10 Best Custom ROMs For Samsung Galaxy S2: Make It Your Own

The Samsung Galaxy S2 was released several years back, but since the phone is quite old, you won’t find the latest software and hardware on it. That said, you can take your Galaxy S2’s experience to the next level by flashing a custom ROM.

After installing a ROM, not only will your Galaxy S2 become faster and more responsive, but you’ll also get loads of awesome features along with an improved user interface and design.

There are lots of custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S2 and if you’re new to installing custom ROMs, then you’ll probably get confused finding the perfect ROM.

I’ve made a list of what I think are the ten best custom ROMs available for the Samsung Galaxy S2. This list represents my personal view and some users might also prefer other ROMs that are not mentioned in this list.

Why Should You Flash A Custom ROM On Your Samsung Galaxy S2?

If you’re still not sure whether flashing a custom ROM on your Galaxy S2 is the right thing to do, then consider these factors before making your decision.

  • ROMs can really speed up your Galaxy S2. If you’re jealous of others using the latest smartphones that are really snappy, then you should definitely flash a custom ROM in order to make your phone more responsive.
  • Make your Galaxy S2 last longer. Custom ROMs can also improve the battery usage of your phone and your phone should last longer on a single charge.
  • Enjoy awesome apps and features on your Galaxy S2. Custom ROMs bring various great features and you’ll be able to able to use all of them on your Galaxy S2.
  • Lastly, a lot of custom ROMs also feature a new user interface and this is perfect if you’re bored with your Galaxy S2’s current UI.

Tips Before Flashing A Custom ROM On Your Galaxy S2

Before going forward with the flashing process, you’ll need root access on your Galaxy S2. Also, make sure that you root your Galaxy S2 and flash ROMs at your own responsibility as this is unsafe and you’ll void your manufacturer’s warranty.

Follow these tips before flashing any custom ROM.

  • Make sure that your Galaxy S2 is charged to at least 70%.
  • All your phone’s data will be deleted so backing up all your important stuff is the right thing to do. If you don’t know how to backup your phone’s data, then feel free to check out our list of the best backup apps for Android.
  • Follow all the instructions from the ROM’s developer carefully. You’ll see the instructions on the ROM’s XDA thread. If you leave out something, you might end up bricking your Galaxy S2.



One of the coolest custom ROMs that is available for various Android smartphones is EHNDROIX V and it is based on the well-known CyanogenMod firmware. The best thing about this ROM is that almost everything has been highly customized including the tiniest details.

It features optimizations for a smooth experience and also provides a great battery life. EHNDROIX V brings lots of great features such as Theme engine, Nova launcher, Heads Up and improved icon quality.

Notable Features:

  • Ehndroix wallpapers
  • New alarm sounds, notification sounds and ringtones
  • Tweaks for a better battery life and a smooth experience

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2. Fusion ROM


If you’re a fan of the latest Samsung Galaxy S5, then you should definitely try Fusion ROM as it brings the Galaxy S5 theme and several of the phone’s features such as lock screen, boot animation, S Voice, recents panel and multi window.

Notable Features:

  • Keyboard from Galaxy Note 3
  • Snapdragon BatteryGuru
  • ViPER4Android

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3. NeatROM


Another great ROM that you can flash on your Galaxy S2 is NeatROM and it brings various new features including Init.d tweaks, four-way reboot, S4 calculator, Multi window enabled for all apps, S5 wallpapers, NeatROM Control and TouchWiz rotation toggle.

Notable Features:

  • Lock screen rotation toggle
  • Scrolling cache disabled
  • Aroma installer

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4. CyanFox ROM


CyanFox is one of the most lightweight custom ROMs available for the Galaxy S2 and it aims at improving performance and giving users reliability.

Based on CyanogenMod and the Android Open Source Project, CyanFox brings several cool features such as Quiet hours and new sound settings. While the ROM is stable, there is a known front camera bug and you won’t be able to use front facing camera recording.

Notable Features:

  • Dark UI
  • Expanded desktop
  • Privacy Guard

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5. PAC-man ROM


PAC-man ROM is quite popular across various Android devices as it brings the best features from several other firmwares. Therefore, if you’re looking for an All-in-One custom ROM, PAC-man ROM is probably the best option.

PAC-man ROM’s features include Battery bar, Appbar, advanced keyboard options, Floating window, Halo, Gesture anywhere, blur lock screen, PAC performance, PAC console, Privacy Guard, OmniSwitch, CyanogenMod themes and slim Heads Up.

Notable Features:

  • SlimPie
  • Ram bar
  • Network speed indicator
  • Navigation bar customization

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6. SlimSaber ROM


Another cool ROM for the Galaxy S2 is the SlimSaber ROM and it brings several new features such as SlimPie and custom quick settings tiles. One known bug in the ROM is that the music player sometimes stops when playing music from the SD card.

Notable Features:

  • Chamber of secrets
  • Flip to reject/mute phone calls
  • Glowpad torch
  • Smart pulldown

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7. Spirit ROM


Spirit ROM is an awesome custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S2 that brings various great features such as On the Go mode, Halo, CyanogenMod theme chooser and expanded desktop.

You also get custom CRT animations, Breathing notifications, CyanogenMod profiles, Privacy guard, Hover, App side bar, Heads up and Active display.

Notable Features:

  • Ram bar
  • Glowpad torch
  • Screen recorder
  • Driving mode

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8. CarbonROM


CarbonROM is based on the Android Open Source Project and focuses on giving users stability, speed and lots of cool features. It brings customizable battery and signal icons, Active display, Dark mode, Carbon fibers and color customization of the navigation bar.

Notable Features:

  • Additional options in the Power menu
  • Expanded desktop
  • Status bar brightness control
  • See through status and navigation bars

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9. AOSB Project ROM


The AOSB Project ROM is based on the CyanogenMod firmware and it features OTA support, Halo, App sidebar, Multi window, custom CRT animation and lock screen notifications.

Notable Features:

  • Ram bar
  • Screen video recording
  • Lock screen blur

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10. CyanogenMod ROM


If you have been using the Android operating system for a while, then you probably already know about the CyanogenMod firmware. It is one of the best and most popular custom ROMs available for Android and various other ROMs use CyanogenMod as their base.

The ROM is known for its unique features such as CyanogenMod profiles, navigation bar customizations, DSP manager and CyanogenMod accounts. You might find minor bugs related to music playback and external SD card on the ROM.

Notable Features:

  • Privacy guard
  • CyanogenMod updater
  • Theme engine
  • Trebuchet launcher

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Custom ROMs are a great way to make the most out of your Android smartphone or tablet and if you feel that the interface on your Samsung Galaxy S2 is outdated, then you should definitely try flashing a custom ROM.

Not only will you get a better UI, but you’ll also get cool apps and features along with performance and battery tweaks. After reading all the tips, make sure that you flash the ROM that fits your needs the most.

Feel free to shoot us any questions in the comments section below and let us know about your favorite custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S2.

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  1. you said: CyanogenMod has some bugs “related to music playback and external SD card on the ROM”.
    Do you mean that the SD Card wont work?
    or, do you mean that it has Bugs relating to MUSIC PLAYBACK ONLY ?

    i was confused what you mean: as the SD card is a MAJOR part of the Phone storage and access.
    so what exactly are the bugs with the SD card ?

  2. Thanks alot … A very wonderful article … I could answer alot of questions about customs roms .
    I have a Galaxy S2 running with android 4.0.4 , I am suffering with it ! so how can i replace this version with a nice , fast , low battary consuming custom rom in details .
    I prefer if you suggest a rom for my case ..
    Thanks again .

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