Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

5 of the Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung knocked it out of the park when they released their latest flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge this year. It’s no wonder that there is an increased interest in custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. However, as the device is still very new, we haven’t seen much development from custom ROM makers for this smartphone.

It also doesn’t help that Samsung released two models with different processors for their flagship smartphone. While the ROM collection may be lacking variety, the best custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge are still worth a look.

If you’re already here, then I assume that you know the dangers of flashing a custom ROM on your smartphone. While they’re not that significant, if you don’t follow the ROM instructions to the point, there will be some complications in the process.

I highly recommend that you flash ROMs when you’re fully conscious and concentrated. A slight mistake can break your new shiny smartphone, and as the warranty is already void, you will be left holding a beautiful brick in hand. So make sure you read up all the information about the ROM as well as how you can flash your smartphone.

I also recommend you read up the pros and cons of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, so you can gauge your decision to tinker with it this early in its life. Also check out the best features of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, as some of them won’t make it on some ROMs. Now that we have the warnings and cautions out of the way let’s start with the 5 best custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

1. Renovate Edge

Renovate Edge ROM

Renovate Edge is based on Android version 6.0.1 and stock Samsung firmware. It is de-bloated but also comes with the option to remove many apps in the installer. This allows you to delete the bloatware completely Samsung puts on their smartphone.

Don’t get me wrong; I like what Samsung has done with their latest TouchWiz UI, but some of the apps get used and are just hogging the space as well as memory. It also comes with a five-way reboot menu, optimized battery life as well as a great tweaks app to control your personal experience.

The ROM also comes with a clean-up script that runs each boot. There are also options to make system notifications removable as well as customize the buttons. Overall, this is one of the most stable custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

2. Superman-ROM

Superman ROM

This ROM also made it to our list best Samsung Galaxy S7 ROMs as well, and it is also here. The reason behind it being on both lists is quite simple; it is one of the few stable ROMs available for these smartphones. Thousands of people have thanked the creator of this ROM over at XDA-Developers site, and all of it is well deserved.

It is based on the latest firmware but comes with very few apps. Most of the apps that can easily be obtained from the Google Play Store are removed from the ROM, making the footprint a lot smaller. This is a pre-rooted ROM with the latest Busybox installed.

The Aroma installer makes installation customizable as well as easy to do. The developer also boasts about the full ROM control available to the users as well. If you like stock Samsung look and feel with the added benefit of modifications, this ROM is made for you.

3. King ROM

King ROM

Another ROM from the best ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge makes it to this list. The fact that both Samsung’s latest flagship smartphones are nearly identical from the inside makes it easier for the developers to make ROMs for both. In fact, I’m sure the porting doesn’t even need to be done, the SoCis exactly identical in both smartphones.

King ROM brings the familiarity of the TouchWiz user interface with the added benefit of less bloatware in one neat package. This is a deodexed, zipaligned and pre-rooted ROM that comes with the latest version of Busybox installed.

One of the best things about this app is its ability to install old app versions over the new ones without any significant problems. If the latest version of an app is giving you problems, this is the best way to retain usability. There are several different tweaks built into the ROM making it one of the best ones around. One of the simplest yet useful tweaks is the removal of loud volume warnings.

4. BasicPlus 2.1

BasicPlus 2.1 ROM

If you are fond of how your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge looks with the TouchWiz interface, then you might be a bit worried about flashing on a completely new ROM. It is understandable, and there was a time when the TouchWiz bogged down the hardware, and everyone hated it, but Samsung has significantly improved their user interface and not many are keen on losing it.

Thankfully, you can get BasicPlus 2.1 ROM on your beloved smartphone without changing any UI elements from the TouchWiz interface. The ROM removes each and every kind of bloatware found on the smartphone. The apps from Microsoft, Google, and even Samsung are gone from the ROM. This frees a significant amount of storage space on the phone and with fewer processes running in the background can potentially lead to a better battery life.

5. Bobcat ROM

Bobcat ROM

Having used Bobcat ROMs on previous smartphones, I can safely say that the developer is one of the best ones in the business. I don’t dig the color scheme in the ROM, but thankfully it is somewhat customizable as well. Customization is what this ROM is all about, the Samsung themes have been ported to it, and they all work well on the ROM.

Some of the bloatware has been removed, and many tweaks are implemented to deliver a somewhat smooth experience. However, this ROM is based on Android 6.0 and not the latest Android 6.0.1; this is why it is the last one on the list. Apart from this minor drawback, the ROM performs well under a slew of different circumstances.


The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is a relatively new phone and as time goes by, we will see new ROMs pop up. This list is far from complete, I feel that there should have been more stock Android ROMs available for the smartphone but as of now, there aren’t many great options. Obviously, we will be revisiting this best custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge list in near future to add to it.

Just as always, if you have spotted a better ROM that deserves to be on the list, talk to us in the comments below, and we’ll make sure to check it out. Until next time, happy flashing.

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    1. If you click on the download button, you’ll be taken to XDA it won’t actually download the ROM. Once you’re there, all the things it can and can’t do should be in the description.

  1. Will a stock android ROM be ever made for the S7/Edge? I am using the Nova Launcher and I know Google Now is there too, but it doesn’t change the whole system like settings, notification bar UI, etc.

    1. Different launchers offer different things, you can play around with different launchers until you find one that has what you want.

  2. I loved my Galaxy S7 for about a month. I had, & still have an S5, that is my backup in case I blow this one up! Loved my 5, so did my toddler. We could both use it all day long with no probs. EVERY SINGLE TIME I hand my son this one some barrage of really inappropriate and annoying ads take up so much of my time that it’s not even something that I can use to sneak a 10 min break. So, I know absolutely nothing about ROMs or rooting but I’m an intelligent person who’d love some education and guidance. From what I have read I was considering trying out the Superman ROM. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I almost just rooted it with VERY, VERY LITTLE info and an glad I waited for guidance.

    1. The ROMs are very much personal preference. They are made to add features, apps, or gain access to things your phone won’t let you do right out of the box. When rooting, keep in mind you Will void your warranty in most cases. You can unroot ost of the time, but if it fails while rooted and you need to get it serviced, you will be paying for the repairs.

      Another thing to consider is, when you root it, your phone is typically less secure. If you are getting inappropriate ads now and that’s your reason for the root, you would be better off looking for the problem app sending the ads. There are a lot of different ad types and you might need more than one app to find all of the offending apps sending ads.

      You will want to scan for malware, you can use something like Norton antivirus. Then, look for apps like AdAway, NoRoot Ad-Remover Lite, AppBrain Ad Detector, or others to scan for apps that serve ads as pop-ups or in the notification bar.

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