Best DJ Apps for Android

Top 10 Ultimate DJ Apps for Android [2021 UPDATE!]

There are plenty of us here that wanted to become Disc Jockeys.

We get it too, you know?

Try imagining this:

You’re on the stage. The lights are going crazy. The crowd is very hype. Then you realize that everything is silent!

*Gasp! You don’t have your gear with you!

But want to know a secret?

We just know the Best DJ Apps for Android that you can use on your phone!

No need for that super expensive stuff and you can be your own’s Disc Jockey!

What makes the Best DJ Apps for Android?

The apps are great for mixing tracks on the go some even allow you to save the musical abominations you created.

I’ll be honest with you…

I love listening to music on the Best Music Player Apps for Android.

But, you know what?

Sometimes, I crave for more. I’ll just hear a really nice song and BOOM! I’ll feel my creative juices flowing and hope I could be a DJ and know how to tweak a song according to my liking.

But of course, I’m a total beginner and don’t have the means to buy the equipment of a professional DJ.


I went and looked for the best DJ Apps for Android so you don’t have to!

Now, I tested them all and took note of all their functionality, features, and ease of use so you won’t have any trouble!

Long story short:

Even though I’m a total newbie, these apps made me look and sound like a seasoned DJ!

And so can you! So let’s get right into it!

The 10 Best DJ Apps for Android

Best DJ app in audio qualityedjing Mix – Free Music DJ App
Best DJ app with built-in recorderDJ Studio 5 – Free Music Mixer
Best DJ app with auto-mixCross DJ Free – DJ Mixer App
Best DJ app with synthesizer keyboardDJ Mix Pad
Best DJ app for MIDIdjay FREE – DJ Mix Remix Music
Best DJ app in external DJ integrationWeDJ
Best DJ app in music presetsDiscDj 3D Music Player – 3D Dj Music Mixer Studio
Best DJ app for budding DJsMusic Maker JAM – Beat & Loop Mixer
Best DJ app for professional DJingMixfader DJ – Digital Vinyl
Best ad-free free DJ appYOU.DJ – Music Mixer
Best DJ apps for Android

1. edjing Mix – Free Music DJ App

Best DJ Apps for Android - edjing Mix

The app may sound like it was made by someone called Ed Jing, a Japanese music mogul, but in reality, it is e-DJing. Despite having a not so great name, the app does the DJing part really well.

Best DJ Apps for Android - edjing Mix
edjing Mix Interface

For starters, the interface is simple and very easy to use. Even a beginner like me was able to figure it out in a matter of seconds. You need to load two tracks and the major part is already done.

Best DJ Apps for Android - edjing Mix
edjing Mix organizes your tracks and mixes.

The interface makes it easier for a newcomer to know what is what, but I recommend fiddling with each dial and slider. This way you will have hands-on experience and end up having a lot of fun.

I mixed contrasting tracks just to see what the result was and ended up spending around 40 minutes just playing around the app (don’t tell Dan though).


  • Finds the tracks automatically
  • The app is responsive and fast
  • Didn’t lag or stutter even when I went ape on the dials

Notable Feature:

The app produces astonishingly good quality audio. I was pleasantly surprised that the mixed songs came out sounding amazing; by sound I mean the sound not the content of the songs which was gibberish at best (that’s my fault).

Google Play

2. DJ Studio 5 – Free Music Mixer

Best DJ Apps for Android - DJ Studio 5

I don’t know when the previous 4 iterations of the app were released, but DJ Studio 5 is a good one. It provides a great experience for those who are looking for a free DJ app for Android.

While there is some in-app purchase business involved, they are not intrusive or obligatory. This means almost every essential feature of the app is free, there are some advanced ones locked though. But a beginner wouldn’t need them anyway.

Best DJ Apps for Android - DJ Studio 5
DJ Studio 5 Interface

The best part of this app is that there are no ads to be found on it, no pop-ups, no banners, no full-screen ones. This makes it one of the best free Android DJ apps around.

Another thing I loved about this app is that it employs a unique scratch engine and disc physics making those “woochoowoochoo” sounds all the more satisfying.

Best DJ Apps for Android - DJ Studio 5
DJ Studio 5’s 3-Bands Equalizer


  • Comes with 10 customizable sample pads
  • Beat based loops are there
  • Can be used in landscape and portrait modes

Notable Feature:

This DJ app for Android comes with a built-in recorder which can be used to record your mixed tunes with ease. If you are any good and have made a nice sounding amalgam of songs, this feature can be used for sharing it with the world.

Google Play

3. Cross DJ Free – DJ Mixer App

Best DJ Apps for Android - Cross DJ Free

Cross DJ is one of the best DJ apps for Android thanks to its ability to mix music by the numbers. If you need an accurate music mixing app, Cross DJ will pass with flying numbers.

Best DJ Apps for Android - Cross DJ Free
Cross DJ Interface

The app features accurate BPM detection of the music you feed it and that too down to the last decimal.The app also comes with one of the best sync features I have ever seen which automatically makes the two tracks match the phase.

Best DJ Apps for Android - Cross DJ Free
Cross DJ 12-Pad Sampler

It also comes with manual and progressive pitch bend. In short, this app is for those who already know what they are doing and what exactly they are going to make.


  • Accurate beat-grid editing will allow you to sync any track properly
  • Loops and hot cues are automatically set on the beat
  • The app comes with a great parallel waveform mode to check the synced tracks

Notable Feature:

If you are not that great with mixing music, you can simply click on the automix option which will do all the hard work for you automatically!

Google Play

Cross DJ Pro – Mix Your Music

Best DJ Apps for Android - Cross DJ Pro

You can buy the pro version of Cross DJ that includes all available effects. There’s no need to buy any in-app purchases.

Cross DJ Pro also frees you from ad pop-ups for uninterrupted music mixing.

Google Play

4. DJ Mix Pad

Best DJ Apps for Android - DJ Mix Pad

Do you have kids who like to play with music? Or do you want them to play with your tablet while you prepare dinner? Get this app and they will be out of your hair for a while.

Best DJ Apps for Android - DJ Mix Pad
DJ Mix Pad Interface

Alternatively, you can use the best games for kids which have proven to work wonderfully well too.

DJ Mix Pads is an OK app which allows you to mix sounds together. There is nothing extraordinary about it but it can serve as a good beginner app for the music inclined. As for me, I have only produced random sounds by using this app.

Best DJ Apps for Android - DJ Mix Pad
DJ Mix Pad Recordings


  • Highly user-friendly interface
  • Sounds are somewhat of high quality
  • Some really great FX sounds are available

Notable Feature:

The app comes with a synthesizer keyboard which makes it even more fun than you know simply pushing some buttons around.

Google Play

5. djay FREE – DJ Mix Remix Music

Best DJ Apps for Android - djay

When it comes to DJing apps, Algoriddim isn’t a new name. djay is a free music mixer app that has tons of features you’ll enjoy.

This is a well-known app because of its Spotify music library integration.

But take note: You won’t be able to use djay with Spotify starting on July 1 of 2020.

Best DJ Apps for Android - djay
djay Interface

It has all the controls you’re looking for in a DJ app — mixer, filters, equalizers, you name it. Even professionals will love this app because of the features it offers.

Best DJ Apps for Android - djay
djay Automix Options

I personally enjoyed using it because of the easy user interface. Also, it can access all the mp3 files on my phone. I was able to mix two of my favorite songs easily.


  • Versatile audio FX
  • Supports MIDI controllers
  • Automatically detects tempo and beats

Notable Feature:

If you have the budget to upgrade to the pro version, you’ll enjoy more features. This includes a lot of sample packs as well as recording and video options.

Google Play

6. WeDJ

Best DJ Apps for Android - WeDJ

Do you want to take your DJing to the next level?

WeDJ comes from a well-known DJ equipment maker, Pioneer DJ. You can use the app alone using your Android device or buy DJ gear compatible with the app.

Best DJ Apps for Android - WeDJ
WeDJ Interface

The app is visually appealing since it can double as a music visualizer. With various FX and a 3-band equalizer for each track you play, you can definitely make some unique mixes.

Best DJ Apps for Android - WeDJ
WeDJ Echo and Sample Pads

WeDJ is also easy-to-use so even beginners can try it out. But be ready to purchase add-ons to complete your experience.


  • Includes sampler tracks and effects
  • Can sync songs’ according to their tempos
  • Automix option for mixing with ease

Notable Feature:

I like the fact that I can buy an external DJ device to use with the app. This gives many people opportunities to try DJing.

Google Play

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7. DiscDj 3D Music Player – 3D Dj Music Mixer Studio

Best DJ Apps for Android - DiscDJ 3D

DiscDj 3D is more than a simple DJ app for your Android device. It’s a DJ simulator with 3D graphics. You can spin the view around the DJ mixer or get a closer look at all its functions.

Best DJ Apps for Android - DiscDJ 3D
This is how DiscDJ 3D’s DJ mixer looks from afar

I do think that adding some 3D people around would make it better. Also, this app is best for tablets because of their larger screens. You’ll appreciate the beauty of the 3D DJ mixer this way.

Best DJ Apps for Android - DiscDJ 3D
A closer view of DiscDJ 3D’s DJ mixer

However, I have to admit I was confused when I opened this app. There were too many controls and knobs placed on the mixer. Unlike the other DJ apps on the list, I found this to be less beginner-friendly.


  • 3D floating DJ mixer — it would be cool to have an actual floating mixer, though.
  • Album art designs on discs for better visuals
  • 10-band equalizer — the first of its kind for DJ apps

Notable Feature:

The equalizer has 17 presets available. This makes it easier for people who are new to adjusting the equalizers. There’s a preset for all kinds of music — from Classical to Reggae — you name it!

Google Play

8. Music Maker JAM – Beat & Loop Mixer

Best DJ Apps for Android - Music Mixer JAM

Among all the apps on the list, I enjoyed Music Maker JAM the most. It’s like TikTok for DJs since it has a community where you can share your creative mixes.

Best DJ Apps for Android - Music Mixer JAM
Music Mixer JAM DJ Mixer Interface

Even when you don’t upgrade your account, Mixer Maker JAM gives you four free effects packs. You can mix different samples to make unique tracks.

Best DJ Apps for Android - Music Mixer JAM
Music Mixer JAM Music Academy and Community

Also, you can apply FX for each instrument and effect you add to your track. Save your progress and edit it on another day without any problems.


  • Microphone audio integration
  • Choose from hundreds of mix samples and thousands of loops from the library
  • Share your tracks to your friends and family (and fans) using social media

Notable Feature:

There’s a community for aspiring and popular DJs using Mixer Maker Jam. I saw how others inspire one another by praising their works. If you’re serious about becoming a DJ, you’ll find the community a wonderful place to be in.

Google Play

9. Mixfader DJ – Digital Vinyl

Best DJ Apps for Android - Mixfader DJ

Another DJ app for people who want to take it seriously is Mixfader DJ. Like WeDJ, you can buy a device called a Mixfader and connect it to your phone via Bluetooth. This will give you the feel of actually have a real vinyl in front of you.

Best DJ Apps for Android - Mixfader DJ
Mixfader DJ Interface and Settings

This isn’t like the other DJ apps listed. It’s more of a live performance scratching tool rather than a digital mixing software. This is a great tool for practicing DJs.

You can use this app without the Mixfader device. But, you won’t get the full experience.


  • Mix songs from your local library, SoundCloud, or Deezer
  • Possible to add about 8 hot cues for each deck
  • Almost everything is adjustable — from the vinyl speed to the crossfader curve

Notable Feature:

You can use your audio vinyl and timecode with the Mixfader DJ. This is more for professional use, so beginners might find it difficult to use. Still, you can give it a try or practice using this app if you’re building a career as a DJ.

Google Play

10. YOU.DJ – Music Mixer

Best DJ Apps for Android - You.DJ

I’ll end the list with a DJ app for Android that’s more user-friendly than the others it followed, You.DJ.

If you go to the app’s page on the Google Play Store, the information about You.DJ is a personal message from the programmer. According to him, he’s been working on the app for many years to give people a DJ app that anybody can use.

Best DJ Apps for Android - You.DJ
YOU.DJ Mixer Interface

You.DJ is still in its Beta stage so expect some bugs here and there. Still, I included this app on the list because it has the potential to beat the current best DJ apps.

Best DJ Apps for Android - You.DJ
YOU.DJ SoundCloud Music List

You can be a part of the app’s growth by giving your feedback to the developers to make You.DJ even better.


  • Loading music doesn’t affect the audio quality
  • Free SoundCloud integration
  • No ads with the free version!

Notable Feature:

One thing I appreciated with the app is that there was no sign of ads anywhere despite only having the free version. Also, the SoundCloud integration and music list are clear and easy to browse.

Google Play

A Bluetooth DJ Headphones for a Complete DJ Experience

Of course, not all Android devices have the best speakers. Also, using wired earphones or headphones can be a nuisance when you’re mixing and grooving.

That’s why a pair of Bluetooth headphones is the best choice when using DJ apps. It’ll rid you from the shackles of those pesky wires.

Best DJ Apps for Android - Pioneer Dj DJ Heaphones
Pioneer DJ DJ Headphones (HDJ-X5BT-K)

These DJ Headphones from Pioneer DJ deliver dynamic sound quality. The build is comfortable and the battery life is awesome. You’ll enjoy 20 hours worth of playback and you’ll only need to charge it for 3 hours.



Can I use Spotify with DJ apps for Android?

Spotify announced that they’re revoking support from DJ apps starting on 2020 July 01. But, you can still use SoundCloud, Deezer, and other music streaming services if it’s available on the DJ app you’re using.

Is it okay to use DJ apps for live performances?

Some DJ apps are useful for live performances. You can test out different apps and pick one that suits your style.

Can I record the tracks I mixed using DJ apps?

Some apps will allow you to record your finished mixed tracks. However, some DJ apps will ask you to upgrade your account to unlock this feature.

How do I make a mashup song for free?

Youtube DJ, a free online music mixer app, allows you to make mashups for free. It lets you to make beats and merge two or more songs to a mashup of YouTube videos.

Which is the best DJ software?

Serato DJ Pro is the best known DJ software. It has stepped up its latency and reliability in the recent past and offers plug ‘n’ play controllers.


The best DJ apps for Android will satiate your music mixing needs quite well. But if you are looking for something advanced, well I was not able to find that type of app during my research time.

If you know an app which goes above and beyond than this list, I will surly include it in this list. These apps are great if you know what you are doing.

I once saw a talented lady mix some awesome tunes using just her Android smartphone and the audio jack.

Suffice to say I was really impressed by that and this incident became the early draft of this article. Just like always,

If you have any questions (please not about making music) or have any suggestions (please about music) feel free to play with your keyboards in the comments below.

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