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6 Best Emulators for iPhone in 2023

Are you wondering which are the best emulators for iPhone? Yes? You’re on the right page.

Read carefully till the very end, I have listed the best emulators for iPhone here.

What Are Emulators?

An Emulator is a software program that is designed to simulate another kind of device. Every operating system has a unique processor to run with, these emulators can be the bridge between devices. In general, they are used to play vintage games or run a different operating system on another device. It’s a hardware or software program that permits programs written for one system to run on another system. 

How Do Emulators Work on iPhones?

Apart from mobile games, nowadays, youngsters want PlayStation games. We are talking about legendary games like Call of Duty, or Marvel Snap. Try these games, and download them to your iOS with the help of emulators. Apple doesn’t have emulators available in app stores, but they have options to download them from alternative app stores or websites. If we recommend these 6 best emulators for your iPhone, you should try them!

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The 6 Best Emulators for iPhone

If you’re an iPhone user who is still confused about the best Emulator to choose, we have the solution for you. Keep reading for more information.

Here are the 6 best emulators for iPhone

Eclipse Emulator

Eclipse Emulator is one of the top emulators for iPhone, if you want to play station games on your iPhone. Eclipse is a featured package that comes with NES, SNES, GB, GBC, GBA, SMS, and GG support, and many more features will be added in the future. It’s web-based and has the benefit of opening from any device. You can add and play games easily by simply adding a ROM to your device. 

Eclipse Emulator
Eclipse Emulator


There are only a few features as of now, but many updated versions will be added soon. This Multi Emulator can never be revoked, and there will always be an updated version of iOS for a much-improved performance.


  • Ranging from UI Skins to Google Drive integration.
  • Web-based emulator.
  • Can be used in any device format.
  • Featured reports are in-app.

Pros & Cons

Ability to save statesIt’s only a web-based 
Amazing designs
Customization available for UI skins
Pros & Cons of Eclipse Emulator for iPhone

Delta Emulator

Delta Emulator
Delta Emulator


If you are an enthusiastic player, this may be a great choice to make in 2023. The Emulator developer, himself, released it, so he came up with third-party stores, you can download it on an alternate store in iOS without a jailbreak. Delta gives us multiple emulators in one package, and certain features are added, like SNES, N64, and Game Boy Emulator. It enables iPhone users to connect wirelessly, and all you have to do is download it from Alt Store. Import the game files, and move to the emulator to enjoy your games.


  • Native iOS framework.
  • System support for iPhone, Android, and PC.
  • iCloud sync will be available.
  • Multi-system and controller support.

Pros & Cons

Customized controller skinsNone
Ability to use cheat codes to save favorites
Great artwork design
Pros & Cons of Delta Emulator for iPhone

iNDS Emulator

iNDS Emulator
iNDS Emulator


iNDS is another great emulator for iPhone for Nintendo DS games on your iPhone and iPad. iNDS is a very safe emulator app to use. However, you should own the ROM for games that you want to play. Starting from the older version to the most recent version, it requires very little and is not a memory hog. Get the app from the Alt Store, which was originally available only for jailbroken devices. Export all your favorite games to the emulator to have fun at zero cost.


  • Compatible with all iOS devices up to iOS 14.
  • Auto-Save options.
  • In-app customization.
  • Install iNDS without jailbreaking.

Pros & Cons

Dropbox sync availableLimited to Nintendo games
Compatible with wireless control
Cheat code available
Pros & Cons of iNDS Emulator for iPhone

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RetroArch Emulator

RetroArch Emulators for iPhone
RetroArch Emulator


This Emulator is known as a frontend, which is specially designed to play more retro-style games on your iPhone. The classic retro-type games have shaders, netplay, and rewinding. Additionally, you can run the original game discs from the RetroArch emulator. Download from the Alt Store, or use a direct website that links to get an emulator for iPhone.


  • A new updated version is available.
  • Automatic controller configuration.
  • Netplay lobby for multiple players.
  • A polished interface.

Pros & Cons

Available for all devicesLags a little while using shaders option
Automatic controller configuration
Record and stream your game session
Pros & Cons of RetroArch Emulator for iPhone

DolphiniOS Emulator

DolphiniOS Emulator
DolphiniOS Emulator


This emulator works well on the iOS platform, and it is a Gamecube and Wii emulator for iOS and iPod OS. Every emulator has something specific about their features, and its ultimate goal is to provide an enjoyable gaming experience on your mobile device. As for now iOS and iPod OS don’t allow Wii remotes to operate. All of the newer versions of iOS 12 are supported, as they support at least the device starting with the range of 4 GB of RAM to boost its performance.


  • It’s an open-source version of an emulator.
  • Stable new updates are available. 
  • A non-jailbroken download is possible using AltStore and a Manual install. 
  • iOS 12 and newer versions are supported.

Pros & Cons

Best for playing Gamecube or Nintendo Wii gamesNone
Amazing upgrades
Advanced graphic settings
Pros & Cons of DolphiniOS Emulator for iPhone

PPSSPP Emulator

PPSSPP Emulator
PPSSPP Emulator


PPSSPP emulator for iPhone is the most portable type, and it also doesn’t require a jailbreak. It lets you customize the screen touch control with an external keyboard for a better gaming experience. You can run games at good resolution while playing on your iOS. You can save your game where you left off because it automatically saves and restores the game anywhere at any time. 


  • Available for all devices, like Android, iPhone, and PC.
  • Save and restore the games. 
  • Play in HD resolution. 
  • Customize the screen on the touch control.

Pros & Cons

Can save states and cheat codesCannot save game progress to the cloud
Available for all devices
HD resolution for gameplay
Pros & Cons of PPSSPP Emulator for iPhone

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Is there any emulator for iPhone?

Yes, there are plenty of choices out there, and here are the best ones – Eclipse, Delta, iNDS, RetroArch, DolphiniOS, PPSSPP, and Happychick Emulators.

Are emulators safe to use?

An Emulator for iPhone is perfectly safe and legal to use when you download them from the right source. Better you check it before downloading to avoid unwanted problems. Download it from reputable applications that can be installed without jailbreaking.

Can emulators save your progress at any time?

Most of the emulator for iPhone has built-in save states, so this allows us to pick up exactly where you left off, and automatically saves your progress.

Closing Thoughts

There are plenty of choices out there so make sure you choose the best emulators for iPhone. Every emulator has unique features, and most of them will be available at the Alt Store, or you can simply play it from the web browser itself. Mainly these emulators are used to play the classic retro and modern type games that are specially designed to play on your iPhone. Try some of them from a web browser, or all of them are available on Alt Store. 

In this article, we looked at some of the best emulators for iPhone. If you found this helpful, do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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