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8 Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

In the world of Android, you’ll often hear people talking about custom ROMs.

Hardware and software both need to be curated in order to provide the ultimate user-friendly experience. Similarly, custom ROMs replace your Android device’s operating system with something that would be more useful to you individually, using Android Open Source Programs or AOSPs.

The 8 Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus - Joy of Android
A custom ROM is your phone’s performance enhancer.

However, custom ROMs don’t perform equally well on all devices, and some devices benefit more from ROMs with certain features than other devices do.

Curious to know which custom ROMs you should look out for to enhance your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus?

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Let’s explore what exactly is custom ROM, why you need it, and which ones are the best – all covered in this post!

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Why Do You Need Custom ROM for Your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus?

The 8 Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus - Joy of Android
A custom ROM and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus make a perfect combination

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus’s battery life, looks, and performance can be improved by using a custom ROM. These can also unlock extra features and advantages such as:


Once your Android phone or tablet is being used out of the box, its hardware is clocked at an optimal speed in terms of the heat it releases and the battery it uses.

With a custom ROM, you can overclock your hardware to vastly improve Android performance. These changes become the most apparent when playing graphic intensive games.

Besides, speed makes a drastic difference in the way you engage with your Android machine.


Android manufacturers often cut out support for certain phone updates, or continue to have software that is replete with bugs. This leaves you stuck with a phone accompanied by an old version of Android, and this can be especially problematic when it comes to running your phone efficiently.

The solution is a custom ROM on the newest Android version. Even if your phone is stuck on KitKat, you can download and use a ROM based on Lollipop instead.


Custom ROMs, with all their advantages come with warnings. If you don’t know how to use it correctly, you may risk the functionality of your phone. It can happen if you aren’t careful, and it’s called “bricking.”

As the name suggests, the device runs the risk of becoming impermeable to any software changes. If the process cannot be reversed, it is known as bricking.

Various Android users feel reluctant in taking the risk of using a custom ROM for their Android phone. For those of us who want to push the performance of our devices and unlock extra features, we’ll be using custom ROMs.

Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

1. Minotaurus ROM V9.1

Minotaurus ROM
Minotaurus ROM V9.1

The Minotaurus ROM has a user interface that is smooth and lag-free. It gives you the best performance as an Android user and is based on G955FXXU1AQG5 firmware. The ROM consists of Aroma Manager that enables you to select the option for rooting between Magisk or Superuser.

The features of this ROM are as follows:

  • 100% deodexed
  • an OK button is always available with window (or alert) overlays
  • Presence of a hidden status-bar clock on lock screen
  • Private mode of working on
  • Removal of a high brightness warning
  • Volume safety warning is permanently disabled
  • You can switch battery percentage
  • Custom text is displayed on the status bar
  • You can tap on the clock to open the clock app
  • Stock clocks are available with innumerable customizations
  • The notification panel produces gifs, provides custom backgrounds, and forces expanded notification on the notification panel.

The Lockscreen offers color options, custom text lockscreen status bar, and an option to hide clock. Its advanced features include sound mods, and DPI Changer.

2. The Legendary Omega ROM for Galaxy S8 +

Legenday Omega
The Legendary Omega ROM for Galaxy S8+

If you like a lot of settings and modifications, then this ROM is for you. When it comes to the OMEGA ROM, the installation of the Android Nougat based ROM is fully customizable, and is accompanied by the Omega Kernel.

This ROM supports the devices G950F – G955F of Android Version, Nougat 7.1.1

3. LIGHT ROM v4 [Stable]

Light ROM

Just as the name signifies, LIGHT ROM is a light-weight ROM that helps your device work efficiently. Since this is the most stable version of this ROM that is also AROMA supported, it will offer the best array of customizable options for your Android phone and will also provide superior operating performance.

It supports Samsung Galaxy S8 SM-G950F/FD/N and Samsung Galaxy S8+ SM-G955F/FD/N.

Besides offering custom camera mods, browser, weather, stock clock, and updated Samsung apps, LightROM also provides these features:

  • Zipaligned
  • Magisk Root
  • CSC Tweaks
  • prop Tweaks
  • Based on AQG5 Base
  • Has custom Kernels in Aroma
  • Changelog To About Device
  • Sound Mod (Medium)
  • ROM Logo TO About Device
  • Watch Dogs v1 Boot Animation
  • Stock Keyboard
  • Google Package Installer Overlay
  • Updated Google Apps
  • SysScope Edited
  • Device Status Official
  • Custom Boot Animations

4. BATMAN ROM V1.1.1 [Stable]

Batman ROM

The next custom ROM, BATMAN ROM, is similar to SUPERMAN ROM on the Samsung Galaxy S7. The developer of this ROM is an obvious fan of Samsung stock UI. This ROM is the most recent version from Samsung, and the current base of BATMAN ROM is G955FXXU1AQF7. BATMAN ROM has many customizable options and has Aroma/ROM control included in it.

It has the following features:

  • Adblocker enabled or disabled (you can choose in aroma)
  • Fully deodexed (also framework)
  • Can choose IOS or stock emojis in aroma
  • ADB fully working ADB
  • Full ROM control. The App name is BatMan Settings Free
  • DM-Verity disabled
  • Latest Busybox installed (aroma selectable)
  • Back to kill
  • 3Minit Clock/battery
  • Modded System UI with many tweaks
  • Matrix animation in recent versions

5. Nemesis


Nemesis’ claim to fame is that it focuses on speed. It adds build.prop tweaks for a more responsive system, and has a speedometer installed in the status bar.

One thing Nemesis has a competitive edge on is its app of Pro Settings that offers all the buttons and knobs you’re looking for.

6. AURORA ROM V3.0 [Official]

Aurora ROM

This ROM is extremely customizable. AURORA is based on G9550ZCU1AQF7. The main customization of this ROM is in Aurora Settings, and it is pre-rooted. The interface of the Aurora ROM is also smooth and elegant.

The call interface retains the home display switch. Plus, it adds the operator display function. It also adds a status bar operator to display the switch.

Here are some more interesting features:

  • App lock
  • Floating Messages
  • Application Manager
  • Aurora Settings
  • S Secure/Power Planning
  • Reboot Menu Style
  • Bixby Key Remapping
  • Support for custom switch speed display
  • Pull down the lunar display


King ROM
King ROM V2

We now introduce to you the King ROM S8-edition. It’s supported for the Galaxy S8 G95x, giving the best results. An early version of the King ROM was released by developers. However, this had a lot of bugs and once removed, some new features were added to produce the updated second version. This version is stable and based on the latest firmware.

Besides providing app lock and GPA configuration tweaks, it offers the following features:

  • Rooted
  • ROM Control
  • Screenshot and screen recorder tiles
  • Netflix fully working
  • Fingerprint after Reboot in KRM
  • Update KRM
  • Number of Toggles in KRM
  • Default animation at 0.25x

8. Pixel 2 XL Hybrid ROM

Pixel 2
Pixel 2 XL Hybrid ROM

If you loved the Pixel 2 XL User interface, then look no further than the Pixel 2 XL Hybrid ROM. It takes out all Samsung apps, and adds pretty much all Oreo apps that come with the Pixel 2. It’s kind of like the unofficial Galaxy S8 Google Edition.

Supporting Nougat 7.1.1 as the Android Version, this second version is indeed a massive upgrade from the previous one.

What’s Next?

All these customizable ROMs come with a wide variety of specifications. Based on different users and their varying needs, I have provided you with a list of custom ROMs. By selecting any of these custom ROMs, you can allow third-party systems to operate your Android phone or tablet.

All your Android needs shall be met if you make a selection out of these. If you want to decide which custom ROM to go for, look no further and choose one immediately!

Have anything to share about custom ROMS for your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus? Let us know in the comment section!

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