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10 Best Educational Apps for Android to become Stephen Hawking

Education is one of the most essential aspects of our lives; we are what we are today, because of education. No I’m not specifically talking about schools, academies or colleges; I’m talking about education as a whole. These best educational apps for Android are not going to be a campaign for “stay in school”; they will be about learning and growing on your own.

Educational Apps

I’m aware that many modern youngsters may rather hang out more than actually learn something. But there are many who has the fire to learn and to become something more than their school text books teach them.

Note: These Android educational apps were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. The apps provide quality information in different ways. I tried to include a diverse variety of apps to cover a wide array of subjects. There will be some areas I might have missed. The apps performed perfectly and there were no problems faced during testing. Some of the apps will require an internet connection to work. The apps are in no particular order.

1. TED – Free


Watch and Learn

TED is my most favorite app in the best educational apps for Android list. This app opens so many doors of knowledge that sometimes it becomes overwhelming. This app is all about listening to some of the sharpest minds today and getting to know what they are up to. Just yesterday I listened to a nice lady talk about making microscopic robots. That’s not just talk though, she actually showed working prototypes of said robots. The interface of this Android educational app is exceptional but I will urge you to browse through the app daily.

You get to watch the world progress with this great little app and somehow feel proud of what humanity is achieving in science and technology. My dad calls this app the window to the future and I’m pretty sure once you have used it, you will too.


  • The entire TED Talks video library is available.
  • The videos come with subtitles in over 90 languages.
  • Have a little time? Tell the app and it will make a custom playlist.

Notable Feature:

The best part of the app is that there are no ads whatsoever to be seen on it. The app also has the ability to send streams via Chromecast which is a neat feature. But what I love the most is that the Talks are all available for download. I download a couple of videos to watch on my way to university. This is the best way to spend a lazy morning. Just watching enthusiastic people talk about their passion is surprisingly motivating.


2. NASA App – Free


Sky is Not The Limit

To understand your existence look at a tiny grain of sand, you are even smaller than that in the grand scheme of things. Our universe is vast and we are just starting to comprehend its limitlessness. The NASA app is an excellent way of knowing what we have already discovered and will potentially be discovered soon. I always looked at the stars while camping in the mountains, now I can examine them a little bit closely and with authentic information too. If you are into star gazing or simply fascinated by the human discoveries of space, this is the best app you can get. The interface is not that amazing but it does its job fairly well.


  • The app comes with over 14,000 images which are growing daily.
  • It also provides you with latest stories and news.
  • You can see launch information and even countdown clocks.

Notable Feature:

The app is capable of streaming live content from NASA TV to your Android device. If you are feeling bored, this is a great way to spend some quality time.


3. Coursera – Free


See the Knowledge

Need a free education app for Android? Look no further than Coursera which provides exactly that. The app connects you with more than one hundred and fifteen top of the line universities and educational institutes. The university roster includes giants such as Princeton, Stanford and Yale. The free courses cover a wide variety of subjects from data sciences to finances and form machine learning to marketing. Even music and nutrition courses are on offer for you to learn. I recommend this app even if you are not intimately interested in learning a new skill, just skim through and I’m sure you will find something new to learn.


  • Over 800 courses are on offer.
  • Stream videos of lectures online.
  • Video quality is top notch too.

Notable Features:

The app covers 25 major educational areas which allow you to find something to your needs and improve your existing skill sets. This is a great way to constantly learn something new and better yourself, even if you are stuck writing for a well reputed Android website.


4. Duolingo – Free


Learn With Fun

By now I have lost count of how many times I have listed this app in my lists. The best language learning apps list is the one which I should mention here because Duolingo topped that. So why am I such a fan of this app? Well for one it taught me Spanish (not completely, still learning) and secondly it makes language learning fun. The innovative method of teaching which Duolingo employs is simply brilliant and allows you to soak in much more than you intend. For example the app gives you four pictures and asks you which one of them is a girl, you will not only learn the translation of girl but also somewhat pick what the other three are called.


  • A clean and easy to use interface.
  • Makes learning a fun activity even for kids.
  • Sends you gentle push notifications if you opt to.

Notable Feature:

This is the only app among the best educational apps for Android which can really come in handy while traveling. In fact I have also recommended it on the best Travel apps for Android list too.


5. Udemy – Free with In-app Purchases


Short Time Short Courses

If you are looking to learn a new skill in a short span of time, I recommend Udemy to you. This app comes with some of the best online courses one can hope for. The only downside is that you might have to purchase them in order to actually learn. This app would have been the number one educational app for Android if it weren’t for the high prices of the course. However the quality of the courses on offer is premium and they actually try to teach you something new.

In-app Purchases: $1.00 – $200.00 per item


  • A clutter free interface.
  • A ton of great content is available.
  • Some exotic courses are also on offer.

Notable Feature:

Before you even think of purchasing, the main landing page of the course will help you decide if that particular course is for you or not. For example if you decide to do a course on becoming a good Kindle book seller, you can read about the course and even watch a detailed video which explains how this course will help you. These educational courses for Android are for those who are a little serious about learning.


6. Complete Biology – Free

Complete Biology

What’s Inside?

Complete Biology is an app which comes with a horrible design. I really hated the design of the app and how it presents itself. However the content is of extremely high quality. I never studied biology apart from that one 8th grade book. So this app is really informative for a person who has fun and does work in front of a computer screen. The topics are arranges well and are explained to a great extent. Sometimes I feel that this app ripped pages off a text book but if the information is comprehensive, who cares right?


  • Blocky design, amazing content.
  • Covers a wide variety of sub-subjects.
  • Text is beginner friendly and easy to understand.

Notable Feature:

The app comes with labeled diagrams which further explain what a biological part does. I learned what a spleen is today.


7. – Free with In-app Purchases


A proper dictionary is an extremely helpful tool in education. I always keep a good dictionary around and whenever there is something I don’t understand, whip it out and learn. also made a way to our free dictionary apps for Android; in fact it was the number one app there.  The app comes with a simple interface which is very easy to use. This combined with the accurate meanings and almost instant results makes it a must have app for any Android user.

In-app Purchases: $1.99 – $2.99 per item


  • The app comes with slideshows.
  • Some of the features are also available offline.
  • You can listen how a word is pronounced.

Notable Feature:

The “word of the day” feature of the app displays a new word each day. If you are into expanding your vocabulary, this is a great way to learn a new word every day. No wonder this app was on the 10 best dictionary apps list too.


8. Chemistry Lab – Free with In-app purchases

Chemistry Lab

No RV For You

Chemistry Lab as the name suggests is an app about chemicals and reactions. This app is highly helpful for students as it uses a unique way of interactive learning. If you are having trouble understanding organic chemistry, this is the app which can really help you secure good grade by fully understanding the concepts. There are in app purchases involved which hinders the app from truly becoming a great one but judging by the quality of the material, they are necessary for profitability. The app also doesn’t come with any kinds of ads so that’s another plus in my book.

In-app Purchases: $1.39 per item


  • Great and intuitive design.
  • Chemistry is explained in simple terms.
  • Makes organic chemistry exciting.

Notable Feature:

The app makes learning into a mini game which can be played anywhere anytime. You can play your way through complex organic reactions all the while learning how they actually work.


9. Pocket Physics – Free

Pocket Physics

Rocket Science

Want to learn how the world works? Want to know how birds fly? This app has all the answers you are seeking my friend. Pocket Physics is a nifty app which houses a lot of information about life. The physical concepts are explained in great detail and are quite easy to grasp. The only downside to this app is that you will need to have some basic understanding of the subject to fully utilize the information. While the app has a good design, sometimes it seems more like a text book than an actually interactive app.


  • Solid interface which makes everything accessible.
  • Topics are categorized very well.
  • Graphs and figures populate the pages.

Notable Feature:

If you are a student looking for some guidance, this educational app for Android will help you with that. If you are completely new to physics, you will have a little trouble understanding.


10. Udacity Learn Programming – Free

Udacity Learn Programming

Code Like Pros

Udacity provides some really in depth tutorials on how you can code in various computer sciences fields. How can I know that? Well I’m a software engineer myself by day and write articles by night, so should have a little idea about programming. I’m by no means an actual programmer still this app was able to get through me with ease. Curious, I suggested this app to my Art major cousin and he is building his first site these days. In short if you need to learn about programming on the go this is the best app you can get.


  • There are a lot of classes you can take.
  • Looks even better on tablets.
  • The app helps you in becoming a better coder too.

Notable Feature:

The app gives you little coding problems which you can solve while drinking your morning coffee. This fragmented learning doesn’t stress your mind and in the meantime hone you to become a better programmer.



The best educational apps for Android are limited in scope, that is partially because of the number constraints and partially because I have limited time at my disposal. But rest assured these apps will aim to cover a lot of ground. We have already covered a lot of educational topics in one way or another and I will include them in the article for your convenience. I know there are a few subjects left but we will try to cover them in dedicated articles. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to send them my way.

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  1. read this article and downloaded several but wondering if u could shed some light on why coursera needs so many permissions. Typically I avoid apps that need that much access

    Thank u

    1. Andrew,
      An intriguing question. I also try to avoid such apps but the developer says some courses will require the use of some off limits features. These are well reputed people so I think I can let them slide. But of course if you feel unconformable there is another app listed which is somewhat of the same nature. Thanks for the concern, If you have any other specifics you need to discuss I will email the developers

  2. I home-school my kids, and my teen son wants to learn how to program. These courses will really come in handy! 🙂

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