lunar and solar calendars

With the open source option, this completely custom ROM is a developer’s dream. But if you’re not a developer, there are still a lot of advanced features that make the Mokee OS ROM a smart choice for a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 custom ROM.

The Verdict

The absolute best feature of the Android line of phones is the virtually unlimited opportunity to customize it down to the last detail with custom ROMs like the best custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Choosing to install the LightROM is an excellent choice for beginners. For a more advanced take on customization, installing Dr.Ketan ROM on your Galaxy Note 8 will deliver advanced personalization options like you’ve never known.

Have you used one of the best custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Note 8? Is there another custom ROM that you love for your Galaxy Note 8? Let us know in the comments, then share this post with your friends on your favorite social media platforms!

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