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Best 5 Electric Mini Bikes You Must Ride in 2022

Are you aware of this small machine called an electric mini bike that packs a lot of punch?

Electric mini-bikes represent a new phase in the history of biking. They are attractive, covert, and comfortable to ride. Electric mini bikes are in as wide varieties as there are riders, but they all share the same ability to avoid manual confrontations with standard bikes.

Do you want a mountain bike, a dirt bike, or the best electric small bike for leisurely cruising?

Our list of the best electric minibikes has everything you need, whether you’re looking for an adult or a child’s e-bike. Without any further ado, let’s get into the lane of the best electric mini bike you must ride!

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How Does an Electric Mini Bike Differ from a Regular Mini Bike?


  • A battery-powered moped or a pedal-assist bike are other names for the electric mini bike.


  • Regarding design, minibikes are more like little motorized vehicles than bicycles. It might be possible to accomplish something as a “scooter sibling.”
  • While it has all the positive qualities of typical micro bikes—compactness, lightweight, superb dynamics, etc.—the pedal-assist function makes the journey much more convenient.


  • Their motor and batteries provide some of the best power levels and assistance. You’ll discover that using other modes of transportation is becoming increasingly difficult after riding one of these!
  • They will also get you everywhere quickly, and they are fast.
  • There is no need for fuel, and there is no extra expense.
  • Electric mini-bikes are sometimes misunderstood to be noisy. In fact, there is barely any noise at all compared to other powered vehicles, only a little bit of noise from the chain and motor spinning.

Key Distinctions:

  • First, the electric mini-bike motor has exceptional power and torque, preventing fatigue during extended rides.
  • Second, you must worry about charging because a battery is already included. The lifespan of the electric bike increases with battery capacity.

Best 5 Electric Mini Bikes You Must Ride

1. Swagtron Swagcycle EB-5 Lightweight Aluminum Folding Electric Bike

Swagtron-Electric Mini Bikes
Swagtron-Electric Mini Bikes
Wheel Size14 Inches
Special Feature‎Foldable
Item Weight‎37 Pounds
Dimensions L x W x H‎27.4 x 24.02 x 14.25 inches
MaterialAluminum alloy

The Swagtron EB-5 is likely your finest choice if you want to introduce your child to the greatest motorized two-wheeled vehicle. The bike’s entire design may be modified so your child can utilize it. The seat arrangement allows it to be lowered to accommodate riders of any height.

Although the size of the handlebars may be a bit tiny for someone with large hands, they are also height-adjustable. It wouldn’t be the case if the handlebars’ distinctive curve and wrist rest weren’t present.

The engine’s top speed is 15 mph, which is less than usual but more than adequate for this use.

This dirt bike handles the pedal assist in a somewhat different way. In other words, the motor is activated while you pedal and turns off when you stop. Conveniently, it is referred known as the “pedal-to-go” mode.

For improved traction when kids are getting used to the experience, the wheels and tires are small (14 inches). You can take the kickstand off and add training wheels if your child is brand-new to paddling and has no prior experience. Those of you who have already used an e-bike may find this mode a little odd, but it’s not unusual in our experience.

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2. Rad Power Expand 5

Rad – Electric Mini Bikes
Color‎Black & White
Wheel SizeCST BFT 20″ x 4.0″
Special FeatureWater-resistant connectors and wiring harness
Item Weight62.5 lb
Folded Dimensions L x W x H29H x 25W x 41L”

The Rad Power Expand 5 is an updated version of the previous RadMini 4 folding bike. This electric bike previously offered a great balance of mobility for daily commutes and off-road enjoyment.

Expand 5 has a step-through frame design as opposed to the previous iteration. This makes installation simple for anyone of any height, and it’s also very light for an e-bike with fat tires that folds up. 

This results from the frame’s construction from strong yet lightweight 6061 aluminum. The frame is very strong, and braces at the joints where the downtube and chainstay join and headset join.

Rad Power compensated for the Expand 5’s lack of front suspension by fitting larger tires than those found in earlier iterations. Depending on the kind of terrain, the 20 x 4-inch puncture-resistant tires on this e-bike can be inflated or deflated. However, keep in mind that as you deflate the tires further, the e-range bike’s range decreases.

With its 672 Wh battery, the Rad Power Expand 5 ranges about 45 miles. Yes, the 6.5-hour charging period isn’t ideal, but considering the cost makes sense. The method Rad Power developed the battery with is pretty inventive, even though the battery itself isn’t particularly noteworthy.

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3. Juiced Bikes Scrambler

Juiced Bikes - Electric Mini Bikes
Juiced Bikes – Electric Mini Bikes
Color‎Red, Black & Grey
Speed28 MPH
Battery52 V 15 Ah
Item Weight78 lb
Motor750 W Bafang

This bike has a distinctive frame and seat that gives it the appearance of a stylish scooter you can pedal. The handlebars’ adjustability and universal sizing contribute to the highest comfort level. 

The Scrambler has one drawback: it’s heavy. We prefer portability in a tiny e-bike, and this one weighs a hefty 78 lbs, which is roughly what you’d expect an ordinary e-bike to weigh.

Although it costs more, the higher voltage is well worth the risks. This mechanism requires a lot of the motor, especially at full speed. Fortunately, the 750W Bafan custom motor is excellent. The pedal-assist technology is top-notch and can go at a top speed of up to 28 mph.

The large tires on this bike are fantastic since they absorb any uneven surfaces you may encounter. So, even if its main application is in cities, off-roading won’t be a problem. But its range is its best quality. Specifically, depending on the mode, the Scrambler dirt bike may travel between 40 and 75 miles on a single charge of the battery. This is due to the battery’s higher voltage, and charging only takes about 4.5 hours!

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4. Yike Bike Model C

Yike - Electric Mini Bikes
Yike – Electric Mini Bikes
Special Feature‎Foldable
charge time1.5-hour

Find a Bird Cruiser if you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on electric mini-bikes this summer before you’ve ridden one. The minibike is being introduced by the car-sharing firm in a few places. It probably functions similarly to the Bird Scooter you’ve seen zooming about cities recently.

Download the app, look for an available unit, and then ride. It’s impossible to make a comparison at this time because Bird didn’t provide many specifications when it unveiled the Cruiser, but it’s a pretty cool way for folks to test the eBike waters.

Although this device is pricey and bizarrely constructed, it is intriguing. It weighs under 25 pounds, is built of carbon fiber, is foldable, features regenerative ABS braking, and is supplied with a storage case and shoulder strap. It has a nano-sized micro commuter, which proves how open the mini eBike market is to new design ideas.

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5. Super73-S1

Super73-S1 – Electric Mini Bikes
Battery48V 14.5 Ah
Special FeatureHas brake lights and a circular headlight.
charge time3–4 hour charge time
motor500-watt rear hub motor

The Super73-S1 is one of the best electric mini bikes as it is reasonable. The company will mail one to your home, it is small but nevertheless functional for commuters of all sizes, and it has a nice appearance. 

This specific model has three degrees of pedal assistance and only weighs 70 pounds but can support 275 pounds. It is simple to use and even comes with a small rack for carrying any beach-related supplies you might require.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can a mini electric bike travel?

The electric mini bike, powered by lithium ions, travels at a maximum speed of 32 mph.

Are electric minibikes available?

Electric mini bikes come in as wide varieties as there are riders, but they all share the same ability to avoid manual confrontations with standard bikes.

Does an electric bike require a driver’s license?

If the electric bike satisfies specific requirements, riders must be at least 14 years old. The term “electrically assisted pedal cycles” refers to these electric bicycles. One does not require registration, taxation, insurance, or a license to ride.

How far can an electric Mini travel?

The maximum range for an electric mini bike is 145 miles, while actual mileage may depend on driving style and road conditions. Your available range and the rate at which your charge is depleted can be greatly affected by how you drive.

How long can you pedal-free ride an electric mini bike?

You can typically travel at a maximum speed of 20 mph. The maximum speed you can achieve on an e-bike without pedal assistance is 20 miles per hour with the pedal assist, and you can reach 28 with the full throttle.

Final Thoughts

One of the many innovative forms of mobility available is the electric bicycle. Especially if you reside in a location where you can use the bike lane on surface roadways to travel where you need to go.

The above-mentioned are some of the best electric mini bikes you must ride. If you find something left off your favorite list or want us to talk about any other electric mini bikes, tell us in the comment below!

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