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8 Best Disney Apps for Android: Play With Mickey and the Gang

The only company that has entertained three generations of avid fans is Disney.. With Disney apps for Android, the company is broadening its horizons into the digital age. From the stop animation Mickey Mouse to the lavishly captivating Frozen, Disney has always filled our lives with wonder and awe. Anyone who admits not crying when Mufasa died is either lying or not a person. Now we can stay attached to that magical place with Disney apps for Android and connect with the characters we love in a whole new way.

Note: The 10 best Disney apps for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone running on a custom ROM based on Android L. the apps performed fine and there were no problems faced during testing.

1. My Disney Experience – Free

My Disney Experience - disney apps for android

The full treatment

My Disney Experience is a must have app for anyone who is planning to visit Walt Disney World Resort. You can plan your whole vacation with this amazing app. Want to check out Disney character greetings or catch a parade? All can be done with this amazing app. Using the interactive map of the World Resort you can check nearby attractions as well as restaurants (restaurant finder apps work nicely too).


  • Park hours, wait times and parade show times.
  • The interactive GPS map is great. No need for a navigation app.
  • Making dining reservations is easy.

Notable Feature:

You know what sucks? Height requirements for rides! When traveling with family, you can check the height requirements for a particular ride so you won’t be disappointed after standing in line for 10 minutes.


2. Temple Run: Oz – $1.99

Temple Run: Oz

Run Oz Run!

Temple Run is one of the best endless runners around and Temple Run: Oz mixes it with Disney. The premise is simple; you need to run as further as you can. You play as Oz and run through lush environments which beg to be admired. This is one of the better racing games I have played; it has great looking graphics and varied gameplay. The only gripe I have with the game is that the costumes cost a lot of coins.


Notable feature:

You can explore different locations in Oz by following the sign posts or using the head start feature.


3. Maleficent Free Fall – Free

Maleficent Free Fall

Truly magnificent

Think Bejeweled and Smash It with Disney’s live action movie Maleficent. One of the most addictive apps in the Disney apps for Android, Maleficent will have you glued for “one more game”. You need to match same colored things, and there are different moderators which make the game interesting. The game takes an interesting twist on an overused formula by introducing a story –like progression. This app may be free to play but there are some IAPs for those who like taking shortcuts.


  • A simple interface.
  • Controls are easy to grasp.
  • Suitable for young gamers.

Notable Feature:

The game cleverly incorporates elements of the movie into the gameplay. For example you can cast a spell to banish all the same colored gems in one go. Diaval swoops down and rearranges the entire board, which is great if you are in a jam.


4. Where’s My Mickey – Free and $1.99

Where’s My Mickey

Water for lemonade

4.a Free Version

Mickey mouse has a lemonade stand. He has jugs, cups and lemons but one important ingredient is missing. That is Water! You can’t make lemonade without water. This is where you come in to help our good pal Mickey. Navigate the physics-based levels to get Mickey his water. Collect every last bit of the water to get the 3 star rating in a level and advance ahead of your friends. The game also introduces a new weather gameplay mechanic. The free version of the app comes with ads.


  • Mickey in any game is a plus.
  • Animations are lovely to look at.
  • Getting the 3 start rating is actually challenging.

Notable Feature:

The physics-based puzzles really take a while to nail down perfectly. This means you will be replaying the levels again and again until you find a creative solution which nets all three stars.


4.b Paid Version

The free version of the game only comes with 13 levels. The paid version however ups the number of levels to 100. If you like the game, we highly recommend that you get the paid version as it also has some hilarious clips.


5. Frozen Free Fall – Free

Frozen Free Fall disney apps for android

Don’t let it go

Ok, this is one for all the little girls in our lives. My nieces loved Frozen, and to be honest, I liked it too. I’m pretty sure anyone who has watched the movie will love to play this official game about Elsa and Anna. It is basically Bejeweled with a Frozen mask on! The game features Elsa and her freezing powers and Anna with her trusty torch. You start as kids and make way to the grown up versions of the sisters. Hans is there too as is Olaf and Sven. The game features ads which can be a little bothersome, there are IAPs too.


  • The official game of Frozen.
  • Anna and Elsa make the game fun.
  • Power ups which are unique to characters.

Notable Feature:

This is the one app which young girls will love to play. I basically use it as a pocketable babysitter.


6. Nemo’s Reef – Free

Nemo’s Reef

Aquarium keeping at best

Nemo’s Reef is the most unusual app in the Disney apps for Android list. That is because it falls somewhere between an app and a game. This is basically an aquarium management app which lets you make your own aquarium and populate it. You have to make a nice and cozy place for Nemo and his pals though. You can mix and match different combinations of decorations and plants to delight Nemo’s friends and other amazing looking fish. The game is free to play but IAPs are also included.


  • A relaxing Disney experience.
  • Collecting fish is fun.
  • Discover new plants and attach new fish.

Notable Feature:

Want to see what kind of reef your friend has built? You can do just that by using the social features of the game.


7. Disney Infinity: Action – Free

Disney Infinity: Action

Become a star

This app allows you to bring Disney characters to live and make great looking movies with the characters you love. Want to make a movie featuring Jack Sparrow and your kids? You can with Disney Infinity: Action. Mr. Incredible from the Incredibles and Sully from Monster Inc. are all included in the app. The app has a lot of props and animations to choose from but if you get tired you can purchase more directly from the app.


  • Easy to use and fun interface.
  • Selecting props is engaging.
  • Buzz Lightyear’s jet pack is amazing.

Notable Feature:

This is one of the most engaging Disney apps for Android. You can make movies with your favorite Disney characters and have some wholesome family fun.


8. Toy Story: Smash It! – $1.99

Toy Story: Smash It!

To infinity and beyond

Toy Story: Smash It follows the characters of the famous franchise who for some weird reason like to smash things. You play as Buzz Lightyear in the game and throw a ball at stuff to make them fall. It is a 3D physics based Angry Birds game. The gameplay is good comes with 70 levels and five episodes. After replaying several of the levels the game becomes a bit of a slog especially if you attain the full rating in a level.


  • Buzz Lightyear is amazing.
  • Almost all the toys are included.
  • Some of the puzzles are hard to nail perfectly.

Notable feature:

The physics in the game is very prominent. You smash some blocks and they fall realistically. This makes the game a lot more impressive than let’s say, Angry Birds.

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This concludes the 10 best Disney apps for Android list. I hope that these apps would have satisfied the Disney fan in you. Let me know if you have questions below.

What’s next? Learn about other great strategy games and games for kids that are quite similar to these Disney apps.

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