Best Custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S8

The Best Custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S8

Now that you have successfully rooted your phone, it is time to look at the best custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S8. Sure, you can continue using TouchWiz or Samsung Experience ROM on the smartphone and it will work just fine but where’s the fun in that?

We’ve already compiled an extensive list of custom ROMs for a number of smartphones for this very reason.

Samsung is notorious for abandoning the flagships of yesteryear and focus on the new, shiny flagship model. They are getting better with the updates to their smartphones but we all know that they will end soon enough. So it is better to practice installing one of the best custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and prepare for the future.

If you are here, then you already know how to flash a custom ROM on your smartphone. And you probably know all the methods of fixing common Samsung Galaxy S8 problems.

Are you looking for custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus? We have you covered there as well.

Warning: Flashing a custom ROM on the Samsung Galaxy S8 is a risky endeavor. Only flash or install custom ROMs if you know what you are doing. Even though, the process is easy to follow, mistakes can happen and you may end up with a bricked device. Proceed with caution and make sure you have acquired ample knowledge of how ROMs work and how to install them.

The best custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S8 are not in any particular order. We highly recommend that you check them all out before selecting the best one for your needs.

Nemesis ROM

Nemesis ROM-Best Custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S8
Nemesis ROM-Best Custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S8

If you are looking for a clean, fast, and simple custom ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S8, then Nemesis ROM is for you. It is based on Android Nougat and works really well on the smartphone. The Nemesis team has been consistent when it comes to providing updates as well.

The ROM is fully Deodexed, comes rooted out of the box, and have plenty of features that make it run smooth and stable. There is a dedicated call recording button in the ROM, so you won’t even need to rely on even the best call recording apps for Android.


BatStock ROM

BatStock ROM
BatStock ROM-Best Custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S8

Who doesn’t like Batman and Batman themed stuff? Well, some people probably don’t, but if you are among the fans of the Caped Crusader, BatStock ROM is for you. The BatStock ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S8 is a well-built machine that works really well on the smartphone.

The ROM is fully Odex so it works faster and more reliably. It also comes with SuperSU preinstalled and it is rooted by default. One of the best things about the BatStock ROM is that it comes with the June security patch installed. The ROM is based on the latest AQF7 and even retains Samsung Gear VR support for the fans.


Project Alice

Project Alice
Project Alice-Best Custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S8

Project Alice is the smallest TouchWiz based custom ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S8. It is Odexed and lacks any bloatware. This means you’ll get the best of what Samsung has to offer without any bloatware slowing down the smartphone.

We love Samsung but to be honest, some of their apps are simple useless. I mean who even uses the Samsung internet browser these days anyways.

The whole ROM is just 1.6 GB in size and comes with several system optimizations, better RAM management, and various tweaks to make the experience run smoother and stable. The ROM also comes with a dedicated reboot menu and it ships with better performance as well as stability. This is the ROM made for those who love TouchWiz but want it faster and better.


Cyborg ROM

Cyborg ROM
Cyborg ROM-Best Custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S8

Cyborg ROM keeps things simple but sticking to the roots. It is a fairly stable release that will run great on your Samsung Galaxy S8 without any hitches or stutters. It comes with Xposed preinstalled which may crash on first boot but will become stable after that.

There are several mods added to the ROM as well. I personally really like the YouTube Mod that comes with a default adblocker installed. There is also an audio mod that aims to deliver better sounds through the speakers. The ROM also has significantly improved debloating done on it. This results in an improved battery life as well, there is a big jump in battery efficiency on this ROM.


Official Oreo ROM

Official Oreo ROM
Official Oreo ROM-Best Custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S8

This one is an easy to install Oreo ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S8. You’ll need to have ODIN on your PC and simply need to flash this update. While it is not exactly a custom ROM, it is made for those who are tired of waiting for Samsung to release the update for their smartphone.

It works just like Samsung intended and there are no additions to it. You can easily install this simple flashable OREO update for the Samsung Galaxy S8 in just a few steps. The ROM is lifted directly from Samsung so nothing will change at all once you update your device. Of course, changes that Samsung makes will be apparent on this update.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install a custom ROM in Samsung?

You can use a custom ROM based on a more recent version of Android if your phone’s OEM has ceased upgrading your device and you’re trapped on an earlier version of Android. You can install a custom ROM on your phone to try out a different OEM’s user interface if you like it.

Can I install a custom ROM without TWRP?

When it comes to stock ROMs, you can flash them to your device without TWRP, however, TWRP is always required to flash any zip, whether it’s a ROM or a mod (custom recovery basically).

Where can I find custom ROMs for Android?

The XDA Developers forums are the finest resource(suggested) for finding any modified ROMs. If you spend some time browsing around here in the section designated for your device, you’ll almost certainly come across dozens of different custom ROMs.

Final Thoughts on Best Custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung makes some of the best Android hardware around and has been the market leader for a while. Of course, these days there are other manufacturers who are quickly gaining momentum in terms of sales but when you thing top end Android devices, you think about Samsung.

The only thing holding Samsung back is their instance on using their own custom Android skin. While it has improved over the years a lot, there are certain areas that are still lacking. This is exactly why rooting the smartphone and flashing a custom ROM on it is so lucrative.

There wasn’t a lot of stable ROMs available for the smartphone, which comes as a surprise. However, after talking to one of the XDA developers, I came to know that Samsung smartphones are not as popular any more than they used to be. Still we’ve gathered a strong lineup of the best custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S8 that will keep you busy for a while.

If you have any suggestions, opinions, and comments, feel free to talk to us below. We always love to hear from you. And don’t forget to share this post with your friends on your favorite social media platforms!

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