5 of the Best Custom ROMs For Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0

5 Great Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7 feature image

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 was released a little while ago but is still one of the best tablets around for budget conscious people. This is why you need to take a look at some great custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7 to spice up the aging OS.

Samsung may know how to make great tablets, but they are infamous for dropping support for older hardware. This was the fate of the much beloved Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7 and its brethren. Thankfully, the Android community is very generous in making great custom ROMs for any Samsung device, so we have a couple of great options to change the way your device looks and works completely.

Before we begin the flashing adventure, I have to stress that you follow the instructions on the landing pages explicitly. While installing a custom ROM may be a simple process, any mistakes can result in a bricked device and believe me; you don’t want that.

If you are already reading this article, chances are you know how to root and flash custom ROMs on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7, but still I advise caution when installing different ROMs. At the very least, have a good backup app for Android to store all your data before installing a custom ROM. Now that the warnings are taken care of, let’s start with the five great custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7 lists.

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1. NoleKat v2.2

1. NoleKat v2.2

This ROM is based on the Italian firmware but comes deodexed. It is a pre-rooted ROM that allows you a lot of freedom regarding what you have on your device. Most of the apps that are already available on the Google Play Store are removed from this ROM, so you can install them if you please.

Another great thing about this ROM is that it brings in fixes for external SD card on Kit Kat. It also borrows the newer launcher and weather widget. You will also be able to have a custom-built animation available to you.

But that’s not why this is on top of the list; this ROM comes with a great kid’s mode add-on that allows you to hand your tablet to your kids without any worry. If you have this ROM on your tablet, then Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7 becomes one of the best kids’ oriented tablet for Android.

2. S.E.A.L

2. S.E.A.L

If you’re wondering what S.E.A.L means, it’s an acronym of Speedy, Extraordinary, Appealing, and Light. Despite having a cheesy name, this ROM brings in a lot of different features to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7. It’s a pre-rooted ROM based on stock firmware that is also deodexed as well as zipaligned.

There are a lot of stock features taken from the Android OS directly here. For example, the lock screen is from AOSP. There are a lot of visual enhancements available on this ROM. From a purely black status bar to white status, more icons, and from lock screen mods, to custom boot animations.

There is also no bloatware as well as no Samsung-ware slogging down the ROM. If you’re interested, the landing page has multiple videos showing off the new features in great detail. I appreciate a developer going the extra mile by giving a good look at their work without the need of actually installing anything.

3. Rocket Tab v3.1

3. Rocket Tab v3.1

This is a fairly recent ROM for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7 but it is still a couple of years older. It’s based on Android 4.1.2 and comes with the latest kernel. The ROM is fully deodexed, zipaligned and pre-rooted.

One good thing about this ROM is that it enables all available languages both on the smartphone as well as the Samsung keyboard. You don’t need to wipe your whole device for this ROM to work perfectly. There are a lot of updates available on this ROM as well; you’ll get the latest Google search and maps as well as latest Samsung account.

It even comes with a stock file Explorer, is not as great as the best file explorers for Android, but it does the job perfectly. I also like how this ROM disables the boot sound so you can turn your tab on in bed at night without the worry of waking up your significant other.

4. Infamous Tab 3

4. Infamous Tab 3

Infamous Tab 3 is a straightforward and simple ROM that is based on official firmware. It is rooted, deodexed, zipaligned, and comes with Busybox. The default launcher is Nova Launcher 2.0 which, in my humble opinion, is the best Android launcher for tablets and phones to date.

It comes with a stock Android 4.2 keyboard as well. One good thing about this ROM is that it has faster read and writes speeds on the SD card. The ROM also removed ads with its native ad blocker support.

There are a lot of other mods as well as features available on this ROM. One of them is the diehard battery calibrator that allows the tablet to squeeze out extra timings.

5. Stock NE4 Lite

5. Stock NE4 Lite

If you’re in need of a stock Samsung ROM but don’t like the additional bloatware, this is the ROM made for you. It is a simple stock, rooted, deodexed, zipaligned ROM that will make your life a lot easier. It is based on the latest June 2014 firmware, so you’re sure to get all the new features Samsung introduced.

The light version is only 445 MB in size this means you’ll have additional internal storage space when you install this ROM on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7. Some of the Samsung apps are also removed as well as the apps that are available through the Google Play Store. Apart from that, there are no additional features available here except the stable and reliable ROM.


This concludes the five great custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7 list. While there were not many custom ROMs available for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7, the ones that were, were very good. I hope that you find one of these ROMs perfect for your personal usage.

Just like always if you have any questions or queries about this list or the tablet, feel free to talk to us in the comments.

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      1. I have just acquired an SM T210R. I was hoping to find a Cyanogenmod ROM for it. Do you know if AOKP or CM has made any builds yet for this model?

    1. Joe,
      Of course we can. We have given links against each custom ROM. It will take you to XDA forum where the custom developer has given information. This should help you?

    1. Petru,
      The listed custom ROM are for Tab 3 and not for iphone 3g. If you have used tab 3, then your device might not support the ROM. You may ask the developer as well in the links provided.

  1. I have a sm t217s. Can I flash any of these roms? I am running a universal rom now with cwm recovery but would like to flash rocket tab.

    1. Yes, they should unless the developer has stated a specific firmware version. Make sure that you read the opening post of the ROM’s thread that you’re installing.

  2. I want to get support for adhoc networking in galaxy tab 3. which ROM supports adhoc networking. Can you please post about step by step installation of custom ROM

  3. Hi – really helpful list. Thanks.
    Some list speed/performance improvements, but any idea which ones offer the best improvement?

    1. Hi,
      When it comes to custom ROM’s, you’ll find it very difficult to compare. Each one often has unique advantages over the other. It’s very much all down to preference.

      1. Hi There,
        According to the author If your tablet has these specs you will be fine: Released 2013-06-01
        1.20GHz Exynos
        1GB RAM
        16GB ROM
        7″ – 600×1024
        4000mAh battery

        Be sure to have a rooted tablet which is charged at least 70% before starting the flashing. A rooted device will void your warranty. Also please read the instructions on XDA ROM page thoroughly, and read them once more just to be sure.

        Have a great time!

  4. how can i get the kitkat rom for my sm-t211 from samsung itself in my country is not available yet but i want to change the rom from jelly bean 4.1.2 to kitkat 4.4

    1. Hi Panos,
      If you click on the link provided it will take you to the thread of the ROM where you will see for which variant it was made for, since I am not sure to which ROM you are referring to. When choosing a custom ROM make sure that the kernel in the rom matches the kernel of your stock rom…what I mean is, go to about phone > software info >kernel version those numbers should match in order to avoid problems. Just a tip to keep in mind. =-)

    1. Hi There,
      To which ROM are you referring? Esch ROM is made for an individual variant and installing the wrong one will only cause problems. =-)

    1. Hi Abdullah,
      Hopefully one day there will be a rom that will have everything we want it to have. =-) Thanks for commenting.

    1. Hi There,
      How unfortunate that none of these are supported by your specific model. I am sure you can find one for your model over at XDA Developers. Thanks for commenting.

  5. You know what I’d like to see? A custom Kernel for SM-T110 that will enable OTG support. The lack of this feature really limits the capabilities of the Tab 3.

    1. Hi Elieser,
      There could make one any time now, you never know. I guess all we can do is wait and try others out in the meantime. =-)

  6. Will any of these roms work with the Sprint SM-T217S? And if so, which one would be best for that device? Thanks a lot for posting these regardless.

    I’m already rooted with TWRP recovery, I had used the stock KitKat 4.4.2 PDA. I basically copy the rom file into my SDcard and flash it in recovery? I’ll checkon individual instructions. Many Thanks.

    1. Hi Jonny,
      What are looking for exactly in a ROM? If you are using TWRP then your backup should be in /0/TWRP/Backups and you will need to boot into recovery. Thanks for reading. =-)

      1. Hey Judy,
        I have a similar scenario to Jonny’s above with the Sprint SM-T217S . All I’m really looking for is to enable global SIM card use on my Tab 3. Its originally from Sprint but I’m now posted in Kenya and looking to use their local SIMs here. Any advice?

        1. Hi Dave,
          If the SIM card is cheap, I would try to see if it would work, but I think it won´t. It´s because Sprint works on CDMA network and there isn´t such a thing as an unlocked phone on those type of networks because of how they are verified. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  7. I am using Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 SM-T211, the rom above installed my tablet?
    I do not know how to install it, please show me how to install. Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi There,
      I am not sure which custom ROM you are interested in. So, just choose one and on XDA you will find detailed steps on how to install the one you have chosen. Please let me know if you need help finding anything. Thanks for commenting. =-)


  8. Total NOOB question… sorry.

    I have a Tab 3 SM-T110 (wifi only) that I need to have run 4.4 or later. This article talks about all Tab 3s as if they are the same, but other sites differentiate between different model numbers.

    I need something – anything – to let this tab 3 run 4.4+. The place I work wants to run some specific software on it that won’t work without 4.4 or later.

    I have no way of telling which of these ROMs will work with the T110 that I have and give me 4.4 or later.

    Help? Please?

    1. I have EXACTLY the same question. That is, I have a Tab 3 SM-T110 and I’m trying to run an app which requires 4.4 or later. Based on the above descriptions, it looks like maybe either TranchidaKat ROM or Hassan ROM would do the trick. Is this correct?

  9. I have to post a question, but before I do I wanna thank you in advance for your time and help.
    after working fine for a while, my sm-t211 stopped connecting to wifi.
    I then upgraded to kitkat and solved the problem. I tried to go back but again no wifi, so I’m back to kitkat and wifi working fine.
    now i wanna a custom rom. sure that would work on kitkat. no special requirements, just wifi. some of the rom I looked at don’t mention wifi. how do Iknow if it has working wifi? on the programer’s “readme”?
    I appreciate any help and light on my shadow. thank you all.

  10. Ok I have a tab 3 kids sm-t2105 it currently has android version 4.1.2 build version t2105xwaml1. Im unable to find further updates for this device so im looking now for a custom rom hoping to update it to at least android 4.4 can anyone tell me if there is a rom avaliable that fits what im looking for. I wish to keep the native kids mode that comes on the device as its far superior and more visually appealing than the apps that are available to install from the app store for a kids mode. Any help offered but would great.

      1. Its not yet rooted but thats something I could do, iv rooted other devices before. As I said I just wanna be able to have the droid version of at least 4.4 but without changing the overall look of the system. It is used as a kids tablet so the kids mode that is installed is something I want to keep. I only want the os updated to be able to install a few apps that require at least v4.4. If there was a simpler way to just make the device appear on the app store as more up 2 date then id happily do that.

        1. Hi There,
          I have been trying to find the firmware for your device, but have been unsuccessful. I don´t think there is one, or at least, one that will keep Kids Mode. =-(

    1. Hi Chris,
      What is your model number? The ROM you use has to specifically made for your model number or there will be problems. =-)

  11. Hi,
    Which rom would recommend for performance and possibly gaming?
    And what kernel?
    I have a SM-T210

    1. Hi There,
      Hola, Si hablo Español, si necesitas ayuda con un problem por favor escribenos en Contact Us y se te podrá dar la información que necesitas en Español a tu correo electrónico. Gracias por contactarnos.

      Hi, I do speak Spanish, if you need help with a problem please contact us trough the Contact Us form and we will help you with your issue in Spanish. Thanks for contacting us.

  12. hello you guys still up and running?
    if so ..last year we got 2 galaxy tab 3 lite for the kids..they use it for app games like roblocks mindcraft ..and watch you tube and use net. would s.e.a.l be a good one for them..
    and do i downlaod to computer. or to tablet

    1. Hi Gary,
      You would download the ROM to your computer, but be careful on which ROM you choose since you need to download one that was made specifically for your variant of the Tab 3. Which variant do you have?

        1. S.E.A.L is not compatible with your variant. If you want t see it for yourself, you can go to the download link (won’t actually download anything but will take you to XDA) and where it says versions it says what variants are compatible.

    1. Hi Gary,
      Th last ROM is exactly for your device, but remember to read everything carefully and see if the Android version fits. Remember to double check everything. You are most welcome and I will be happy to help you with anything else.

  13. it’s a shame that all Roms are old and based on kitkat. this tablet had only 1Gb RAM and is slow like an old tired snail! We are in urgent need of a new custom rom based on 5.1.1 lollipop. Unfortunately nobody has developed one. it would be nice if someone started to work for this!

    1. There is still a big percentage of phones still using Kit Kat. The work phone I just upgraded, a moto x, was running 4.4.1 and the system updater said it was up tp date. I think a lot of the older devices are not getting updated to newer operating systems because carriers want to sell newer devices and that’s a selling point. I think people are keeping their phones longer because the cost of a mid to high-level phone is beyond what the average person wants to pay.

  14. we very much need a new CyanogenMod for the tab 3 7.0 SM-T211
    has only 1Gb ram and the rom stock is worse than an elderly slow snail
    everyone is looking for a lightweight custom rom but the only things that are found are all based on the old kitkat 4.4.2
    no one can make us this gift?

    1. Definitely not (as such.) Lollipop and Oreo are pretty demanding and CyanogenMod is off maintenance (but the developers freed to work on Legacy AOSP ROMs and whatnot.)
      On the other hand reverse engineering is trucking hugely even for people who don’t have a $27k seat license for a nice decompiler; I wonder who all comprise the huge Capstone/Keystone ecosystem. That leaves you to pick an OS (ported Tizen maybe? R and GnuPlot? 3D radio graph databases…) and app environments or bluetooth and OTG lushery.

      This said, perhaps some work on the output of logcat (adb logcat, on your system in particular) will clear the way for a few interventions. Noisy touchscreen troubling the thing and all that? Beats just using it as a reader/console monitor.

      1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Steve. Hopefully we’ll see a lot of these issues worked out with CyanogenMod’s successor, Lineage OS.

  15. I won a Galaxy Tab 3 Lite (SM-T110) many, many moons ago. Did nothing with it as I favor my Note5. The wireless gods bestowed Nougat upon us after the unfortunate Note7 hellfire and brimstone rollout.
    Anyway, now that there is no support or upgrades for it- I finally flashed and rooted the Tab3, successfully hooray. Now what? I am a root noob of the first order. I am absurdly clueless as to the potential I have unlocked. Can I update the OS to something more Marshmallow-y even Nougat filled? The Jellybean OS has the unpleasant feel of Windows 3.0 (for you youngins out there that’s the equivalent of an Etch-A-Sketch versus a Surface Tablet.)
    Any links to further my journey would be awesome!

  16. Hopefully I hear back soon while I’m working this out. I have a Samsung Tab 3 7.0 SM-T210R that I have successfully rooted with Odin_v3.09. S.E.A.L. appealed to me at first so I downloaded the necessary rom and Blackhawk Kernel. In short, it was really slow, like 486 processor slow. When I looked at the build statistics, it showed that even though I loaded the Blackhawk kernel, it didn’t take so I loaded it again, still slow.
    Next up, thinking it might be the rom, I tried flashing NE4 light version 2. When I tried to reboot I got a message there was no OS, now how could that be? Just finished downloading the original light version, flashed it, same thing, no OS.
    Is it because the Blackhawk kernel is still loaded?
    I performed a factory data reset before attempting to flash subsequent roms.

    1. Hey Florian! The easiest way to try to update is to simply go to Settings -> System Updates. If you are able to update it will tell you and allow you to do so. You can also try connecting your phone to your computer and running Samsung’s Kies software, available for download here. If you have an update available, a pop up will notify you. If your device is rooted, you can update using Odin or a custom ROM, but these methods are trickier and come at the risk of voiding your warranty and possibly bricking your device.

  17. I love my tab3.7 but most airline applications no longer support the operating system. Any suggestions to make them work. My tablet is in good condition and I have no need to spend hundreds of dollars for a new tablet.

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